Saturday, February 16, 2008

Senator McCain, Meet The Democrats

Senator McCain, the presumptive GOP nominee for president in 2008, after 8 years of “reaching across the aisle,” undermining conservatives, is soon to see his efforts come to fruition as his new “friends” begin scuttling his presidential aspirations.

McCain, thought of as a “quasi-liberal maverick” by many on the right expressed in a 2005 interview that he “absolutely” wants to be president adding,

“because I think I’m qualified to help make the world a better place.”

Throughout the past eight years Senator McCain, presumably disappointed at losing the 2000 bid for the presidency to George W. Bush, showed his “qualifications for making the world a better place” often by abandoning his own party and crossing the aisle, at times initiating, to further the liberal Democrat agenda.

Now that Senator McCain has all but wrapped up the nomination, barring a catastrophe, the realization of his need to embrace conservatives, if he hopes to win in November has become apparent. His move to the right hasn’t gone unnoticed by those on the left who praised him earlier in the campaign.

If the Senator expected those he continually sided with against conservatives to give him a pass in the 2008 election, he is about to receive a very rude awakening as Democrats, emboldened by their sweeping win in 2006 and hoping for a repeat in 2008, not only to grab a stronger portion of Congressional power, but the White House too, have begun speaking out against the Senator too.

The very Liberal Huffington Post, brainchild of reformed conservative Arianna Huffington, has begun responding critically to Senator McCain’s campaign.

Liberal Assistant Professor and Author, Joseph A. Palermo penned a piece on February 14, 2008 titled, John McCain's "Character" and "Integrity" in which he acquaints us with his own disapprovals,

“In 2000, John McCain called the late Reverend Jerry Falwell and his ilk ‘agents of intolerance.’ In 2006, the ‘straight-talkin’ maverick’ lovingly embraced Rev. Falwell and delivered a touching commencement address to the graduating class at Falwell's ‘Liberty University.’”

“In 2004, when the ‘Swift Boat Veterans for Truth’ were in full slime mode against Senator John Kerry, smearing his war record as a Navy Lieutenant in Vietnam, the "war hero" and fellow Vietnam veteran John McCain did not come to Kerry's defense other than in the most understated and perfunctory manner.

I must inject here that the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth were a group of over 250 highly decorated Viet Nam Combat Veterans exercising their freedom to organize against a candidate they felt Unfit for Command due to their time served either with the candidate or his anti-war actions committed after an abbreviated tour and were comprised of members of all political persuasions and contrary to perceptions, were neither affiliated with the GOP as a group nor supported President Bush as a group.

Palermo finishes with,
“John McCain was too busy hugging and kissing George W. Bush to make an issue out of it. What does that tell us about the ‘hero's’ character and integrity?”

Ms. Huffington treats us to John McCain Sells His Soul to the Right: Backs Off on Torture Ban as she dubs McCain as,
“a Rove-embracing Bush clone, willing to jettison his principles in his hunger for the presidency.”

In an earlier article, End of a Romance: Why the Media and Independent Voters Need to Break Up with John McCain, Ms. Huffington tells us,
“the straight-shooting, let-the-chips-fall-where-they-may maverick - is no more. He's been replaced by a born-again Bushite willing to say or do anything to win the affection of his newfound object of desire, the radical right.”

If the Senator felt at one time his embracing the left on core issues was going to help propel him into the Oval Office this election, he is sadly mistaken. Little by little, as he is assured the nomination they desired for him to receive, they will be turning on him in favor of who they really wanted all along, a liberal Democrat to help wrest control of the nation into their Socialist hands. Senator McCain, you have been little more than a ‘useful idiot!’

From Politico, Jeanne Cummings informs us Gloves off: The Dem plan to hit McCain as she outlines the plan the Democrats probably will use to stomp McCain’s aspirations into the ground and propel the Democrat candidate into the White House.

Senator McCain made a “deal with the devil” and now the devil has come for his due. Perhaps the Senator will stand up to the left and tell them to just calm down a little bit, as he did to conservatives.

I doubt we will see either John Kerry or Hillary Clinton return the compliment to him that he paid them in the past when he said they would make “good presidents.”

Hang on Senator; you ‘ain’t seen nothing yet!’

UPDATE: Disgraced former Four Star General, Wesley Clark has joined in the condemnation of Senator McCain.
“If you don’t think John McCain is just as dangerous in the White House as George W. Bush, think again.”


Rightwingwacko said...

Don't worry, Ol Walnuts can flip-flop with the best of them. Whatever it takes.

LewWaters said...

As expected, wacko, you miss it entirely.

The point being, he pandered expecting a pass and as is the Democrat way, they will try to destroy him.

When you make a deal with the devil, the devil will return for his due.

Do you think for a minute all the Democrats he sided with won't speak against him, like he did for them in 2004?

