Saturday, May 31, 2008

Democrats Losing the White Female Vote?

At least this one older lady says so.

Seems no matter which way a Democrat turns today, they are either a Racist or a Sexist if they aren't behind the one othr Democrats feel they should be.

Too bad the GOP isn't running a decent candidate to take advantage of this 'melt-down.'

UPDATE: Adding insult to injury, the Obama camp is making overtures to politely give Hillary the Boot!


The Gentle Cricket said...

Funny how identity politics can be such a fickle, double-edged sword. I couldn't help but notice that several months ago when there were still several GOP candidates and several democratic candidates, the exit polling was broken down in much different contexts between the two sides. For the GOP, cable news would discuss who won the "national security vote" and who won the "economics vote" other words, they were analyzing who voted for whom based on issues. For the democrats, it was all about who won the latino vote, or who won the middle-aged white female vote...with little regard to the stance of the candidates.

LewWaters said...

Hi Cricket, good to see you again. Hope all is well.

I find it a very interesting dilemma the Democrats have placed themselves in. If you support Hillary over Obama, you are a racist. If you support Obama over Hillary, then you are a sexist.

Isn't it he Democrats who always complain about others falling into those categories?

Geraldine Ferraro and Harriet Christian both have found out the game being played to propel an unqualified and inexperienced man into the Oval Office.

I'm loving sitting back and watching this go on.