Thursday, February 28, 2008

Millions Flow To Democrats

In spite of campaigns past when the Democrat party would complain about the Republican party drawing excess money over that of the Democrats, this election cycle it is the Democrats who are raising massive donations.

From the latest data supplied by the Federal Elections Commission, the Democrat presidential campaign has drawn some $70 Million more than the Republicans have. The dollar amount being donated to Democrats in the top two brackets, $1000 to $1999 and over $2000 bracket is nearly double that of the lower income brackets.

Today’s New York Times published an article, Democrats Bring in 80 Million, With Obama in Lead, outlining donations raised in the month of February by the Democrat front runners, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

The Clinton campaign said, “It’s an extraordinary number for us, $35 million in February alone.” Obama’s campaign officials said that their total was “considerably more” than the $35 million that Clinton’s campaign announced.

The New York Times refers to these donations as an “unprecedented sum.”

Indeed, the Democrats must be doing something right to finally exceed the Republicans, who Democrats have traditionally claimed had the wealthy and corporate bosses in their pockets.

Most remarkable in this ease that the Democrat party is raising record sums of money is that these are the same Democrats who for years now have been telling us how bad off America is, the economy’s failed and stagnant, people are being turned out of their homes, jobs are drying up, businesses are failing and all sorts of economic doom and gloom.

On February 27, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid told us,

“Our current economic downturn is hurting all Americans… We are asking for Republicans to work with us. Every day they delay is another day Americans continue to suffer; every day they stand in the way is another day Americans wonder if they will be able to stay in their homes.”

Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama said just today,
“We are not standing on the brink of recession because of forces beyond our control. This was not an inevitable part of the business cycle.”

Nearly every other Democrat has come out with some condemnation or warnings of the failure of our economy, suggesting and passing legislation to send out tax rebates to “stimulate the ‘stagnant’ economy.”

The price of gasoline is feared to exceed $4 a gallon as oil prices rise over $100 a barrel.

Food and staples are rising as well, keeping Americans from eating healthy.

We are told we can’t get sick because of rising medical costs and millions cannot afford health insurance.

In most news reports, all we hear is how bad off we are and how dire the situation for America is. We are led to believe the economy is nearly the worst it has ever been.

Yet, in the midst of all this doom and gloom and exceedingly bad news for America, somehow the Democrat party is able to draw in record amounts of donations far exceeding past performance and the opposing party.

One wonders if others in the Democrat party haven’t learned how to draw massive dollars out of minimum wage workers as well.

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