Sunday, June 22, 2008

A New Direction For America?

They promised us a "New Direction" when elected in 2006 and Americans fell for it. Democrats control both the House and Senate and gas prices dramatically increased. Consumer confidence plummeted. The stock market gains ceased. Unemployment began climbing.

Now, we will be required to only use CFLB (Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs) in the future as part of their "Energy Bill" supposedly benefitting us.

Do we need this type of Socialist Control over our lives? Can you not see the "New Direction" promised was just a return to the Socialist programs that doomed Russia and the failed Soviet Union?

You can bet your bottom dollar that Obama's "Change You Can Believe In" is just more Socialist/Marxist drivel.

Wake up, America, if you desire to remain "The Land Of The Free."


klatu said...

Lew: At times its like its 1993 again with our backs up against the wall. Time to bring Halley Barbur back to the RNC again.

LewWaters said...

We sure need someone at the helm with some guts, klatu.

This is but one example of the Dems "New Direction." Nothing new at all, we saw it over and over in the Soviet Union.

The Gentle Cricket said...

New Direction sounds an awful lot like New Deal.

The Gentle Cricket said...

We thought that the Republicans spending was bad recently...just wait until we get a spend-happy Democratic congress coupled with the most liberal president in history.