Monday, October 08, 2007

Nancy Pelosi’s Prayers

October 8, 2007

In what must be a shocking and disheartening revelation, today on Fox News Channels Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, Speaker of the House (for the time being) Nancy Pelosi (D. Ca.) finally spoke truthfully to the American people when she admitted, “The public is weary of this war. They want it to end, and they had expectations that Congress could end it… You know we can't without a presidential signature.”

As many of us have been saying all along, Congress cannot just end the war unless they cut off funding for the Troops, something they seem unwilling to do. Of course, doing so would place the expected slaughter of Iraqi people squarely in their laps.

In the same interview, Speaker Pelosi also admitted, “…we just pray that God's will would be done. We pray for the children. We pray for poor people. And we pray for people who need help. And we always, always, always pray for our men and women in uniform who make our freedom to pray possible.”

I find it very odd that Democrats always seem to locate God during campaigns. In this case, Speaker Pelosi says she first prays that, “God’s will be done.” Very righteous thing to say, I think. But, I wonder if she ever paid attention to another part of the Bible that says, “All of you must yield to the government rulers. No one rules unless God has given him the power to rule, and no one rules now without that power from God. So those who are against the government are really against what God has commanded. And they will bring punishment on themselves.” (Romans 13:1, 2; New Century Version).

Does it escape her that according to the Bible, the one she must read since she claims to pray often says that whoever is our Leader, our Ruler, if you will, is there because God gave him the power to rule!

How can she pray for God’s Will To Be Done, yet oppose what must be his will since Bush sits in the top seat currently?

I know, I know, it isn’t really much of a point and really, no one follows it, but I find it laughable when Democrats pretend to be Christian when they are pandering for votes from Church going Christians. They speak well of God, but don’t stop and think of what they are claiming and usually, they show their ignorance of the Bible.

Further proof of this point is also found in today’s interview when she was asked by Chris Wallace, “Do you pray for our soldiers to win in Iraq?” She replied, “Of course I do.”

Apparently somewhat taken about, Chris Wallace pressed, “To win?” Again, she replied, “Of course I do. Of course. What a question.”

No, Ms. Pelosi, it isn’t such a ridiculous question. Am I the only one who is seeing the word “Win” for the first time come out of her mouth in regards to Iraq? Of course, that’s only in prayer, she claims, but what has she claimed in the past?

In this past June, she said before an audience, “…stability in the Middle East must begin with the redeployment of our troops out of Iraq!” Hmm, no mention of winning there.

Also in June, facing a hostile crowd of anti-war hate America leftists, Pelosi, Murtha and Clinton tried desperately to appease the crowd. Murtha defended Pelosi with, “She’s worked tirelessly to end this war.” Uh, is she “working tirelessly to WIN this war?” No!

Pelosi followed by calling the war in Iraq a “tragedy” and a “grotesque mistake.” Is that winning the war speak? No.

In March 2007, she rammed through the House a Defense Spending Bill that she added some $20 billion in vote-buying pork, including $74 million for peanut storage, $25 million for spinach growers, $283 million for dairy farmers and not one single dime for Veterans care or Military Hospitals.

In May, President Bush, drawing the ire of Speaker Pelosi, vetoed this bill. She said, “I had hoped that President Bush would accept my offer to work together on a New Direction in Iraq.” If we are dealing with winning, as she said she prays for, what “New Direction” would that be?

Still expressing her anger over the veto, she added, “The President vetoed our bill that would end this war and bring our troops home the week of the fourth anniversary of his infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech that declared an end to major combat operations in Iraq.” Sorry, but “end the war” isn’t “win the war.”

Can we forget her usurpation of Executive powers when she took it upon herself to travel to Syria, against the wishes of the President, to meet with President Assad? Can we forget her sidekick, Tom Lantos saying, “Democrats have an “Alternative Foreign Policy.”

In January 2007, she claimed, “While we all want to see a stable and peaceful Iraq… sending more American combat troops does not advance that goal.”

As late as September 2007, she told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, “It was President Bush's war, and now it is the Republicans' and Congress' war. And that marks a big turning point for us because we had hoped to have bipartisanship and redeploying the troops out of Iraq, to do so in a timely fashion.” Sorry again, but when did “redeployment,” a euphemism “retreat,” or “withdrawal” in reality, come to mean “win” as she said to Chris Wallace today?

In the 2006 campaign Ms. Pelosi released a campaign booklet titled “A New Direction for America.” In it, more than once, she states the intent of, “Require the Iraqis to take responsibility for their country and begin the phased redeployment of U.S. forces from Iraq in 2006.”

Since this war was brought to us, I have never heard the word “win” come out of her mouth before in connection to the war, until today. Her claim of praying for our Troops to “win” is difficult for me to accept as sincere. Difficult because every step she has taken since 2003 has been to undermine and oppose winning.

Perhaps her prayers are a bit rusty from lack of use.



Amy Proctor said...

Wow, good compilation of Pelosisms. I'll link to it on my site.

I think her idea of the troops winning is leaving Iraq ASAP and supporting a Democratic agenda rather than the strategy of the Generals and President.

PS.. have you considered opening your comment section to any commenter?

LewWaters said...

Hi Amy, yes I used to allow all commenters but got deluged with trolls all posting as anonymous. It isn't hard to slap down a troll, but it got real confusing just who I was speaking to.

That's been a while now, so I'll probably go back to it soon.

Unknown said...

Nancy Pelosi w/ Fox News Sunday:

“The public is weary of this war. They want it to end, and they had expectations that Congress could end it… You know we can't without a presidential signature.”

The fact is the World has never been w/ war! There is no reason to believe that will change. Growing weary is the least of our problems.

Has Democracy run it's course? Will we lose our sovereignty first?

I speak not just of pessimism, but reality.

We're all weary. Let's not keep killing ourselves for a start.

LewWaters said...

What Ms. Pelosi doesn't understand is that being weary of the war doesn't mean people are ready to surrender.

Allow our Troops needed latitude to fight it and win it, like she claims she prays for.

Stop sensationalizing every portion of the war and scaring potential enlistees from joining.

I prefer to see the war won, not just ended.