Monday, June 30, 2008

Obama or McCain? Does it Really Matter?

Columnist Dennis Prager has tried to lay a guilt trip on conservatives with "However noble their intentions, conservatives who do not vote for John McCain will be morally complicit in what happens to America during an Obama presidency," in his latest article, "Why I Support John McCain."

That is not how to gain support for a flawed candidate.

Weighing the two candidates, neither is worth a damn and both will be damaging to America and the fight against terror.

However, while we are arguing between Obama and McCain and laying guilt trips on conservatives who can't stand either, the Democrats are craftily laying plans to gain the super majority in Congress. Should that happen because all of the attention is on these two jokers, it won't matter a tinkers damn which one gets in, the Democrats Socialist agenda will have carte blanche.

If McCain wins and gets some spine, anything he vetoes will be easily over ridden. If Obama wins, they will easily push their Socialism down our throats and should the GOP find a spine to filibuster, they will easily over ride that with the super majority.

Judicial nominees McCain might nominate will be easily denied, unless we stop the Democrats move to control the House and Senate with a Super Majority.

From emails received at my throw away address and I still have, we read;

John Kerry, June 30, 2008: Show the cynics they're dead wrong and turn these red states blue by electing Democratic Senators.

These are once in a lifetime races - incredible Democratic candidates in red states where voters are ready to punish the Roadblock Republicans for record gas prices, our planet in peril, our foreign policy in shambles, government corruption, corporate abuse and an economy that's unfair.

Elect these candidates and we get to 60 Democrats in the Senate -- and bury the politics of Bush, Cheney, Rove, and McCain and make a fresh start for our country.

John Kerry, June 26, 2008: Let me cut to the chase: If you want anything big to happen after January, you need to give President Barack Obama a big progressive majority. Period.

In my lifetime, there's only been one moment of truly progressive legislating - and it came in the 1960's. We've had great Democratic Presidents before and after those years - so why didn't we have comparable burst of major, dramatic legislative progress?

It's no secret - it's because it takes a President with big majorities in the Congress. Especially in the Senate where the truth is it takes 60 votes to do anything controversial. And it will take more progressive Democrats to fix the result of years of Republican assaults on our fundamental freedoms, our environment, and our workers.

Wesley Clark, June 26, 2008: America is at a critical crossroads. And, your decision to act today will make a difference in which way our country is headed.

I know that you and I want true progress for our country...and together this November we will finally have a chance to drive change forward by putting a Democrat in the White House and a strong Democratic Majority in Congress. But, we must act now. Elections can't be won today but they can be lost.

Al Gore, June 24, 2008: The coming elections are shaping up as a historic opportunity to reshape the future of our democracy. Each of us has a personal responsibility to help advance Democratic campaigns that do justice to our exceptional candidates and to the unbelievably high stakes in this election.

If our candidates are successful, we will have leaders who will no longer trade in fear and failure...who will fight for real action on the climate crisis and achieve progress on health care and jobs. If we want to deliver on the promise of these elections, we have to not only put a Democrat in the White House but we must also win congressional victories that will strengthen our hand as we unite to drive change forward.

The DCCC is working hand-in-hand with candidates and campaign managers in dozens of tough, hard-fought House races in every corner of the nation. The stakes are high.
30 GOP House members have decided to retire rather than try to defend their record of support for failures and incompetence of the Bush administration. Democrats running to convert those open seats are counting on you and the DCCC to pull them through to victory.

In dozens of other districts, Democrats who won narrow victories in 2006 have been targeted for defeat by the GOP political machine. Those candidates need you and the DCCC to make sure they aren't overwhelmed by the "do anything, say anything" tactics of the Republican operatives.

Republican groups and their "independent" supporters are planning to go after our candidates with over $300 million dollars in attack ads. But, with your help, the DCCC won't let a single Democratic candidate stand alone against unscrupulous attacks.

