Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Politics by Extortion

October 31, 2007

It appears that the left has devised a new way, for America at least; to ensure their leftist Gay agenda is accepted. That being, if you cannot garner enough votes, then uncover and expose any Republicans who don’t vote your way who might also either be Gay or have had a Gay encounter.

That, my friends, is extortion, plain and simple. “To obtain from another by coercion or intimidation.”

We saw it with Mark Foley just prior to the 2006 elections, forced into resignation over his homosexual email contact with an of age page, as investigations confirmed. That no sex crime was committed didn’t matter, Foley voted against implementation of the Gay Agenda and special rights for Gays. Oh yes, he was a Republican too.

We again saw it with Larry Craig, caught in an airport restroom sting and who pled guilty. He also is a Republican and doesn’t vote for Special Rights for Gays.

A campaign has been under way to “get” those who don’t support Gay Special Rights and it has now reached down into the State level.

Republican State Rep. Richard Curtis, of the neighboring district of mine, reported to Police that he was being extorted for money by a young Gay man in Spokane, Washington. Curtis denied being Gay.

An article appearing yesterday in our local leftist mouthpiece, The Columbian, leaves me wondering just who they feel the criminal is, Curtis or the man who was extorting him?

While there is an admission by Curtis, according to Spokane Police, that he did have a sexual encounter with this young Gay man, is it really necessary for the Columbian’s writer, Jeffrey Mize, to write in such graphic detail of the encounter? Wouldn’t a simple statement of Curtis’s admission have sufficed? Who besides the left and the Gay agenda is served by such explicit graphics of the encounter?

Reading the article, the crime of extortion seems to take a back seat to the juicy revelation that Rep. Curtis, who is married and has children, and who has not supported the Gay Special Rights agenda and who is also a Republican, is accused of having a Gay encounter with a male prostitute.

Groups responsible for these “outings” claim it is hypocritical of any Gay in government not to vote for the Gay Special Rights Agenda. NEWS FLASH for you, not every Gay supports the push for Special Rights for Gays.

Where is the threat of your personal life being sordidly exposed to the public any different that all the complaints of Special Interest Lobbyists in government? Is it because it is coming from the Bolshevik left that it is tolerated?

NEWS FLASH for my fellow Republicans. The party isn’t ‘lily white,’ never has been, never will be. While I agree that the Gay life isn’t normal, it isn’t up to me to live someone else’s life for them. It is hard enough living my own without trying to live someone else’s. Your joining in with the bashing of these individuals is the fuel they need for their fire of defeating you and making you insignificant in our political process.

In the end I imagine Rep. Curtis can kiss his political career goodbye and maybe his marriage as well. Time will tell. Whether or not he is actually Gay is a matter between he and his family and they must now deal with all the sordid public scrutiny that was published by the Columbian and others. The male prostitute extorting him will probably receive a small slap on the wrist, if that, and be seen as a hero by the left, ridding the state of another Republican.

Actually, it just further deteriorates our nation as we move one step closer to Socialism and catering to a small group of deviants and away from the Representative Republic our nation was founded as.


UPDATE: Curtis resigns from Legislature. With this announcement it is difficult for me to determine who is happier, Democrats, for getting rid of another Republican, or Republicans for thinking our party is not somehow pure again. I pray they are as happy over whoever his replacement is as they are about his resignation. Don't be too shocked if you discover that it might be someone who supports the left and the Gay agenda and helps pass it in our state.

And, we wonder why Republicans are in the minority again? We do the Democrats work for them.


Unknown said...

Since Lew "broke trump" by mentioning Larry Craig, I have a question for those on the Left Coast. I have not seen a reason why Craig was in the men's room at the airport to begin with. Was he TDY between flights, or in need of a fast whiz or worse off the freeway? Or what's behind stall number 2? I know this may be trivial but isn't intent what this was all about. The Left Coast'cause most in the Right Coast are asleep. So much for another mini post by me.


LewWaters said...

For whatever reason Craig had for being there, he was plain stupid for doing it and pleading guilty so fast.

What irks me is that we better wake up to the fact that we have Gays in the party and they are on our side in opposing the Gay agenda. We rid ourselves of supporters and too often they are replaced with someone else sympathetic to the Gay agenda.

