Wednesday, June 04, 2008

When Did Obama Become Black?

Now that Senator Obama has cinched the nomination for the Democrat party and is being hailed as "historic," and "the first Blackman" to be in this position, one has to reflect upon his very White upbringing, attendance of a privileged private school and no connection to his Kenyan father and wonder, just when did he become Black? Inexperienced, is his popularity due only to skin tone?



u∃∃l!∃ said...

You are choosing the Race angle yourself.
It is what you are choosing to notice.

Why does Obama resonate with Blacks more than Whites.
Who did he associate with as a young adult, when he was first really free to choose his own peer group?

Did he perhaps deal with more predjudice than you realize, growing up in a white world, with black skin.
Perhaps he felt like an outsider.
Perhaps that made a significant contribution to who he became.

Many African Americans have some slave owner ancestry.
What does his being a descendant of slave owners have to do with his qualifications (or lack of qualifications).
It is moot.

LewWaters said...

No Eileen, the Obama campaign has delicately made race the big issue, as has the media since his near coronation.

But, my question stands, since he is half white, something barely mentioned throughout and was raised in white surroundings, what true connection does he have to the American Blacks?

Speculation on his upbringing does not grant him knowledge of being Black in White America. In his book, mentions of facing rage over the race issue are contrived or strained, created to sound much worse than they could have been.

Still, why does he run as the first Black candidate? Why not the first multi-racial candidate? Why does his white grandmother merit so little mention when his Kenyan step grandmother has been mentioned prominently in his campaign?

Why is his far left state record and scant Senate record glossed over in lieu of being hailed as the Great Black Hope?

It would appear that everythng about him is moot, except is skin tone, which is the reason for this post!

Then again, I guess I am just another "typical white person" who'd rather look at a persons qualifications and experience instead of his skin tone.

Oh, if you spent some time in Hawaii, the "white world" he grew up in, you'd discover the prejudice there is against "whites."

Taylor1 said...

Eileen if you were from a state that had the highest per capita rate of lynching from 1900-1930, you may see things differently.

u∃∃l!∃ said...

I did spend some time in Hawaii, I lived there for 3 years, and the predjudice was NOT limited to whites.

Once Obama became an adult, with the choice to choose his own surroundings, what culture did he surround himself with?
Did he hang with mostly blacks or whites?

LewWaters said...

Eileen, are you saying he decided to be Black once he became an adult?

Or, like a "typical politician," he decided to use his African parentage as an advantage in obtaining office?

LewWaters said...

Eileen, maybe this article from the Liberal New Reublic will answer some of you questions.

Barack Obama’s unlikely political education