Rahm Emanual, May 31, 2008: This week, an explosive new book from former Bush mouthpiece Scott McClellan blows the doors off of the Bush Administration's campaign of lies, propaganda, and manipulation in selling the Iraq war. This chilling admission from someone on the inside gives us another reminder of why we need to sweep Republicans clear out of Washington this year.

Our Democratic National Convention in August is when we'll rally our whole party in the cause of putting a Democrat in the White House and creating a larger Democratic Majority in Congress. We need the most committed Democrats like you in Denver to show how hard we're fighting to make 2008 a year for the Republicans to forget.

John Edwards, May 30, 2008: Victories in 2008 can put in place strong Democratic leaders who will help end the war, achieve universal health care, challenge poverty, and reduce global warming. By strengthening our hold on Congress, we can take away the ability that special interests still have to throw obstacles in the path of progress.
And in order to seize this historic opportunity, I'm asking you to step forward again and stand with our strong Democratic candidates so we can celebrate Democratic victories together.

Paul Begala, May 29, 2008: I'll tell you this right out of the box. We're gonna have more fun than Rush Limbaugh in an all-night pharmacy!

When we Democrats meet at the Democratic Convention in Denver, it will be a gathering of thousands of activists, just itching for change. And believe me, we're going to put the party back into the Democratic Party.

A week later, when the GOP diehards lumber out of their limos in Minneapolis, they're not going to be in such a good mood. Oh, they'll try to fake it. Republicans are experts at faking it. But, honestly, is there anything more pathetic than thousands of Republicans pretending to have fun?
Most of them would rather be quail hunting with Dick Cheney than pretending the Grand Oil Party can win in 2008.

Nancy Pelosi, March 28, 2008: Here's what you and I can't let happen. We can't allow the tension and pressures of a spirited Presidential contest to spill over and harm hard-working Democratic candidates running to strengthen our Democratic majority in the House.

I will do whatever it takes to protect our candidates and make sure their campaigns to drive change forward don't skip a beat.

She or he will lead our energized and united Democratic Party in the larger fight against John McCain, and his plan for 100 more years of war in Iraq. Now is the time to capitalize on the excitement that is sweeping the nation to ensure that our next President has a strong Democratic majority in the House to work with as we undo the damage from President Bush's failed economic policies.

These have been coming in to my Yahoo account almost daily since 2006. Clearly they are motivated for a take over of the government and like seeing us distracted over the presidential race. The presidency is a write off. It isn't going to matter which one gets in, if we are so wrapped up in the contest between Obama and McCain and the Dems get their super majority.

It would be far wiser to pay more attention to and fight to keep and get conservatives in the House and Senate and stop the Democrat takeover of the real power in government, Congress!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Forcing You Out of Your Car

Yes that is right! Mayor Tom Potter of Portland Oregon was interviewed by Bob Miller of KPAM 860 talk radio. The I-5 bridge from Vancouver to Oregon needs to be replaced, it is just to narrow and too old. Looks like the only way to get a new bridge comes with a huge price to pay. Seems like bringing in a new bridge will be a package deal, it will come with light rail, like it or not.

I have linked to the interview (06/25/08 - Mayor Potter endorses new I-5 bridge, about 8 1/2 minutes in) where the mayor of Portland actually tells Bob that to bring light rail is a way to force us out of our cars and into Public Transportation. I could not believe what I had just heard, and apparently Bob felt the same way, and had to ask him again.

Not to mention it will open up a huge city to our small town of Vancouver, along with it's crime rate and nonchalant attitude of bicycling in front of moving autos.

I have paid quite a bit of money to park there when I work; I have gotten parking fines for parking in the wrong places. There is no parking in downtown Portland, and it is hard to navigate to a jobsite with so many bicycles that don't respect the laws of the road.

I have made my decision to boycott downtown Portland, if they want someone to do my work, look to one of their own. I don't want to have to deal with that greedy communist city, all it's fines and parking lots, where they want to force people to do what they want. Sounds like the Taliban in disguise.

Every time I have to travel there, I tell my husband it seems as though I have entered into another country that is removed from America.

