Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Why It Matters

September 26, 2007

Even though we are very early into the campaign season, I often hear words from many along the lines of, "why vote, what does it matter?" With average voter turn out hovering around 40% in the 2006 mid-term elections, one might conclude that about 60% of the population either doesn't care about voting or possibly sees no sense, feeling that no matter what their vote, a candidate they'd rather not be in office will win anyway.

Any number of reasons can be seen for less than half of the population showing up to vote in the world’s freest Democracy, but for the most part, many feel it just doesn't matter if they vote or not. Of course, this could be extended to supporting a candidate as well, or even a particular party. In a sense, less than half of the population is choosing who writes the laws and governs all of us.

Currently our Military is embroiled in a long over due conflict against a brutal group of ideologues that desire to rule the world under their misguided, oppressive and draconian interpretation of the worship of God. At the same time, inside the country we have the ongoing struggle between political ideologies of more conservative thought versus socialist liberal thought, with many stuck in the middle. Those in the middle are often the ones who feel "what does it matter."

Many Americans don't seem to realize either struggle is going on, going about their day-to-day business while complaining about security measures applied to our Airports, Subways, Train and Bus Stations since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The Socialist left plays on this complacency by continually impugning not only the integrity of the conservatives, but by using outright lies at times to portray them as treasonous, cold hearted, uncaring, unpatriotic, prejudiced, mean-spirited, lying and generally, just not nice people.

A good example of this would be an email I received yesterday from the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) and signed by disgraced former Ambassador Joseph Wilson, husband of former CIA analyst, Valerie Plame, who I am sure all remember was supposedly "outed" in a desperate and failed attempt at "exposing lies" given by President Bush in justifying the Iraq theater of the War on Terror. Attempting to resuscitate a failed strategy, Wilson once again spreads his lies to potential donors to the Democrat party, hoping to fill upcoming Congressional seats and the White House with more of his Socialist Democrat friends.

Falling prey to these tactics, many Republicans turned on the current administration as was evidenced by many conservatives refraining from voting last election and even in the early campaigns today, candidates seem to compete with the Democrat candidates on distancing themselves from traditional conservative values and President Bush's administration.

In protest many conservative voters stayed home election day 2006 and didn't vote at all. The end result we all now see is far left Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House and far left Harry Reid as the Senate Majority Leader. What this boils down to is not only the ongoing opposition to our Troops efforts in defending us, but a majority vote in both the House and the Senate to back up their opposition. Fortunately, they have yet to realize a "Super Majority" and have been forced instead to rely on endless investigations and hearings on matters leading up to the war, as well as public accusations of wrongdoing, even where there hasn't been any.

The "what does it matter" attitude resulted in a power shift in our government that not only may result in another war loss for us, but higher taxes and more restrictive laws concerning our day to day lives, well beyond the imagined infringements claimed for the Patriot Act.

Packaging their anti-war sentiment in soft words to lull the public into supporting their desire for defeat, the leftist often calls for "a new direction" in the war effort. Bolder ones come closer by just saying, "end the war." Not stated is that both calls mean abandonment of yet another struggling ally with no regard that our current enemy is not willing to "end the war" and will continue attacking us, as they have been for nearly three decades.

What should be of concern to all are words spoken by the Democrat front-runner in her obvious desire for Socialism. Her call of the failure of the free market and desire to take Corporate profits away from companies and place them in a fund at her disposal sounds more like Soviet Marxism than it does American Democracy.

Second runner in the Democrats is a charismatic speaker and person, but so naïve he is almost dangerous. As he says preventing genocide is not a good reason to finish the war in the Iraq theater, he speaks of the possibility of attacking an allied nation in this war, should they not act as he deems appropriate.

Republicans don't seem to present much better, although most seem to be more supportive of finishing the war in victory. One GOP candidate seems to have reasonable fiscal ideas, but is incredibly naive when it comes to prosecuting this war.

GOP front-runners seem to have some sort of baggage that could affect their chances of winning the White House, leaving us two candidates with strong conservative history. One is a popular actor who sounds good while the other is considered a long shot. I am speaking of Fred Thompson, with a moderate to conservative record and Duncan Hunter, who has a solid conservative record.

Speaking to co-workers and others of candidates, I again run into the "what does it matter" attitude with positive comments about both candidates, especially Hunter. Since Hunter is considered a long shot, many shy away from supporting him in favor of backing a more popular candidate, even if they must settle for less, should that candidate win in 2008.

I find it incredible that potential voters would support a candidate they feel is less in tune with their own views since we are only choosing who will be the nominee in next year's elections currently. Candidates from our party are running against each other now, not the Democrats. Should our chosen candidate not win the nomination we are still able to get behind whoever does in an effort to defeat the Democrat candidate in the 2008 election.

Many from both parties consider George W. Bush to be a poor President, having voted for him both times as the lesser of two evils. Both candidates offered up by the Democrat party in 2000 and 2004 were definitely poor choices on their part.

We have a chance finally to stop voting for the lesser of two evils and get behind a strong conservative and move him from long shot status to nominee, should we consider him to best represent our own views and values. He is the one trying to take action against Columbia University for their outrageous invite of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to speak before gathered students.

He was the only candidate from either party to show up in support of the Fight For Victory Tour in Washington D.C. this past September 15.

Why it matters should be obvious to all by now. It matters because we can longer tolerate 'lesser of two evil' candidates to be voted in. Popular Democrat candidates can and will be defeated in elections should we all put our support behind a candidate that best represents our values. We must choose the candidate we desire and now be swayed by a media sympathetic to the Democrat candidate.

What does it matter can no longer be an acceptable attitude from the majority of Americans.

Why it matters is that we are fighting, both at home and abroad, for the very soul of our country and way of life.


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