Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Oregon's Own "Impeach Team"

Combining the style of a Ghostbusters commercial with the look and sound of a Three Stooges comedy short, three long shot first time leftist congressional candidates have pooled resources to become “the Impeach Team,” to urge impeaching the president.

Looking more like warmed over hippies who haven’t had a cause since they engaged in wholesale bashing of American Troops and badmouthing their country during Viet Nam, the three candidates, Mark Welyczko, Joe Walsh and Nancy Moran, have set up a mutual website asking their districts to “put them in the impeachment column to support H.Res 799 to impeach Dick Cheney, and to support Wexler's call for impeachment hearings.”

Labeling their little bevy the Impeach Team, showing their complete ignorance in regards history, our constitution and common sense, the three claim, “Cheney is instigating Bush’s ‘abuse of signing statement’s,’ Bush has literally declared himself above any law and the retirement of Admiral Fallon shows invading Iran to be ‘imminent.’

None of the three has an ounce of political experience between them.

Mark Welyczko, 53, seems to feel suited to “counter the Administration’s assault on our constitution” due to extensive background in tractor-trailer driving and other blue collar work. Notable in his platform, “we need to stop funding the occupation and start funding the return of our Troops to their families.”

Mr. Welyczko claims no Military or other government experience, but does claim studying Criminal Justice ……… in High School.

Joe Walsh, 66, claims 9 years experience in the U.S. Navy, filed as an objector to the Vietnam War in 1970, and released with an Honorable Discharge in 1971. He boasts of extensive experience in “activism” since “the appointed President took power by the decision of the Supreme Court.”

Other notable experience for Mr. Walsh, “protesting in front of Rep. [Earl] Blumenauer’s office for over six months, expect to continue until he calls for the investigation and indictment of both Dick Cheney and GW Bush or they leave office in Jan 09.”

Nancy Moran, 67, claims Social Work, Conservatorship and Disability from a severe car accident. Additionally, she claims “fascination with Politics.” Admitting a dislike for former Democrat President Lyndon B. Johnson and elation when he announced he would not run for a second term, she adds, “I wish Bush would do that--I know his term is almost up, or is it?”

In a display of impeccable insight, she tells us, “All these years I've been talking to anyone and everyone about what I could see happening but though people seem interested they have seemed to become more and more disinterested as the years have gone by, culminating in what we have now; the two biggest criminals ever to walk the earth in the top two political positions on earth sending our young people off to divert us by being hideously maimed and murdered while they steal the last drop of oil in Iraq,” after telling us she could foresee Bush canceling the election to keep himself in office …… after invading Iran.

Maybe there is a reason she sounds slightly pixilated in their commercial.

Does it not occur to these leftists that they are not in office and if they did win, by some miracle, they wouldn’t be in office until the current administration was gone? Do they even realize what impeachment is? Or, is this one more case of “get Bush” because they “got Clinton?”

Do they even realize the House passing Articles of Impeachment doesn’t remove one from office? As in the case of President Clinton, the Senate must conduct a trial on those articles with a two-thirds majority of those present voting for conviction to eject the sitting President from Office.

Throughout our history, the House has impeached only two Presidents and neither was convicted in the Senate, both finishing their terms in office.

In many cases, impeachment calls and proceedings have blended the lines between “political animosity” and actual impeachable crimes, which this all the appearance of being. What leftists like these three, Oregon having no shortage of them, continue to deny, is that George W. Bush really did win the 2000 election in Florida, legally and legitimately and would have without the Supreme Court stepping in to keep the Florida Supreme Court from changing election rules in midstream to benefit Democrat Al Gore.

None of that matters now anyways since the administration has just month’s left in office and facing a hostile House and Senate, meet opposition on just about everything.

It will come as no surprise that not one of these three will win in November. However, for a mere $100.00 donation to keep their comedic radio ad going, you too can receive a $2.50 baseball cap bearing the patch “IMPEACH BOTH,” undoubtedly to be worn by these three and others during the January 20, 2009 inauguration of the next President, where they may be seen waving their signs of “Hurry, Impeach Before They Leave The Stage.”


Pogue Mahogue said...

Joe Walsh: Born in Brooklyn NY, spent his working life in Long Beach, CA, found his way to Portland.

Nancy Moran: Born, raised and spent her working life in San Diego, found her way to Portland.

Mark Welyczko: Raised in Clifton Park, NY, attended college in CO, found his way to Portland.

Pogue Mahogue: Born, raised and worked in Portland his entire life except for a 4 year hiatus with USMC (1965-69), cannot wait to escape this now fetid, festering liberal swamp.

LewWaters said...

You're always welcome to cross theriver and come to Vancouver, Pogue. We aren't quite as looney as Portland is ...... yet.

Pogue Mahogue said...

Thanks for the invite, Lew. When the move happens, though, it'll be about 90 miles to the east, where it's higher, drier and much more sane. I've already acquired property there and that's where I'll be establishing my final line of resistance against the hippie hordes.

LewWaters said...

If I wasn't carrying a mortgage here and didn't have grandsons here, I might be tempted to join you.

We do get some of the overspill of the loons from Portland.

I'm originally from South Florida, lived a few years in Central Florida and saw what they did to that once sleepy Southern State. I doubt I'll even visit it again.