I say let’s force Tom Potter out of his stretch limo or provided SUV, and force him to walk the streets or ride a bicycle for more than just photo ops.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

A New Direction For America?

They promised us a "New Direction" when elected in 2006 and Americans fell for it. Democrats control both the House and Senate and gas prices dramatically increased. Consumer confidence plummeted. The stock market gains ceased. Unemployment began climbing.

Now, we will be required to only use CFLB (Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs) in the future as part of their "Energy Bill" supposedly benefitting us.

Do we need this type of Socialist Control over our lives? Can you not see the "New Direction" promised was just a return to the Socialist programs that doomed Russia and the failed Soviet Union?

You can bet your bottom dollar that Obama's "Change You Can Believe In" is just more Socialist/Marxist drivel.

Wake up, America, if you desire to remain "The Land Of The Free."

Friday, June 20, 2008

Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth Formally Disband.

Early in the 2004 presidential campaign, a group of over 250 Combat Tested and Highly Decorated Viet Nam Veterans banded together with one goal in mind, stop one of their own from ever attaining the highest office in the land.

Initially ignored as a mere nuisance, the group persevered and their words of betrayal by Senator John F. Kerry upon his return from a short 4 month tour in Viet Nam, versus the more regular 12 month or longer, began to spread.

Other Veterans of Viet Nam and other conflicts began to hear of the groups words and migrated to their website and discussion forum. We either recalled when Senator Kerry threw every Viet Nam Veteran under the bus with his outrageous lies of our conduct and actions, or were just learning who the lieutenant we had heard of doing this actually was, and now, he wanted our support for the highest office in the land.

As the group’s popularity grew and more and more Americans took notice of them, the slander by the left and the Kerry campaign began and continue down to this day. Charges were leveled and ignored by the campaign as he enlisted his minions to attack the guys any way they could, save physically.

They were slandered as a GOP Front Group. Senator John McCain, now seeking the presidency, called their ads “dishonest and despicable.” President Bush called upon all such groups to cease. Still, the small band of Veterans pursued their goals, spreading the truth about John Kerry and his traitorous conduct after a scant 4 months in Viet Nam.

John O’Neill, the group’s spokesman and a Democrat up until this election, was shouted down in TV appearances and called “LIAR” continually by outraged liberals who could not refute or discuss the charges made by the Veterans.

Ted Kopel, of Nightline, even went so far as to travel to Viet Nam and interview former Viet Cong and Communist North Vietnamese to dispute American Veterans charging a political opportunist with his treasonous and treacherous activities.

The group was shortly joined by a group of former American Prisoners of War, held many years by the North Vietnamese Communists and who recalled hearing John Kerry’s words being used against them by their captors, in an effort to break their will and join the Communists in condemning American Soldiers fighting for the Vietnamese People in South Viet Nam. Two of that group were awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for their heroism, the highest Military Award in the United States Military.

They too were not saved from the wrath of the leftist supporting Democrats and Kerry.

Still, the small group kept on and received donations from all over the country, large and small. Donations from wealthier Republicans brought charges of a “Republican funded hate group” by leftists as they ignored the massive donations made to leftist groups in support of the Democrats and Kerry, such as

In the end, the groups efforts paid off as Kerry’s lies caught up with him and enough questions were asked and went unanswered to convince American voters that Kerry was indeed, “Unfit For Command” and voters rejected him.

Stung by a true grassroots campaign of ordinary American Veterans, the slander and lies against the group continued. Kerry made excuses and his supporters adopted the mantra that all of the charges made by the Swift Boat veterans and POWS for Truth were “disproved,” never offering any substantiation of their claims.

To counter any future efforts by the group, they coined the term “Swiftboating” to indicate unfair charges and lies against their cronies, when if factually defined means, "Exposing the lies, deceit and fraud of self-glorifying public officials or candidates for public office who exaggerate their military service by lying about feats of heroism or combat wounds." They cry about how wrong it is and was to “slander” a “war hero” like Kerry, totally ignoring that their every word slandered hundreds of Honorable and Decorated Veterans whose only goal was to get Americans the Truth.

