Saturday, December 22, 2007

Ebenezer Scrooge Lobbies Washington

December 22, 2007

Once again, it is that time of year. Children nestled around the tree, gifts and packages wrapped and laid around the tree, friends and family drawing near, children’s plays in churches recalling the Nativity and birth of Jesus, receiving gifts from the three Wiseman.

And since this is a political campaign season as well, we have the politicians giving us their messages through the Holiday. Unlike other Christmas Seasons we have a larger number of Presidential candidates this time and are treated to many more Christmas Time Ads than usual.

John McCain, Republican, tells My Christmas Story about his time incarcerated in a Communist North Vietnamese POW Camp and the kindness he received from an NVA Guard who turned out to be a Christian as well.

Mitt Romney, Republican, reminds us in his Christmas Message that it is cold in Boston and thanks all those who support him and the Troops and their families as well.

Mike Huckabee, Republican, gave us a pleasant Christmas Message, putting politics aside, until some noticed the book case behind him resembled a cross and complained about it.

Rudy Giuliani, Republican, asks for peace between the candidates in his Christmas Message as a Jolly Santa laughs at that notion.

Fred Thompson, Republican, treats us to a very nice tribute to the Troops and their families in his Christmas Holiday Message.

Ron Paul, Republican/Libertarian, puts politics aside as he and his family wish all Merry Christmas and a Great 2008.

Hillary Clinton, Democrat, sits on a sofa wrapping up Socialist Government Programs for all in her Holiday Message, wishing us a Happy Holidays.

Barack Obama, Democrat, puts politics aside as he reminds us that things that unite us a people are stronger than things that divide us, as his daughters cheerfully add Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays in his Christmas Ad

John Edwards, Democrat, sits in front of a decorated tree in his multi-million dollar mansion reminding us of his “Two America’s” theme, telling all that only “we” listen to those in need in his Season Message. He also sent out a Holiday Card of is family taken inside his elegant mansion, reminding us that his oldest daughter has shapely legs.

Joe Biden, Democrat, shows us a little snow falling and goes on to reminding us it is time he was elected in his January Night message.

From email, Chairman Tom Cole, NRCC, sent a message wishing all “Season’s Greetings” with “Warmest Thoughts and Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season.”

Also in email, Brandon English, DCCC, asks all to, “skip the fruitcake and give the gift of a Democratic House. It's not that any of us don't like fruitcake -- we just like Democrats better.”

Politically, it has been very bitter since the 2000 elections and progressively gotten worse through the 2004 and 2006 elections, resulting in a power shift in Washington D.C. for at least a little while. Candidates from both parties’ are bitterly attacking each other and blaming the opposing party. Hopes of putting partisanship aside for the few days of Christmas, the “Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men” message we used to hear, seems to have escaped some. Happily though, not all.

Some of the candidates seem to have the old Christmas Spirit as they placed politics aside and wished all a Merry Christmas. But as we saw, not all.

Even the Radio Messages broadcast on this Saturday before Christmas couldn’t escape the bitter divide in our politicians.

President Bush reminds us in his Weekly Radio Message today, “This Christmas, many will sit down for dinner thinking of their loved ones half a world away. These families deserve the thanks and the prayers of our whole nation.” He added, “All these families have already given so much to America, and yet they have found a way to give even more. We thank each of them, and we thank every one of our citizens who supports our troops with letters and donations or prayers.”

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid issued the Democrats Response with, “…when Democrats have fought for change, President Bush and Republicans in Congress have stood in the way. We tried to give health care to 10 million poor children, but Republicans sided with tobacco companies. We tried to promote cleaner energy sources, by turning to the sun, the wind, and geothermal, but Republicans sided with the big oil companies. We chose to invest in priorities here at home, but Republicans chose to send billions more of your taxpayer dollars to Iraq.”

He adds, “I am glad to be back home in Searchlight, Nevada this weekend to spend the holiday season with my family and friends. On behalf of the United States Senate, which I have the honor of leading, I wish you and your family a season of health, happiness and joy.”

I recall as a younger man when the bickering of our politicians was put aside during the Christmas Season. They at least acted like they got along for a few days.

I even recall learning that during World War One, bitter enemies laid down their weapons, left their trenches and met in ‘No Mans Land’ in what became known as the Christmas Truce of 1914.

Christmas decorations downtown seem to be gone today. Christmas Carols softly drifting out of those shops can barely be heard, if heard at all. Politicians won’t even put their differences aside and stop digging at each other for a couple days.

Ebenezer Scrooge has to have taken an Office in D.C. and become the most powerful lobbyist there today.


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