Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The McCain Girls Again

Some think they are an Operation Chaos in Reverse.

Are they serious? Here is one's answer to criticism on You Tube (WARNING) Strong language


klatu said...

Personally I don't think these AAAAAAAAAA Woman are really for
John McCain and they definitely can't sing. Liberal Woman pretending to be conservative? Hmmmmmmmm

PS: I dought they'll be invited to the RNC Convention this year to sing. I wonder if anyone (FOXNEWS) has bothered to check out the political background of these Woman like the Obama girl was checked out.

LewWaters said...

I haven't found anything on them as of yet. But, it does raise the question of why they aren't being vetted like others were.

Hey wacky, got any good conspiracy theories for us on this?

u∃∃l!∃ said...

well Klatu,
again we agree on something.
They can't sing.

There first one was better, and enough for a slight laugh.

If anything they will help McCain, in the area of name recognition (nothing else).

klatu said...

Is this a Republican promotion clip for McCain or a Democrat parody against McCain?
I think the Democrat in them is starting to be very tranparent.

PS: Lew you should probably put this over on Victoria's site again.

klatu said...

These McCain Girls or should we call them "Democrat Girls"seems to be a production of 23/6 comedy site in conjunction
with HuffingtonPost you know the vile Liberal website.
If so whats there intentions? Of Course its fairly obvious

PS: I wonder if John McCain will denounce these vile untalented girls also!

PPS: Maybe some real Republican Woman who can really
Sing should take over the McCain girls. Maybe McCains
Daughter could lead the Group.

LewWaters said...

Interesting, Klatu.

Anything associated with Ariana Huffington is obviously leftist motivated.