Thursday, October 18, 2007

Republicans, Tired Of Holding Your Nose To Vote?

October 18, 2007

Are you tired of not having the strongest candidate with the most consistent record and conservative values on the ballot?

Do we need to continue to compromise our own values and vote for a less than the best candidate to keep the Democrats out of the White House?

Are you tired of being led around by the nose, by the heavily leftist dominated media, as to who is most popular and our best bet? The same media that wants Hillary Clinton in office?

I am.

Ever since Ronald Reagan left office, we have been given few real conservative choices and both Republicans since have given lackluster performances, over all. Don’t get me wrong, George W. Bush has performed well in the War on Terror, I feel, in spite of initial mistakes in Iraq after deposing Saddam Hussein. His economic policies have been outstanding and he has grown our economy. He has made some good judicial nominations.

Still, he has been very poor on Illegal Immigration and securing our borders. He hasn’t done well in building public support for the war, which isn’t entirely his fault, even though he is a poor communicator. His support of the Dubai Ports Deal and nominating Harriet Meirs for the Supreme Court wasn’t well received. He didn’t oppose the out of control spending by the then Republican controlled Congress.

In all, he is a far better President than either Al Gore Jr. or John ‘F’in Kerry (who served in Viet Nam) would have been, but still less than the best our country could offer. He will be gone soon, not being allowed to run again and his Vice President, Dick Cheney, has no desire to run for President, leaving us with an open field of candidates, most of who appear to be prepared to give us more lackluster service.

We have Rudy Giuiliani, best known for what appeared to be stellar leadership of the City of New York in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. While he talks of strong conservatives values, his record says different.

We have Mitt Romney, Former Governor of Massachusetts as same-sex marriage became accepted law in that state.

Also in the fray we have Senator and former Viet Nam POW, John McCain who joined in with Democrats on filibuster reform allowing judicial nominee super majority vote to stand and Co-sponsor of the disastrous McCain-Feingold campaign-finance "reform" act.

Entering late we have former Senator and actor, Fred Thompson, accused of lobbying for a pro-abortion group, although pro-life himself. Thompson enjoys broad support, for a two-term Senator and not known for running strong campaigns.

Virtually ignored, especially by our media, is Ca. Representative and Viet Nam Veteran Duncan Hunter. Hunter is currently the only candidate that has a son serving in the War on Terror.

Duncan Hunter has a strong and consistent stand on conservative issues facing us all. He has maintained a strong stance on securing our borders. He solidly backs the War on Terror and as already stated, is the only candidate of either party with a son serving to protect America. He maintains a strong stand on keeping keeping jobs for Americans in America.

He is by far the most conservative and consistent candidate running for President from the Republican Party. He has ideas and a message that rivals that of any candidate and in debates doesn’t hem and haw, but provides straight and concise replies from his heart, not scripted.

What Hunter doesn’t have is support from those aching for a strong conservative candidate in the mold of Ronald Reagan. Many say they never hear of him, which isn’t surprising considering the lack of media coverage he receives. My personal estimation is that out heavily biased media won’t cover him due to the strong conservative stand he has would resonate well with voters if the message were broadly heard.

Supporters of other candidates without the strong and consistent record of Hunter can’t refute or deny any portion of his record or message and resort to ad hominem against him by claiming he is “unelectable” due to lack of supporters. The ongoing cry is something like, “I really like Hunter and his message, but he hasn’t progressed in the polls.” I read that as many aren’t willing to get behind a candidate that stands where they claim they desire candidates to, but are all too willing to get behind whoever is announced as most popular by our biased media, the same media Republicans complain don’t give fair coverage to our Troops in the War on Terror.

In other words, the same media that manipulates public opinion on the war is also manipulating public opinion on Republican candidates.

It is no secret that the majority of those reporting from our biased media desire to see Hillary Clinton and her Socialistic views ruling the nation and I feel they are also falsely building Republicans who she can either defeat easily or who would compromise with her and other Socialist Democrats, should a Republican win.

Hunter and his strong pro-America stand wouldn’t give in to them. In the fashion of Reagan, he would portray a strong America to the world and continue opposing terrorists that desire to see America fall. In talking with many I hear how good he is and strong his stand is then hear the same, “he has no support.” I ask why? If so many think his message is the best, shouldn't we back him and if he doesn't get the nod, can’t we still hold our nose and vote for whoever does, hoping to keep Democrats out of the White House?

If everyone who says he has the best message but no support were to begin supporting him, his numbers would grow astronomically. The Swift Boat Veterans for Truth gave us a great example of what Grassroots can do. If those who feel his message is strong and the best don't get behind him, who will? He never will gain support if we don't support him and at least try.

We have absolutely nothing to lose in supporting Hunter believing that he has the strongest message and most consistent record. Not supporting him when we feel his message and record is best loses everything we say we want for the country.

If, like me, you are tired of holding your nose and voting for another lackluster Republican, selecting the lesser of two evils, I invite you to take a close look at Duncan Hunter. If you agree that his platform, record and message are the best of all the candidates, don’t wait for his support to grow before you get behind him. Get behind him and help the People Take Back America from the grasp of Special Interests and Socialists.

Donate to his campaign. Spread his message to all you know. Ignore the media’s chosen favorites and demand coverage of Hunter. Join in with supporters in your area and make calls to radio programs, write letters to newspapers, make signs and get bumper stickers, make his name known.

It is high time we Americans stopped holding our noses when voting and start letting the media know we want strong candidates, not who they tell us is best for us.


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