Sunday, September 09, 2007

Democrats Fear Petraeus More Than Bin Laden

Jackie Mason lays it on the line. "Get rid of them or devoid the Democrat Party."


Mark Harvey aka Snooper said...

Duly noted and properly stolen!

LewWaters said...

You can't steal what I stole from elsewhere ;-)

irtexas44 said...


Wow you have been busy. At first I couldn't get back to your site, we have a lot of bugs at TH and then it said that your server was having a problem so anyway I guess someone figured out something.

Then I went away for a while to help a friend with a job that needed assistance. So now I'm back, tired but home. So I have a lot of reading to catch up on. I think as soon as the sleep is caught up I'll start digging in to the reading. Glad to see your off and running. I have something to post later but first like I said some zzzz's. But you have a great site. Can't wait to read it all.