It's really a lesson forothers who think they can deal with Democrats. You lay down with dogs and you will get fleas.

Rightwingwacko said...

Ol' Walnuts can take it, and he is so forgiving too:

"What Bush did to McCain in the 2000 S. C. primary"


Bush Waged Nasty Smear Campaign Against McCain in 2000
Bush Supporters Called McCain “The Fag Candidate.” In South Carolina, Bush supporters circulated church fliers that labeled McCain “the fag candidate.” Columnist Frank Rich noted that the fliers were distributed “even as Bush subtly reinforced that message by indicating he wouldn’t hire openly gay people for his administration.”

McCain Slurs Included Illegitimate Children, Homosexuality And A Drug-Addict Wife.

Among the rumors circulated against McCain in 2000 in South Carolina was that his adopted Bangladeshi daughter was actually black, that McCain was both gay and cheated on his wife, and that his wife Cindy was a drug addict.”

Bush Campaign Used Code Words to Question McCain’s Temper.
“A smear campaign of the ugliest sort is now coursing through the contest for the presidency in 2000. Using the code word "temper," a group of Senate Republicans, and at least some outriders of the George W. Bush campaign, are spreading the word that John McCain is unstable. The subtext, also suggested in this whispering campaign, is that he returned from 5 1/2 years as a POW in North Vietnam with a loose screw. And it is bruited about that he shouldn't be entrusted with nuclear weapons.”

Bush Supporters Questioned McCain’s Sanity.
“Some of George W. Bush's supporters have questioned Republican presidential candidate John McCain's fitness for the White House, suggesting that his five years as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam drove him insane at the time.”

Bush Supporters Spread Racist Rumors About McCain’s Daughter.
Bush supporters in South Carolina made race-baiting phone calls saying that McCain had a “black child.” The McCains’ daughter, Bridget, was adopted from Mother Teresa’s orphanage in Bangladesh. In August 2000, columnist Maureen Dowd wrote that the McCains “are still seething about Bush supporters in South Carolina spreading word of their dark-skinned adopted daughter.”

Rove Suggests Former POW McCain Committed Treason and Fathered Child With Black Prostitute.
In 2000, McCain operatives in SC accused Rove of spreading rumors against McCain, such as “suggestions that McCain had committed treason while a prisoner of war, and had fathered a child by a black prostitute,” according to the New Yorker.

After Rove Denied Role In McCain Whisper Campaign, Reporters Concluded He Was Behind It.
A December 1999 Dallas Morning News linked Rove to a series of campaign dirty tricks, including his College Republican efforts, allegedly starting a whisper campaign about Ann Richard being too gay-friendly, spreading stories about Jim Hightower’s involvement in a kickback scheme and leaking the educational history of Lena Guerrero. The article also outlined current dirty tricks and whisper campaigns against McCain in South Carolina, including that “McCain may be unstable as a result of being tortured while a prisoner of war in North Vietnam.” (DMN, 12/2/99) After the article was published, Rove blasted Slater in the Manchester, NH airport, “nose to nose” according to one witness, with Rove claiming Slater had “harmed his reputation,” Slater later noted. But according to one witness, “What was interesting then is that everyone on the campaign charter concluded that Rove was responsible for rumors about McCain.”

Rove Was In Close Touch With McConnell, McCain-Feingold’s Chief Opponent.
Senior White House adviser Karl Rove was in close contact with Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) during McConnell’s effort to fight the McCain-Feingold Campaign Finance Bill in the U.S. Senate. According to Newsweek, though Rove and Bush have publicly kept their distance from McConnell on the issue, “sources tell Newsweek that Rove is, in fact, in close touch with McConnell as GOP experts study the bill for hidden land mines.”

Bush Campaign Accused of Using Push Polls Against McCain.
College of Charleston student Suzette Latsko said she received a telephone call from a woman who identified herself as an employee of Voter/Consumer Research, and that the caller misrepresented McCain’s positions and asked if Latsko knew McCain had been reprimanded for interfering with federal regulators in the savings and loan scandal. Voter/Consumer Research is listed as a polling contractor on Bush’s Federal Election Commission filings; the Bush campaign has paid Voter/Consumer Research $93,000 through December 31, 1999. Bush spokesman Ari Fleischer denied the call was a push poll, but said it was important that the Republican Party remember McCain’s role in the S&L crisis.

Bush Campaign Acknowledged Making Phone Calls.
Tucker Eskew, Bush’s South Carolina spokesman, acknowledged the Bush campaign made such calls, but claimed they were not “push polls.” Eskew added, “Show me a baseless comment in those questions.”

Bush Used Fringe Veterans Group to Attack McCain as “Manchurian Candidate.”
“In the case of Ted Sampley, the same guy who did Bush's dirty work in going after Sen. John McCain in the 2000 Republican primaries is doing the job against Kerry this year. Sampley dared compare McCain, who spent five years as a Vietnam POW, with ‘the Manchurian Candidate.’”

