Monday, March 17, 2008

Misleading Media Headlines Malign President, Again

The left’s hatred of the Bush administration is no secret. Our mainstream media lined up against him long ago and have shown utter disdain for anything positive in regards to Bush. Recent news headlines showed their hate continues.

We all saw the headlines last week, as our media lined up saying once again how Bush lied about Saddam’s Hussein’s ties to Al Qaeda. From the New York Times we saw, Study Finds No Qaeda Hussein Tie.

Fox News said, Pentagon Study of 600,000 Iraqi Documents Finds No Link Between Al Qaeda and Saddam Hussein.

McLatchy Newspapers reported, Exhaustive review finds no link between Saddam and al Qaida.

The Washington Post was a bit more benevolent with, Study Discounts Hussein, Al-Qaeda Link.

CNN treated us to, Hussein's Iraq and al Qaeda not linked, Pentagon says.

ABC declared, No link between Saddam and Al Qaeda: Pentagon.

And on it went, the media once again lining up to discredit President Bush and the Battle in Iraq. Knowing that the average reader rarely reads the entire article, slyly buried in nearly every article was something to the tune of, “Among other findings, the report said that Mr. Hussein’s government provided support to other regional and international terrorist operations.”

One newspaper, the New York Sun, seemed to be honest in their assessment when they published, Report Details Saddam’s Terrorist Ties, telling us early in the article, “The report, released this week by the Institute for Defense Analyses, says it found no "smoking gun" linking Iraq operationally to Al Qaeda. But it does say Saddam collaborated with known Al Qaeda affiliates and a wider constellation of Islamist terror groups.”

Once the declassified portion of the report was made public, The Weekly Standard’s Stephen Hayes wrote, Saddam's Dangerous Friends, What a Pentagon review of 600,000 Iraqi documents tells us, outlining extensive ties to terrorists and organizations loosely and directly affiliated with Al Qaeda and much more.

On page 15 of the summary, in the middle of one paragraph we read what the Bush hating media based their Headlines on, where it says, “This study found no "smoking gun" (i.e., direct connection) between Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda.”

Surrounding that lone sentence, though, is two paragraphs showing a different picture,

The Iraqi Perspectives Project (IPP) review of captured Iraqi documents uncovered strong evidence that links the regime of Saddam Hussein to regional and global terrorism. Despite their incompatible long-term goals, many terrorist movements and Saddam found a common enemy in the United States. At times these organizations worked together, trading access for capability. In the period after the 1991 Gulf War, the regime of Saddam Hussein supported a complex and increasingly disparate mix of pan-Arab revolutionary causes and emerging pan-Islamic radical movements. The relationship between Iraq and forces of pan-Arab socialism was well known and was in fact one of the defining qualities of the Ba'ath movement.

But the relationships between Iraq and the groups advocating radical pan-Islamic doctrines are much more complex. This study found no "smoking gun" (i.e., direct connection) between Saddam's Iraq and al Qaeda. Saddam's interest in, and support for, non-state actors was spread across a variety of revolutionary, liberation, nationalist, and Islamic terrorist organizations. Some in the regime recognized the potential high internal and external costs of maintaining relationships with radical Islamic groups, yet they concluded that in some cases, the benefits of association outweighed the risks. A review of available Iraqi documents indicated the following:

Here the study outlined several links to terrorists and terror organizations either directly working with Al Qaeda or indirectly supporting Al Qaeda. Page 54 says,
When attacking Western interests, the competitive terror cartel came into play, particularly in the late 1990s. Captured documents reveal that the regime was willing to co-opt or support organizations it knew to be part of al Qaeda-as long as that organization's near-term goals supported Saddam's longterm vision.”

Page 62 of the report reveals,
Saddam’s interest in, and support for, non-Iraqi non-state actors was spread across a wide variety of revolutionary, liberation, nationalist, and Islamic terrorist organizations. For years, Saddam maintained training camps for foreign 'fighters' drawn from these diverse groups. In some cases, particularly for Palestinians, Saddam was also a strong financial supporter. Saddam supported groups that either associated directly with al Qaeda (such as the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, led at one time by bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri) or that generally shared al Qaeda's stated goals and objectives.”

Clearly, President Bush and members of his administration did not lie and after the horrific attacks of September 11, 2001, it would have been utterly irresponsible to have ignored the possibility of those ties to terrorists resulting in terrorists obtaining what the entire world reported Saddam held.

Most distressing and despicable, in this writer’s opinion, is the irresponsible reporting of events and findings as this by our media in their effort to undermine a sitting president and a successful execution of a very necessary battle against terror in Iraq or elsewhere.

Puzzling is why the Bush administration remains mum as these misleading headlines are spread and many citizens buy in to them. As Stephen Hayes said, “What good is the truth if nobody knows it?”

