Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Anti-War Group Takes Protest To The Senate

An anti-war group, dressed ‘ghostly’ disrupted Senate proceedings Wednesday resulting in their arrest and sparking a “tense exchange” between reporters and Capitol Police, as reporters were ushered out of the hallway while events were unfolding.

As public support for the War effort is rising, an anti-war group disrupted the Senate with their message as Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) was speaking during a budget debate.

Protesters, looking as ghostly as they could with what appeared to be cheesecloth over their faces and wearing black shirts that read, “We will not be silent,” began chanting, “The war is immoral! Stop funding the war!” over and over. One protester chanted, “Stop the dying.”

The group identified themselves as "National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance."

Capitol Police removed about 10 of the protesters, arresting them, after Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad (N.D.) asked the Sergeant of Arms to clear the disturbance.

A “tense exchange” ensued between Capitol Police and News Reporters as the Police ordered reporters to “clear the halls” where the protesters were being detained, preventing them from covering the event.

Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance Gainer appeared before the reporters as they complained about being barred from witnessing how police handled the protesters. Gainer said the episode “unfolded quick” and it was not the Senates intent to block the press from covering the arrests.

Gainer said the reporter’s complaints were “reasonable” and a “point well-taken,” adding, “To the extent we were imperfect, we will try to improve.”

Protesters, most likely upset due to their inability to sway public opinion more to their line of thinking and being met with ever increasing opposition from Veteran and Patriotic Groups, apparently believe taking their antics direct to the U.S. Senate will accomplish their goals.

Remaining unknown is how they gained entry into the Senate Gallery dressed as they were.

Undoubtedly, these middle-aged protesters “Support the Senate, but not the performance of their duties.”

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