Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rush Limbaugh Failing America

January 10, 2008

Yes, El Rushbo, “the man who runs America,” “the Voice of America,” is falling down in the job. He is the one who is supposed to keep conservative informed of what the “drive-by media” doesn’t tell us. Instead, in regards the 2008 elections, he seems to be falling into lock step with them.

Rush maintains that he doesn’t endorse candidates prior to the party nomination. Good enough, Rush, no one is asking you to endorse anybody. But, we do need to hear of who the candidates, all of the candidates, are. We hear of Giuliani, Huckabee, Thompson, Romney, McCain and even Paul on your show, mostly the negative about them.

With the possible exception of Thompson, none of the others are even conservative, until recently, as they try to convince America they are now conservatives. Their records say different.

On December 3, 2007, Rush did a monologue saying, How the Drive-By Media Attempts to Influence Both Party Primaries. He was right, as usual. He saw what has been happening as the media cheery picks who the voters get to choose from. In this monologue, he mentioned every GOP candidate, except two. He saw how they ignore candidates and build up the ones they feel the Democrats will easily defeat.

On January 3, 2008 he told us, “Conservatism Works. Try It!” this time, he speaks of the one true conservative in the race, “Duncan Hunter is a great guy, and he truly is authentic. It's a mystery why some people don't get out of the bottom tier or the lower tiers in campaigns.” He shouldn’t see it as a mystery since he just told us back on December 3, 2007, what was going on and how the media is cherry picking candidates for us.

January 4, 2008 saw callers asking, “Tell Us Who You Like, Rush?” He answered one caller, “I do not consider myself some pied piper that's out there leading a bunch of mind-numbed robots. I sit here, maybe I'm pie-in-the-sky on this, but I want people to come to the correct and right conclusions on their own without me having to tell 'em.”

I do not want Rush to be a “pied piper,” but he does say he is the balance. He acknowledges slanted coverage of the candidates, especially Republican. He has no problem telling us the candidates that don’t measure up, but who covers the one that does measure up? Does Rush give us news on Duncan Hunter, off setting the near media blackout of him and his campaign?

On January 7, 2008, he asks, “Will Conservatives Sit Out '08?” Discussing mostly Huckabee.

Rush says of Hunter that he is a great guy. Rush has no bad to say about Hunter. Rush acknowledges the drive-by media is manipulating again. Rush set himself as the counter to the drive-bys. Rush has the number one talk radio show on the air.

Rush thinks Hunter has a future ahead of him, if he fails this time. What future is there with the drive-by’s manipulating voters and deliberately not covering Hunter, clearly the best conservative running?

Rush, no one, least of all me, wants you to make our decision for us. But, if the media ignores a strong conservative and you pretty much do to, what future does he have?

Rush doesn’t need to endorse Hunter, although that would be nice. But, if the other conservative hosts that like Hunter rarely speak of him too, what future is there for a conservative long shot ignored?

We don’t have many choices this year. Thompson, who doesn’t seem to have the fire in his belly, Moderates, RINO’s, a fruitcake and Hunter, who has the record, the message and the will.

Giving the American voter the straight scoop isn’t endorsing Rush. We need your voice to let America know there is a strong conservative in the race.


UPDATE: For someone who claims to be the "Voice of America," Limbaugh is turning out to be just another blowhard. His coverage of Hunter has been dismal, in spite of early claims of how good he is. Today,January 11, 2007, Rush's monolgue was, Drive-Bys Push McCain, Huckabee; Aim to Disqualify Fred, Mitt, Rudy

Hunter isn't mentioned once, telling me that Rush has joined in with the "Drive-by's" already disqualifying Hunter, with 47 states to go!!!!

The good of America seems to be taking a back seat to ratings and sponsors with 'El Rushbo.'

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Torial said...

This entire last week, it almost seemed like a love fest for Romney :-(