Some paid dearly by losing their jobs and facing charges. Harassment lawsuits were filed by friends of Kerry, he keeping his distance so as to make it look impersonal, when it was obvious he was directing their moves. Once requests for made for deposing these friends under oath were filed, charges were dropped, but not after running up legal fees against the group.

Democrats even went so far as to file charges against them with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) for wrongfully registering as a 527 group instead of a Political Committee, the group and the FEC settling the issue with a fine, which also included other groups like and the League of Conservation Voters.

The leftist Democrats have feared the group since they succeeded in 2004, even though they ‘stood down’ right after the elections that year. Veterans speaking out against Senator John McCain’s candidacy brought comments of the Swift Boat Veterans regrouping to attack Veterans from Democrats, when we veterans already know today’s Democrats do not honor veterans, just pander to us and treat us as victims.

Fear not, dear leftists, the Swifties have not regrouped at all, their sole job of keeping Kerry from attaining the presidency finished. They maintained a loose affiliation in case Kerry made another run, but since he hasn’t and there is no chance he will run this season, they have officially disbanded as a group.

A couple weeks ago the following silently appeared on their “latest news” section of the web site;

June 1, 2008 -- Swift Vets and POWs for Truth has formally disbanded and ceased all operations as of May 31, 2008. will continue to be maintained for historical purposes only by New American Media Online Services (NAMOS).

The group may have disbanded and ceased all operations, but they left a good lesson for all America. Common people can stand up to the power elite and make change, or defeat unfit candidates who have the favor of the media.

I have been disheartened many times as people call on the Swifties to regroup and take a stand, when it is they who should be taking the stand along with their friends. The Swifties were just common ordinary men who performed their duty in Viet Nam and when America was threatened by one of their number, even if a brief member, stood up and once again performed their duty with dignity and honor, in spite of the slander leveled against them.

They showed us that we the people do count. We can stand together and stop the liberal socialist takeover of America, but we have to commit ourselves and be subjected to the left’s hatred in return.

Still, Freedom is not Free, never has been. It costs and if we want it, we need to be prepared to pay the price.

Conservative Americans, Moderate Democrats, we outnumber the socialist left and can oppose and defeat them, if only we take a stand. We cannot look to others to do it for us any longer.

Our freedoms and liberties are at stake. President Bush, as disappointing as he may have been, isn’t the problem; the left is, as they waste our tax dollars on senseless investigations on settled and known matters. As they convince many that bans on legal conduct and restrictive punitive laws for the “good of all,” as they pervert the traditional meaning of marriage of one man, one woman, as they restrict what values we may teach our own children and as they continue disarming us, our freedoms and liberties are slowly sliding away, as their power and riches grow.

Take a stand, America. Oppose liberal socialism and reinstate conservatism. Don’t buy into the feel good lies they speak to you.

Your own fragile freedoms are at stake.

The Swift Boat Veterans and POWs for Truth gave us an excellent example of how we can persevere. Let’s not waste it.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

American Arrested for Protesting Illegal Alien Activity

Portland, Oregon, possibly vying to be the most liberal city on the west coast, recently set up a day labor site for American employers to come and hire Illegal Immigrants looking for work (here and here)

The site opened for “business” Monday, June 16, 2008, with little initial interest from local employers, shy of possible media exposure.

The second day brought a little interest and a local man protesting the city of Portland encouraging Illegal Activity within city limits. He called the Victoria Taft Radio Program this evening to report that for sitting on the curb in the driveway, holding a sign simply saying “NO,” he was arrested and charged with “Disorderly Conduct.”

Photos and links to more info may be found at Victoria Taft (no audio of caller) and The Oregonian.

UPDATE 1: KATU TV 2 has picked up the story along with photo and video report Lone protestor arrested at day labor center. Compare this to the protests against Furriers in Portland where they blocked doors, harrassed customers, yelled, screamed and what have you, with minimal arrests (only when the Police had no choice) to this mans quiet protest.

