Saturday, January 19, 2008

Media Blackout Succeeds

January 19, 2008

From the beginning of this campaign, the lamestream media chose their favorites and promoted them, writing off strong conservative candidates that don't fit their agendas. Ignored in debates, given little coverage, the way was paved for moderates to win.

One by one, they dropped out, seeing they could not succeed. Tom Tancredo, Sam Brownback and now, Duncan Hunter, undeniably the strongest conservative to enter the race.

In 2000 and 2004, Democrats cried for a Veteran to run and gave us a photographer and a charlatan anti-war opportunist whose time in country combined did not add up to a full normal tour.

Hunter, on the other hand, served two tours in Viet Nam with the 173rd Airborne and the 75th Army Rangers earning the Bronze Star and did not make his service central to his campaign. After Law School, he entered the House in 1980, serving the last 27 years fighting for America and Chairing the House Armed Services Committee, fighting for the Common Foot Soldier, not the Pentagon Brass.

In spite of a strong record for America, the media chose to blackout news about him, his record and his campaign. Voters, who apparently enjoy getting their ears tickled and tend to follow the polls offered by the same media they distrust to report news of the War on Terror accurately, fell in line behind who the lamestream media offered up at any given moment.

Donations, therefore, were sparse, so ads could not be made. Radio spots did not come as they did for more popular candidates with abysmal records. As much as he reached out to America, he remained ignored, even by allegedly strong conservative pundits like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin and Rush Limbaugh. Hunter stood up for America, but America wouldn't stand up for him.

So, whom are we left with to select in 2008?

John McCain, former POW who labeled fellow Viet Nam Veterans, including two recipients of the Congressional Medal of Honor as “dishonest and dishonorable” and who supported amnesty for Illegal Immigrants? McCain, maverick Senator who undermined the current administration and the GOP often over the last 6 years?

Mitt Romney, who signed gay marriage into law for Massachusetts and kept his word about not raising taxes, but increased fees instead? The same Romney who can’t seem to make up his mind on Illegal Immigration?

Mike Huckabee, called the Jimmy Carter of the GOP who is also soft on Illegal Immigration and who Jonah Goldberg once described as represents compassionate conservatism on steroids in an L.A. Times editorial?

Ron Paul, Libertarian running as a Republican who blames Americafor terrorism and masks his Isolationism as “non-intervention?”

Rudy Giuliani, who speaks strong today on Illegal Immigration but has a long record of often defending illegal immigrants, once ordering city workers not to deny them benefits and advocating measures to ease their path to citizenship? Who also distances himself today from a pro-gay past? Who has a pro-choice history on abortion, at odds with the traditional GOP position and who is doing so poorly he may be the next to drop-out?

Or, Fred Thompson, 2-term Senator and actor who supported denying American Freedom of Speech in the ill-fated McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform bill and who even though seems to have changed positions over the last few years, just may be the closest thing to a true conservative, after Congressman Hunter, but who also doesn’t display much “fire in the belly” for gaining the nomination.

Thompson can expect to follow Giuliani in the media’s next effort at getting Democrats an easy run to the White House.

Pundits on today’s news programs seem to feel it will come down to a race between McCain and Romney, both who can be easily defeated by either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton. On the slim chance one of the GOP moderates named win November, if you think George W. Bush has been disappointing, just wait and see as either of these two would coddle the Socialist Democrats in Congress and sell America further down the drain as we now rush towards becoming the Union of Socialist States of America.

The media played and manipulated citizens like a cheap guitar and you all fell right in line. I’d say ‘God help us,’ but you all willingly allowed even Him to be cast out of our society long ago.

What has happened to us? How did we become so lackadaisical that a handful of disreputable journalists could so easily manipulate the public? How did we ever get to where the good of the nation takes a backseat to “what can I get for me?”

The media blackout on Hunter and others succeeded and America is the worse for it. To all of the pundits, talk radio hosts and bloggers who were so quick to announce Hunter’s demise on January 7, congratulations. You helped the media sell out America.

To all of you 'alleged' conservatives who spoke of how well you thought of Hunter and liked his message, but refused to support him, think often over the next 4 years of how you sold out conservatism.

When will you sheeple ever wake up?


UPDATE: Hunter is not jumping on anyone's bandwagon at this point. As he says, "I want to see who’s going to be strongest on maintaining a strong national defense, a secure border including a border fence, and meeting the challenges of an emerging China." CNN Politcal Ticker


Christopher S. Lawton said...

I'm ashamed to say that McCain is the preferred presidential candidate of the South Carolina GOP leadership. I guess it's because scalawags like the company of traitors.

Torial said...

I'm so glad that Hunter hasn't endorsed any of the candidates. It is a mark of wisdom.

Your analysis of the candidates is spot on. I had Thompson as my distant 2nd choice, but knowing full well that he sucked in MANY ways. Likewise, Keyes is also a second choice (and far better than Ron Paul), but has no traction [except he does have a loyal contingent of personality cult worshippers that keep him running]

CyberPastor said...

Now Thompson bites the dust, and there is no one left in the race that even comes close to being a true Conservative.

Something has to be done about the media picking who gets "their" nod for coverage.

I'm at a loss for where to go from here!

LewWaters said...

Chris, I'm fearful McCain is the selected one this time around. They sure seem to love him.

Where we go from here I don't know. Maybe it will take Democrats back in power robbing liberties again to wake up the electorate.

Perilous times for sure.