Friday, September 28, 2007

Letter To Senator Patty Murray (D. Wa.)

Ms. Murray, as a two tour Viet Nam Veteran, I am sorely disappointed to read in the Hill that you will be co-signing a letter of condemnation against radio host, Rush Limbaugh, for the false charge of him slandering our Troops. If you had listened to or read transcripts of his radio program the morning in question, it was very clear that he was talking of the false claims of the false veteran, Jesse MacBeth, who I'm sure you realize admitted his falsehoods and has been tried and convicted for his falsehoods.

What makes this so disappointing is that I have not found one instance of you condemning the slanderous ad from the New York Times calling a brave patriotic American General like General Petraeus as "General Betray-Us."

I have never seen you condemn Representative Jack Murtha for his false claims of Marines murdering innocent civilians in cold blood in Iraq.

I have never seen you condemn Senator John Kerry for his false testimony alleging war crimes committed by the vast majority of Viet Nam Veterans and labeling us as "monsters trained to deal in violence" in that same 1971 testimony.

I have not heard you condemn Senator Barack Obama for alleging our Troops in Afghanistan air raid villages and kill civilians.

I have not heard you condemning Senator Hillary Clinton for her audacious claim of accepting General Petraeus's Report would "require a willing suspension of disbelief."

Those of us who have gone to war know from where and from who we receive support and political grandstanding against a radio host while giving a pass to actual condemnation of the Troops by members of the Democrat Party in Congress isn't supporting the Troops, it is hypocritical.

Frankly, I expect better from a United States Senator from Washington State.

Lew Waters

Sent to Senator Murray September 28, 2007

UPDATE: This was also cross posted to SoundPolitics and drew some good comments there as well.


AF Sarge (ret) said...

Good luck on getting any type of answer back from either senator, Lew. I write the two pretty regular, and batting about .300 on replies. Guess if I quit saying how "disappointed" I am in their voting, suppose they might answer?
Excellent blog, great info, Thanks for all you do (and all you have done)

LewWaters said...

Sarge, I usually receive a form letter email from Murray addressing everything except what I wrote her about.

Cantwell has never replied once to me.

Whether they like hearing from us or not, they need to hear from us and that we disagree with their actions. Better yet, I hope we can vote them out soon.

Can we cut King County out somehow? LOL

Thank you for the compliment and thank your for your own service.

Flag Gazer said...

Great letter Lew!

Of the Oregon senators Smith NEVER replies to anything and Walden does 'agree to disagree' on ocassion.

But, I still write!

Flag Gazer said...

PS -
King County is bad enough, but they keep counting the votes and finding ballots until they get the outcome they want - it was bad when I lived there - it is out of control now!