Monday, May 05, 2008

John McCain For President, But Of What Country?

John McCain, “Inconformista Senador Republicano” from Arizona, co-author of the Kennedy-McCain Amnesty Act for Illegal Immigrants and continual thorn in the side of Conservative Republicans and President Bush, apparently has decided his campaign for the election must rely on Hispanics, further abandoning the conservative base that has kept him in elected office.

It was in February 2008 that señor McCain received the coveted endorsement of La Opinión over other qualified conservative candidates. La Opinión is said to be the largest Spanish language newspaper in the United States.

Cited in their endorsement of the Senador was, “Over the course of his career he has demonstrated a deep understanding of the immigration issue and a desire to provide comprehensive immigration reform.” Left out of the endorsement was the word ILLEGAL, the ones who violate our immigration laws to get here and work for less and enjoy the entitlement programs paid for by hard working American Citizens.

It was early in the campaign that señor McCain claimed ILLEGALS were doing the work no American would do and offering $50 an hour to pick lettuce in Arizona claiming Americans cannot do it. One person in the audience accepted the Senador’s challenge, eliciting the reply from señor McCain, “You can’t do it, my friends.”

Public outcry was such that the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty Bill was defeated.

While the Senador has moved slightly away from his pro-ILLEGAL immigrant stance and claims he desires to enforce our borders, he was mum when questioned on the Border Fence, proposed by San Diego Representative, Duncan Hunter, even though he voted for the fence when the bill came to the Senate.

Miguel Perez, in an Op Ed for Creators Syndicate, McCain Empowers Latinos, tells us,

Only McCain, with his admirable posture in support of tolerance for diversity and compassion for illegal immigrants, could win a significant portion of the Hispanic vote…”

He continues,
Mind you, even McCain has hardened his position on illegal immigration. He says he now recognizes that the American public wants the borders secured before we grant some kind of legalization plan to the noncriminal illegal immigrants who are already here.”

In all due candor Mr. Perez, if they are here ILLEGALLY, they are criminals. Maybe not violent criminals, but criminals in violation of standing law! The American public does not want the borders secured before granting ILLEGALS some kind of legalization. We want our laws respected and adhered to!

McCain, seemingly now more interested in pandering to Hispanics than to conservatives, who he seems to enjoy alienating, has further eroded possible conservative support by launching a new web site in Spanish.

The site launch seems coordinated with Cinco De Mayo, a celebration of an important moment in the history of Mexico's path to freedom, celebrated only regionally in Mexico, in the state of Puebla, but widely celebrated in America by Hispanics and non-Hispanics alike. Some mistakenly believe it to be Mexico’s Independence Day, but it actually commemorates a battle with the French in 1862.

Juan McCain has also scheduled to speak before La Raza, a liberal Hispanic group comprised of several smaller groups, most notably MECha, a group not only advocating open borders, but the return of the bulk of the Southwestern United States to Mexico, claiming it was “stolen,” when it fact it was legally ceded to the U.S. and paid for under the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo in 1848.

Chanting Reconquista, members of MECha wish to ‘rebuild’ the mythical land of Aztlan.

This is whom Senador Juan McCain will be cozying up to in July, trying to get their support while writing off America conservatives who have reelected him in the past.

Let it be said here that I have no problem with Hispanics or any people of other lands. If they desire to immigrate to America, I’m all with them, so long as they do it LEGALLY, as so many others have over the history of our nation and immigration laws.

In this three stooges episode of a campaign, we are looking at three candidates, one of whom will be our next president. None of the three seem prepared to protect America, but instead are pandering to special interest groups.

Senators Obama and Clinton seem prepared to transform America into a socialist mecca. Senador Juan McCain seems prepared to have us annexed by Mexico.

God help us.

UPDATE: If we are to believe The Hill, señor McCain is Courting the Right Wing. According to the article, unnamed "Right-wing leaders" "are working on a list of demands to pin him down on choosing judges with a conservative philosophy."

Connie Mackey, vice president of Family Research Council Action Fund said, “That is the one issue where conservatives could hold their nose and get behind his candidacy.”

No mention throughout the article of his embracing ILLEGAL immigrants and weak stance on curbing and dealing with the millions of ILLEGALS in the country today.

Our alleged "leaders" may embrace McCain, but he has yet to reach down to the common conservative voter.

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