Monday, October 15, 2007

Man of Honor, General Peter Pace

Rick Johnson of OldSargesBlogspot visited the Wall in D.C. recently and made an unexpected discovery. He has a short story and photos of what he found sitting there left by retiring General Peter Pace, a true Man of Honor.

I haven't received his permission to repost the photo's or story, so the next best thing is to post a link.

Visit his blog and see the true humility of General Peter Pace, truly a Man of Honor

UPDATE: A CNN video of this event and comments from General Pace


Unknown said...

In case you'd want to link to it, here's a video on the ceremony, with some detailed information:

Pace Ceremony

Very moving, thanks for making mention of it.

LewWaters said...

Thanks, Jim.

It is a shame that this only aired on CNN. If it aired anywhere else, I sure missed it.

General Pace is truly a humble man that deserved better than he received towards the end.

Roger W. Gardner said...

Very moving. A fine man. Another almost totally unreported story about our great military.