Tuesday, July 08, 2008

George W Bush - buffoon or great leader?

A Brit from the UK Telegraph has written a thought provoking article, complete with video, that is actually complimentary to President Bush. Sameh El-Shahat argues that George W. Bush has been the most under-rated president... ever.

We have had fun criticizing Bush, deservedly so most of the time. Yet, the vitriol directed at the man has been the worst leveled against a president in my life-time.

I view him as the most hated president in modern times, possibly in all of America's history.

His communication skills are sorely lacking, but he is man of convictions and he stands by his values, placing what he believes to the good of America and world over any legacy he may leave. Unlike previous presidents, he is not poll driven or wishy washy, just a down home, shoot from the hip cowboy who had the gumption to do what a previous president should have done three decades ago, stand up to radical Islamists.

He'll be gone soon, but that won't stop his detractors as they will write their version of history defaming the man for all they can.

But, decades from now, when most of us are long gone, historians will take a look back and see that George W. Bush, despite critical reviews and the plethora of prevarications about the man, was a visionary who saw what needed done, and commenced to doing it.

As Mr. Shalat says in his article,

"Mr Bush has had to take some very tough decisions and the world needs people who can not only talk but also act tough and admit mistakes."

He also sees a big problem with the left around the globe,
"Hating George W. Bush is not only dull and unoriginal, but it shows a complete lack of understanding of the world in which we live in.
You want liberty but you don’t want to defend it... right

As the cartoon above depicts, the man is kicked endlessly for keeping America safe.

Looking at the two jokers currently running for his replacement, I'd vote for Bush a third time in a heartbeat.

God helps us, whichever of the two panderers replace him.


The Gentle Cricket said...

I think we agree that he is a far better president than he receives credit for. In fact, its ironic: He has kept the country safe, which lulls people into a sense of security, which leads them to believe we aren't in danger, which causes them to hate him for the very things that made them safe.

However, I disagree that textbooks will laud him in the future. In the short term any controversial subject will be taken as fact (i.e. "he tortured prisoners, spied on Americans, and leaked the name of a covert CIA operative"). This will just become the standard and will perpetuate. Just like the way "Swift-boating" has become a term for "falsely accussing", instead of "an accurate assessment by a hundred of your peers".

Bush will forever be known as an awful president. That's the thanks we give him.

bricklayer said...

I am certain that the upcoming Republican Convention will celebrate and extoll the virtues and successes of this great man for all the world to see.

SlantRight 2.0 said...

I agree with the original. GW will go down as one the greatest Presidents - not for his eloquence, but for the very policies currently vilified that has prevented a major radical Islamic attack on American soil.

LewWaters said...

Cricket, I doubt any credit will be given Bush in our lifetime. What I meant was long after we are gone, historians will look back and see the massive threat he faced and stood up to.

Everyday since 9/11 I thank God we had bush in office and not Gore or Kerry, or even Clinton. Lord only knows how many more attacks would have happened.

Brocklayer, given that so many in the GOP have moved left and distanced themselves from Bush, I don't expect them to give him credit either, especially McCain, who wasted no effort in underminig the office of president every chance he got.

As a conservative, I currently have several issues with the GOP and their treatment of Bush and the move left.

theway2k, I'm with you, but I don't think we will see the Bush redemption in our lifetime.

The cartoon says it best, he protected America and all he receives is kicked around by ungrateful politicans and followers.

Many will miss him and his strength.

Personally, the lack of eloquence may make me cringe at times, but look at the messiah, Obama, and all of his gaffes when not reading a teleprompter.

I only hope conservatives wake up and support conservative candidates for public office and stop the move to socialism before it is too late.

The Gentle Cricket said...

I don't think he will be viewed favorably en masse, even after we're all long gone. The textbooks of the near future will cast him just as the left persistently portrays him. Since Republicans are so quick to distance themselves from him, no criticism will be challenged. Once his "legacy" is affixed in the texts, it will forever stay that way.

Bricklayer: Don't expect too much. Whether they support him or not, no Republican is going to stake his/her reelection on President Bush' record. By no means will they bash him at the convention...they will do their best to ignore him.