Thursday, June 26, 2008

Forcing You Out of Your Car

Yes that is right! Mayor Tom Potter of Portland Oregon was interviewed by Bob Miller of KPAM 860 talk radio. The I-5 bridge from Vancouver to Oregon needs to be replaced, it is just to narrow and too old. Looks like the only way to get a new bridge comes with a huge price to pay. Seems like bringing in a new bridge will be a package deal, it will come with light rail, like it or not.

I have linked to the interview (06/25/08 - Mayor Potter endorses new I-5 bridge, about 8 1/2 minutes in) where the mayor of Portland actually tells Bob that to bring light rail is a way to force us out of our cars and into Public Transportation. I could not believe what I had just heard, and apparently Bob felt the same way, and had to ask him again.

Not to mention it will open up a huge city to our small town of Vancouver, along with it's crime rate and nonchalant attitude of bicycling in front of moving autos.

I have paid quite a bit of money to park there when I work; I have gotten parking fines for parking in the wrong places. There is no parking in downtown Portland, and it is hard to navigate to a jobsite with so many bicycles that don't respect the laws of the road.

I have made my decision to boycott downtown Portland, if they want someone to do my work, look to one of their own. I don't want to have to deal with that greedy communist city, all it's fines and parking lots, where they want to force people to do what they want. Sounds like the Taliban in disguise.

Every time I have to travel there, I tell my husband it seems as though I have entered into another country that is removed from America.

I say let’s force Tom Potter out of his stretch limo or provided SUV, and force him to walk the streets or ride a bicycle for more than just photo ops.


u∃∃l!∃ said...

Some of the reason, for requiring a new bridge to accomodate max, might have to do with federal funding.

I actually think it is a good idea for more people to use mass transit.
And as much as people want to believe it is a bad idea, it is so highly successful in some of the worlds most populated cities, that there has to be a way to make it work in a beneficial way.

But I agree, Potter should get out of his Limo and use his feet, mass transit, bicycle etc ...
People should practice what they preach especially when in a position of leadership.

I don't think that light rail to Vancouver will bring more people there.
Why would people go to Vancouver?
To shop?
I don't think so.
To rob people?
Why would Max increase this, the bus already goes there.
If people wanted to use mass transit to commit crimes in Vancouver, they already have a means to do so.

witchywoman said...

While your thoughts of an ideal world were we rely on a government for transportation sounds great, if you need to get to a job site at 3:00 am, like I do, it is not reliable. Yes, that would be in your so "fine" city.
No crime will come on from a city the size of Portland?

Since Portland residents and businesses do not cross the bridge to come here (what a preposterous thought right?)then leave light rail out of the equation. Or leave the the I-5 bridge as it is. Hmm, come to think of it I have seen cars on the incoming lane, heading into Vancouver on the I-5.

The more I listen to Portland lovers the more I don't want to go there. The only thing your city will miss from me is my paying all your outrageous parking expenses and tickets from meter maids that will pin you in, until you are cited.

I say we put out there a vote on whether a mayor should be driven around in a stretch limo (provided by Portland taxpayers) while his city residents are riding bicycles.

My boycott continues, will anybody notice? Probably not.

Just a note. Can anybody prove to me that I am wrong and that the city's mayor does indeed take a bicycle to work?

witchywoman said...

This is from someone that has spent most of his life in Portland OR.

LewWaters said...

And as much as people want to believe it is a bad idea, it is so highly successful in some of the worlds most populated cities, that there has to be a way to make it work in a beneficial way.

If it is such a success, why does there have to be a way to make it "beneficial?"

Can you point where it is used and NOT subsidized heavily?

If it has to be subsidized, how can it be called "a success?"

As for bringing more crime to Vancouver,

What stops it at the I-5 Bridge? So many cities that have adopted it report crimes along the route, especially at the stations. Why it is higher than along bus lines, I can't explain, but they too suffer their crimes.

Bottom line to me, voters rejected it and it is still going to be forced upon us. Why? Are we no longer America? Where is "the voice of the people?" Is it representative government when voters rejections are imposed anyways?

As for Potter riding a bicycle, he rode one for a short distance at one of the Critical Mass Protests and admitted he was a "fair weather bicyclist." His words, not mine.

LewWaters said...

For easier access to the pdf file Witchywoman supplied,

Portland, The City That Doesn’t Work