We don't have to like the conduct but we must realize that not every Gay is supportive of the Gay agenda. Many oppose it.

Notice too, in the case of Craig, he received no support from the Gay community, who would have been outraged had Barney Frank been caught in a similar sting operation.

This is all about ridding opposers to the Gay agenda from the legislature with the hope of replacing them with someone who will vote for the agenda.

We do it for the Dems and wonder why we are losing support.

As I was taught, hate the sin, not the sinner. In the end, God will decide what needs decided.

The Democrats are following Saul ALinsky to a "T" and we are falling into every one of their traps.

Unknown said...

Another usefull axiom:

"Best defense ....NO be there"!


Anonymous said...

"What irks me is that we better wake up to the fact that we have Gays in the party and they are on our side in opposing the Gay agenda."

I have to respectfully disagree with you. Look at the homosexual activists that call themselves the "Log Cabin Republicans". Most of the time they are only trying to tear down other Republicans. Last thing they did was create a $60,000 commercial attacking Mitt Romney. I don't trust someone who practices that lifestyle choice because by definition, they are sick in the head. In the end, they always make choices to preserve their bizarre sexual practices. Think about real family values and then picture what one of these freaks desires to do with another man's hairy exit sphincter. It is beyond belief and proof positive that these people are deeply sick in the head.

LewWaters said...

Reply, comment #2

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr Waters,
This case concerning Manny Gonzales
was an attempted premeditated murder trial.Yes the victim was seen at a local hospital and released after two hours with pain medication.We would be glad to E mail you this case and to continue to keep you and your readers informed about the US current Congressional reasoning behind this
obvious neglect and allowed abuse of American poor related to being forced to write their own legal appeals to the federal courts.This situation is so much more than Manny Gonzales !
Thousand in our prisons are being affected by this obvious premeditated oversight by our congressional leaders. US Federal
judges are fully aware of the tremendous disparity in judicial court case outcomes between those
who have the means to hire proper criminal defense attorneys coupled with proper appeal attorneys then what our poor have been receiving.
Manny Gonzales is only our
Congressional Poster Child for this continued neglect and allowed abuse of our poorer American citizens behind those very high and silent prison walls.
Thank ourlucky stars that you and others like you have the courage to listen and decide to encourage various points of view to be read.
You Mr.Waters represent the true spirit of what America stands for !
Now all of us at
have to do is convince others in Congress to view this tremendous disparity between rich and poor in our judicial system fairly for what it appears to be.

LewWaters said...

Mr. Field, if you have documentation and records concerning this case, why do you not place them on your website where you asking for support? I find the lack of information in your endeavor distressing.

You keep saying Gonzales has had to depend on Public Defenders and cannot afford “proper criminal defense attorneys coupled with proper appeal attorneys,” yet you leave a signature of “lawyers for poor Americans.” If you are a group of lawyers, why are you not “properly defending” Gonzales?

Your site says he was “convicted of pre-meditated murder.” Yet now, you say it was only “attempted” pre-meditated murder.

As for “continued neglect and allowed abuse of our poorer American citizens,” there are very few who come from poorer backgrounds than I do. Although white by race, when I was growing up in South Florida, races were separated by “the tracks,” railroad tracks. Yes, I was on the “proper” side, by 3 blocks. Still, I never felt the need to take a gun to someone other than in self-defense or during my time in Viet Nam.

That and your lack of information and documentation on this case make me less sympathetic than you may think. I try to keep an open mind when it comes to young people convicted of a crime, that is why I repeatedly asked to see the records, evidence used and other documents.

Seeking the assistance of Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez definitely did not help your cause.

If Gonzales was truly unjustly convicted and did not receive a fair trial, I recommend you make any evidence of this, along with court records and other documentation available on your site and openly show it. People will see what you have and determine for themselves if justice was served or not.

In the end, by your own admission, Manny Gonzales did commit a gun crime, even if the intended target was not seriously injured. If he had nothing to do with the shooting, I doubt you would be placing as much emphasis on the lack of injury to the intended victim.

We may not have a perfect justice system, but over all, I feel most receive far better representation here than those in Hugo Chavez’s courts in Venezuela.

If you have documentation relevant to this case, you would do yourselves better by placing them openly to the public than offering them in email to people.