Sampley Called McCain a “Coward” and a Traitor.
“Sampley… accused McCain of being a weak-minded coward who had escaped death by collaborating with the enemy. Sampley claimed that McCain had first been compromised by the Vietnamese, then recruited by the Soviets.”

LewWaters said...

Interesting, but dated DNC talking points, wacko.

And not one has anything to do with McCain wandering across the aisle to suck up to Democrats in hopes they would support him this time around.

The man screwed himself all around, wouldn't you say? He abandoned the core principles so many of us don't want him. Democrats, as usual, used him to further their communist goal, oops, I mean socialist, errrrr, liberal, nope, maybe "progressive" yeah, that's the ticket, "progressive" agenda and now they will try to destroy him.

Do you think Hillary or Kerry will state they feel he would be a good president, as he did them?

Have you got anything filed actually pertaining to the subject of this article? The BDS reservoir is so yesterday.

max factor said...

I agree with rush, McCain is not a GOP, HE IS A LIBERAL hijacking OUR CAUSE.
we need to fight those dems to the rnd, i am not sure if we need our guns, but...
all legislation needs to be Philly bustered or vetoed by the president.
our tax money should go to the poor health care, nor to kids school lunch. it's just a waste.
if a person is too lazy to work 2nd job it's his problem not ours.

max factor said...

OOPS, correction
our tax money should NOT go to the poor health care, nor to kids school lunch. it's just a waste.
if a person is too lazy to work 2nd job it's his problem not ours.

Right Truth said...

McCain misjudged the Liberals. They are only with him, when he's with them. McCain will have to compromise Conservative beliefs even further if he is elected. It's a shame, because Conservatives are doomed no matter who wins this election. Just my opinion.

Wesley Clark, pffffft. He doesn't carry much weight in my book and I'm not sure he carries much with the Liberals. But be sure they will USE his comments.

Rightwingwacko said...

Foley, Vitter, Craig, and now McCain. The Republican cup of family values overfloweth.

LewWaters said...

And Clinton and Gary Hart, not to mention the 'Swimmer' mean what, whacky?

Funny how it only matters when it's a Republican, eh?

BTW, what is the proof?

One thing the Slimes revealed is what I said in this article, they endorsed him to get the GOP to front the weakest candidate and America pays for it.

Shall I say, "I told you so?"

LewWaters said...

Then again too, Whacky, if the report is true, it just shows that McCain is more like a Democrat than a Republican anyway, as I have been saying for some time.

Rightwingwacko said...

If McCain had no relationship with the woman in question -- telecommunications lobbyist Vicki Iseman -- and was not in any way influenced by her, then he has been treated unfairly by The New York Times, which clearly has suggested that wrongdoing has occurred.

On the other hand, if McCain's carefully-worded denials of impropriety are attempts to deceive the American people about his wrongdoing -- not in his personal life but in his capacity as a senator who swore an oath to "well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office" -- then he is and should be finished politically.

Make no mistake, the shaping of public policies to satisfy a "friend" who is in the employ of an individual who will benefit from that manipulation is the classic example of a failure to "well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office."

And, make no further mistake, any violation of the oath ought to disqualify McCain from consideration for the presidency.

Who says?

John McCain.

When the Arizona senator voted in 1999 to convict Bill Clinton following the former president's impeachment, he said that he was doing so because he was "persuaded that the President has violated his oath of office."

"All of my life, I have been instructed never to swear an oath to my country in vain. In my former profession, those who violated their sworn oath were punished severely and considered outcasts from our society," McCain told the Senate in February, 1999. "I do not hold the President to the same standard that I hold military officers to. I hold him to a higher standard. Although I may admit to failures in my private life, I have at all times, and to the best of my ability, kept faith with every oath I have ever sworn to this country. I have known some men who kept that faith at the cost of their lives. I cannot -- not in deference to public opinion, or for political considerations, or for the sake of comity and friendship -- I cannot agree to expect less from the President."

McCain's statement on the Clinton impeachment provides an ideal standard for application in to the senator's current circumstance.

LewWaters said...

Well Whacky, both parties deny any impropieties. NO witnesses, just two former staffers who "thought" something might have been going on.

Pretty flimsy to be front page material, don't you think?

It also begs the question of where is their coverage of the guy from Chicago who is claiming he and Obama had a drugged homosexual fling in the past few years?

Neither account is credible in my estimation, but only makes news?

That's the New York Pravda Times, for you.

In case you haven't picked up on, son. I'm no fan of John McCain. IF he rceives my vote it will not be a vote for him but against the Democrat.

Trash McCain to your hearts delight, I don't care for him either.