Sunday, October 07, 2007

He Never Stood A Chance

October 7, 2007

Reading a 5 part series taken from Jack Cashill’s book, “What's the Matter with California,” I was shockingly exposed to the seedy underside of California’s notorious city of San Francisco.

The 5 part series, now published in one page by Mr. Cashill, addresses a murder case that shouldn’t have ever been tried, in my opinion. It focuses on the case of a young unsuspecting 18 year-old Sailor by the name of Steven R. Nary, convicted of Second Degree Murder in October 1999 for the March 1996 killing of Gay/Hispanic Activist, Juan Jorge Pifarre, after Nary woke up from what many describe as a possible drug induced stupor, perhaps slipped him by Pifarre and in the midst of being raped by Pifarre.

The city of San Francisco, long known as “Sodom By The Sea,” is best known today for its pro-gay, pro-illegal immigrant, pro-Hispanic, pro-feminist and anti-Military stance. Nary’s trial and case flaunts nearly every aspect of the cities seedy past and present as he languished in San Francisco's local prison for over 3 1/2 years while awaiting trial in a San Francisco court and being denied basic medical care for his broken hand, broken by Pifarre in the fight that ensued when Nary woke up. His bail was set at a staggering one million dollars, far out of reach of Steven Nary and his moderate-income family.

Nary’s revelation that he felt “disgusted” over coerced oral sex with Pifarre drew cries of ‘homophobia’ from the prosecutor who argued in summation that the only kind of person “who feels bad about what they did,” meaning oral sex with another man, is the kind of “person who is homophobic.”

Steven Nary was sentenced to 16 years to life and remains in prison at California’s Pleasant Valley State Prison outside the hot dusty town of Coalinga.

An article appearing in Gay Activist magazine, Gay Today labeled Nary’s supporters as “racists” while marginalizing Pifarre’s Sexual Predator history. The article also falsely called Pifarre “defenseless,” even though in the struggle, it was Pifarre that initially grabbed a shower curtain rod and struck Nary, breaking his hand. The article labeled the conviction as a “heartening victory” “against all odds.” Do they miss the strong pro-gay prejudice gushing from San Francisco?

The violations committed against Steven Nary in the run-up to his ‘trial’ are lengthy and much too numerous to list here. They range from denial of medical care for his broken hand, to illegal moves by a District Attorney, to jury tampering, to concealing evidence, all exposed, duly reported and promptly ignored.

Details and reports of this case never made it to our major media outlets due to the bogus uproar over the brutal 1998 slaying of Matthew Shepard a gay youth in Wyoming, falsely labeled to this day as a “homophobic hate crime,” which filled our media outlets as they fueled the undue outrage while unsuspecting Steven Nary languished in jail, being railroaded by San Francisco Officials.

By 2004, as Congress held ‘hearings’ into abuse Iraqi detainees, petitions to Nary’s home state Senator, Mark Pryor to look into the egregious violations against this Sailor’s rights and cover up of them remained ignored.

Steven Nary was administratively discharged from the Navy after he failed to respond to a certified letter sent him and signed for by Sheriff Hennesey who refused to deliver it to Steven Nary, giving no explanation why. It would be a year before Nary even found out he was discharged.

Today, Nary quietly works in the prison library, having converted to Catholicism and hoping he may gain a parole once he is allowed to go before a Parole Board.

Juan Pifarre Plaza, in the meantime, was named after the deceased Sexual Predator even before Nary’s trial was completed, using Housing Urban Development funds.

Unsuspecting 18 year-old Steven R. Nary never stood a chance in the People’s Republic of San Francisco back in 1996.



Unknown said...

If you're going to San Francisco
Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair

If you're going to San Francisco
You're gonna meet some "gentle" people there

[Written in the 60's for the 60's]

LewWaters said...

If only he had met one of those "gentle" people instead of the predator that raped him, leaving him primed for more raping by San Francisco.

Flag Gazer said...

I hadn't heard about this - it brought tears to my eyes...

SF needs that earthquake they talk about all of the time. It certainly is not a place for the patriotic or the God fearing...

-Those 'gentle people there' were all on LSD in the 60's!

LewWaters said...

This happened 12 years ago, Flag gazer and I too just heard about it today.

Other than the Gay outlets, which portray this according to their spin, it has been an almost total news blackout, it seems.

amicusveritas said...
go to this website for updated photo, federal court, military irrefutable documentation.

This site researched over 12 years also exposed the California NIFONG LAWYERS AND JUDGES, who judicially sodomized the 18 year old sailor

Michael Ejercito said...
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