As imperfect as he is and in spite of mistakes made, he deserves credit for finally facing up to terrorists and tackling them head-on, instead of assuming they'll just stop. It cannot be forgotten that ever since we were blind-sided that early September morning, terrorists have not succeeded in attacking American again.

Former enemies have stated that the discord they saw within the country is what led them to hang on and wear American will down to defeat America and spread communism. Today’s enemy sees that same discord once again and realizes all they need do is continue inflicting American casualties to wear down public opinion and win, enslaving Iraqi’s and Afghani’s in something much worse that communism, that will spread to our shores again.

Our Troops fighting over there to give Middle Eastern Muslims a chance to form a free society and to keep terrorists from our shores deserve better then to have our media supporting our enemies, either directly or indirectly.


Ben said...

Muslims can never obtain liberty while they remain Muslims. Islam is slavery to Allah. Shrub's strategic objective is the Acme of cognitive dissonance.

No form of government will stop Muslims from engaging in terror campaigns. Terror campaigns are an intrinsic function of Islam.

To understand that fact, one needs to read 2:216, 8:12, 8:39, 8:60, 8:67, 9:29, 33:26-27 & 59:2. Those too lazy to read the Qur'an will never understand the motivation behind terrorism.

To Islam, we are rebels against Allah, to be punished with torment in this world and the next. Punishing us in this world is their hope of escaping Hellfire and earning admission to the celestial bordello.

It makes no difference if they are governed by a King, prince, Potentate, Caliph or Majlis. If they are Muslims, and they have sufficient men and material, they will engage in aggression. There is no other possibility.

Solving the problem of Islamic aggression requires the elimination of Islam. Nothing less will suffice. Shrub can not accept that objective factual reality. As a result, he is wasting blood and treasure.

LewWaters said...

Sorry Ben, but this has nothing to do with the religion of Islam.

I understand the fear of Islam, given over 30 years of terrorist attacks, but I remind you that thousands of Muslims have joined our side in fighting terrorists.

Islam comprises one fifth of the world's population, you will not eleminate them.

As for the Qur'an, I own a copy and have had one for several years. I've also corresponded with Islamic Scholars for clarification of some passages. I do not rely on a Baptist to explain the beliefs of a Catholic any more than those who fear and hate Islam to explain the Qur'an.

Many claims made against Muslims can be also found within our own Bibles and miscontrued easily by those who don't understand our Bible. I won't quote them for you at this time, but will if need be.

I'll simply close by saying, we are currently asking and encouraging Muslims worldwide to take a stand aganst radical Jihadists. How do we accomplish that when many among us advocate their elemination, just as the terrorists claim we endeavor to do?

We aren't in this fight alone and only a Muslim can blend in with radical Jihadists to discover their plans. And, for that they should receive disdain?

Susan Duclos said...

Excellent presentation.

LewWaters said...

Thank you, Ma'am

Rightwingwacko said...

Makes one wonder why the administration attempted to suppress the Pentagon report.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

Good job!

LewWaters said...

Makes one wonder why the administration attempted to suppress the Pentagon report.

Makes one wonder why ignorant moonbats completely ignore plain english.

Rightwingwacko said...

Well, at least you were not disingenuous enough to deny that the Bush Administration attempted to support the report. On the other hand you did not explain why there was such an attempt.

Rightwingwacko said...

suppress not support

LewWaters said...

And you, wacky, didn't show where he did try to suppress it.

Rightwingwacko said...

Be sure to watch Frontline - Bush's War on PBS Monday and Tuesday nights at 9:00 pm.

LewWaters said...

LOL, wacky. Misleading headlines to misleading TV?

I still have that ocean front property in Oklahoma to sell you, son.

Rightwingwacko said...

Just watch the program. Then you may comment or critique. But sticking your head in the sand is the type of thinking that got us in our current predicament. 4,000 and counting with no end in sight.

LewWaters said...

You really need to wake up, son. PBS is as far left as they come, but you know that.

Every investigation they have held has said Bush did not lie. At worst, he was lied to.

Hate to tell you, but even PBS admit's this "documentary" is heavily based on previously broadcast propaganda.

I wonder if they will cover Germany's involvement in the pre-war intelligence, this time?

You really need to get out more, wacky. Your brain seems to be atrophying.

But, hang on to your BDS and hate and old news that has been disproven several times.

Rightwingsnarkle said...

"PBS is as far left as they come..."

Still seeing those boogeymen under your bed, old man?

LewWaters said...


That is he funniest thng I've ever read from one of you moonbats.

Uh, son, you boys and girls been seeing and crying about the proverbial "boogyman" for a bit over 7 years now!!!!!!!!!!

Seek help.

Rightwingwacko said...

Why watch Frontline when you can spend the valuable time looking for WMDs.

LewWaters said...

Why read exhaustive reports when you can always fall back on your BDS?

You really should read the report, wacky, not the headlines of fellow BDS infected moonbat liberal media.