Right in a Left World: Fur Flying In Portland, Oregon … Again

UPDATE 2: The lone protester, Tom Wenning, wrote a letter to Portland Insight earlier in May, City’s day labor site violates U.S. laws.

Mr Wenning's son is a Border Patrol Agent in the San Diego area.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Testimony Of Illegal Alien Care From 1 Florida Hospital

Think ILLEGAL immigrants benefit America?

How much is this multiplied around the country? We are paying for this outrage and our citizens go without.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

BDS Hits Clark County Airwaves

In perhaps the most blatant display of the sheer hatred of George W. Bush I have seen yet, he is now being blamed for the proposed Cowlitz Tribal Casino near Ridgefield, Washington.

The Casino proposal has met with stiff opposition from The Confederated Tribes of the Grand Ronde, owners of the Spirit Mountain Casino, who claim building the new Casino would “devastate” their own Casino revenues.

Their opposition has sunk to new lows now by playing on the contrived hatred of President Bush by claiming it is he who plans to ruin Clark County by building the Casino, in the following TV commercial currently showing on Clark County cable.

The Grand Ronde bases this blatant misrepresentation upon an environmental impact statement released recently that could clear the way for a Casino.

George Bush has nothing whatsoever to do with the EIS, as would no other President, if they were seated in office.

In a blatant attempt at manipulating the public through the perceived and contrived sheer hatred of President Bush, the Grand Ronde once again sets their target, not based on truth, but on perceptions that backfired when they heavily opposed La Centers Mayor Jim Irish in his last bid for reelection, which he won by a landslide.

Almost comical, as is seen in the commercial is the ending, which calls on viewers to “Tell our leaders to stand up to Bush. Oppose the casino. Time is running out,” then lists 4 Democrats who have no history of siding with President Bush.

With tactics such as this, Ridgefield is sure to enjoy a Casino in the near future.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Compassion For A Convicted Murderer?

In what may be described as a prophetic twist of fate, Susan Atkins, convicted in the 1969 slaying of Actress Sharon Tate and others, has been diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and now seeks a "compassionate release." Does someone who showed no compassion deserve compassion today?

Compassion For A Convicted Murderer?

UPDATE: Susan Atkins request for Compassionate Release has been denied

Monday, June 09, 2008

And They Say Bush Is A Bufoon?

Ever since winning the 2000 election, the Democrats have lined up at their kool aid trough for daily talking points against President Bush. Any slip of the tongue brings days and days of articles from the lamestream media about how he isn't smart enough to even speak straight.

However, newly annointed liberal messiah, Barack Hussein Obama mispeaks more than any candidate I can recall and is given a pass from the lamestream media.

He once said he had campaigned in all 57 states only to later admit that his was incorrect, but blamed it on his "numeracy" out of whack that day.

Then, in paying tribute to 'fallen heroes' on this past Memorial Day, he stated that he saw several of them sitting in the audience. Apparently his handlers didn't tell him "fallen heroes" means dead.

And now, watch as he get tongue tied and blames it on a quiet crowd for being too noisey.

Does he have someone speaking into a microphone from afar, trying to keep him from appearing a duallrd on issues? Is he hallucinating about a noisey "fired up" audience that sits their quietly?

This next one leaves us shaking our heads as well. Just why would an asthma sufferer need a "breathalyzer?" Where does one obtain an "inhalator?"

His former pastor may scream "God damn America," but if this liberal is elected, it will be more like "God Help America."


From a Hillary Supporter? From the GOP? From someone who has opened their eyes?

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

When Did Obama Become Black?

Now that Senator Obama has cinched the nomination for the Democrat party and is being hailed as "historic," and "the first Blackman" to be in this position, one has to reflect upon his very White upbringing, attendance of a privileged private school and no connection to his Kenyan father and wonder, just when did he become Black? Inexperienced, is his popularity due only to skin tone?


Sunday, June 01, 2008