Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Washington Governors Poll

KIROTV has a poll up on who we prefer for the next governor of Washington.

Washington residents, stop by and vote, if you like.


As of 12:30 AM April 8 2008;

Which candidate for Washington governor do you support in 2008?
Choice Votes Percentage of 2671 Votes
Gregoire 610 23%
Rossi 2039 76%
Not sure 22 1%


klatu said...

Lew online Polls can be rigged, check this out
by cutting the cookies out. Its nice to see Dino in the lead though.
This type of fraud is why I've been
against Vote by Mail in Oregon from the start let alone voting online for real.

LewWaters said...

Klatu, I never trust online polls as accurate or scientific. In fact, I don't trust polls generally since we rarely know the circumstances and localities targeted.

But this one seemed more fun than anything and considering where it is located, King County, made it even interesting.

The only poll that will really count will be election day, provided she and the Democrats don't steal another one.

The Gentle Cricket said...

Maybe this time Gregoire won't steal it.

LewWaters said...

As blatant as it was last time, Cricket, I put nothing past them.

Even the majority of Democrat voters wanted a re-vote and didn't get one.