Friday, October 19, 2007

Rep. Stark Reveals Blatant Democrat Double Standard

October 19, 2007

Yesterday, in a heated debate addressing the possible overriding of President Bush’s veto of the failed SCHIPs act, Representative Pete Stark (D. Ca.) launched into what has to be considered one of the most outrageous BDS attacks against the President to date.

Rep. Stark stated, "Where are you going to get that money? Are you going to tell us lies like you're telling us today? Is that how you're going to fund the war? You don't have money to fund the war or children. But you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old, enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement."

He continued, “President Bush’s statements about children's health shouldn't be taken any more seriously than his lies about the war in Iraq. The truth is that Bush just likes to blow things up in Iraq, in the United States, and in Congress. I urge my colleagues to vote to override his veto."

Rep. Ellen Tauscher (D. Ca) gently reminded Rep. Stark about House rules on personal attacks not being allowed. Rep. Kevin Brady, (R.Tx.) stood up saying, "It is despicable to have a member of this Congress accuse the president, any president, of willfully blowing the heads, quote, 'blowing the heads off' our young men and women over in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is dead wrong, and it is beneath contempt as well that we will sit here silently and allow such a remark to be tolerated, accepted, if not embraced," in his effort to express his displeasure with Rep. Starks comments and that Rep. Tauscher’s “gentle reminder” doesn’t adequately chastise Stark.

Requests by House Republicans to have the despicable remarks stricken from the record failed and they remain. Roy Blunt, Republican Whip of the House released the statement; “Pete Stark’s statements on the House floor this afternoon crossed all lines of decency and decorum. As a member of Congress, he should be ashamed. But as a senior member of the Ways and Means Committee – and the current chairman of its Health subcommittee – the Democratic leadership ought to be ashamed as well.”

“To claim our men and women in Iraq are serving there for the president’s own personal enjoyment – and worse, to suggest he’s actually ‘amused’ by the image of soldiers being killed – represents a crass appeal to the worst, most base elements of our population. It dishonors the continued sacrifice of our troops in the field, and disrespects their family and friends at home who pray for their safe return. The Democratic leadership should denounce these comments immediately, and Mr. Stark should apologize for making them as well.”

House Minority Leader, John Boehner (R. Oh.) released a statement through the Drudge Report, "Our troops in Iraq are fighting against al-Qaeda and other radical jihadists hellbent on killing the people we are sent here to represent. Congressman StarkÕs statement dishonors not only the Commander-in-Chief, but the thousands of courageous men and women of AmericaÕs armed forces who believe in their mission and are putting their lives on the line for our freedom and security. Congressman Stark should retract his statement and apologize to the House, our Commander-in-Chief, and the families of our soldiers and commanders fighting terror overseas."

RNC Chairman Mike Duncan released a statement, “Pete Stark's out-of-control rant is an insult to every American, Democrat or Republican. It is one thing to disagree with the war in Iraq, but it is another to go to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives and rave that the men and women of the United States Armed Forces are '[blowing] up innocent people.' The Democrats cannot stop playing partisan politics."

Pete Hegseth, Executive Director of Vets for Freedom and Iraq War veteran said, “This sort of rhetoric is simply beyond the bounds of civil discourse on the floor of the United States House of Representatives. Decency demands that Congressman Stark retract his remarks and apologize.”

Instead of retracting the statement or apologizing, Stark added to the record the usual Democrat feigned respect of our Troops with, "I have nothing but respect for our brave men and women in uniform and wish them the very best. But I respect neither the commander-in-chief who keeps them in harm's way nor the chickenhawks in Congress who vote to deny children health care. These brave men and women are in Iraq to protect our children — as should Republicans in Congress."

While these outrageous comments aren’t considered “over the top” by House Democrats, I recall just a couple years ago when House freshmen Jean Schmidt (R. Oh.), in November 2005 said during another heated debate, "A few minutes ago, I received a call from Colonel Danny Bubp. He asked me to send Congress a message: Stay the course. He also asked me to send Congressman Murtha a message: that cowards cut and run, Marines never do."

House Democrats exploded in boos and catcalls, demanding retraction and an apology, which Ms. Schmidt complied with. Her words were stricken from the record and she sent a note of apology to Rep. Murtha.

Unlike yesterdays flap, criticism poured in via phone calls, e-mails and TV reports, earning her the nickname of “Mean Jean.” NBC's "Saturday Night Live" ridiculed her while the Cincinnati Enquirer's editorial page, which had endorsed her congressional run, said she was "way out of line."

In a released statement, Schmidt said, "I am amazed at what a national story this has become. I have been attacked very personally, continuously since Friday evening."

Where is the national outrage at Rep. Starks over the top remarks? Where is the retraction and apology? Don’t hold your breath. It is just one more example of Democrats not holding themselves to the standards they impose on others.

What it is is a blatant example of the hypocritical double standard Democrats have.


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Unknown said...

"But you're going to spend it to blow up innocent people if we can get enough kids to grow old, enough for you to send to Iraq to get their heads blown off for the president's amusement."

Isn't it touching how Stark is so concerned about our troop's heads being blown up, while 4,000 of our pre-born are mutilated every day. Oh, yea, there are 1.9 troops killed per day. After all, these babies are troops too.

Make this one of your outrages! Who's amused?