Monday, September 10, 2007

Viet Nam Memorial Wall Defaced, Spetember 7, 8 2007

Words fail me that someone would be so low as to actually deface something honoring our War Dead.

It is time to wake up and realize we are in the Second American Civil War. The left cannot be allowed to continue establishing a new Soviet Union in the unites States of America.


Roger W. Gardner said...

Lew, I am so disgusted. I can't find words either. If they can't have 24 hr guards, they should at least have cameras. I wonder if they do have cameras? They've certainly got them everywhere else --
This is a time when I'd like to see just how good our forensics experts really are. There must be some trace evidence left here. At least that's a hope to catch the rotten little bastards.
Oh, I hope they catch them ---

We need to hear somone, some official apologize to you Vietnam vets for this atrocity.

LewWaters said...

It is happening all over the country to Veterans Memorials of all wars.

Can't you just feel the love from the "I support the Troops" leftist moonbats?

I can't.:-(

Dean said...

Clean up has concluded for the Vietnam Veterans Memorial here in Sacramento. They did a remarkable job in restoring it.

For the sake of the "rotten little bastards" who did this I sincerely hope the police find them before any Nam vets do. I would hate to read about a Nam vet or a group of vets being arrested for aggravated asault or worse if they were to get their hands on one of these scum.

You can bet the MSM would make that front page news for days if not weeks.
How long did it take the MSM to end reporting of the vandalism here? One news segment and no more. What about the vandalism to The Wall in DC? Anything? FOX News?

Right Truth said...

It speaks volumes about the people who do the defacing of our memorials. No respect, no value, nothing of value to actually say. All they can do is destroy.

Right Truth

Argus said...

"What about the vandalism to The Wall in DC? Anything? FOX News?"

This is a bit of a "Hobson's Choice". Wide dissemination of the "news" provides these scum the gratification they seek. I'd opt for ignoring the assault and beefing up the ability to identify and prosecute vandals in the future.

Flag Gazer said...

I'm concerned that the NPS is not even looking and trying to keep a low profile.

My tolerance for the left continues to erode due to the constant disrespect for everything noble in our country.