Wednesday, June 18, 2008

American Arrested for Protesting Illegal Alien Activity

Portland, Oregon, possibly vying to be the most liberal city on the west coast, recently set up a day labor site for American employers to come and hire Illegal Immigrants looking for work (here and here)

The site opened for “business” Monday, June 16, 2008, with little initial interest from local employers, shy of possible media exposure.

The second day brought a little interest and a local man protesting the city of Portland encouraging Illegal Activity within city limits. He called the Victoria Taft Radio Program this evening to report that for sitting on the curb in the driveway, holding a sign simply saying “NO,” he was arrested and charged with “Disorderly Conduct.”

Photos and links to more info may be found at Victoria Taft (no audio of caller) and The Oregonian.

UPDATE 1: KATU TV 2 has picked up the story along with photo and video report Lone protestor arrested at day labor center. Compare this to the protests against Furriers in Portland where they blocked doors, harrassed customers, yelled, screamed and what have you, with minimal arrests (only when the Police had no choice) to this mans quiet protest.

Right in a Left World: Fur Flying In Portland, Oregon … Again

UPDATE 2: The lone protester, Tom Wenning, wrote a letter to Portland Insight earlier in May, City’s day labor site violates U.S. laws.

Mr Wenning's son is a Border Patrol Agent in the San Diego area.

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