Thursday, July 03, 2008

Lesbian Activist Gives Birth! This Is News?

Thomas Beatie, aka Tracy LaGondino, the Hawaiian Lesbian Activist who created a stir by claiming to be a “Pregnant Man” has reportedly given birth to a baby girl Thursday.

Delivery was by Caesarian Section, mother and baby are reported to be doing fine.

Beatie created a stir earlier in the year by announcing he was pregnant and revealing he is actually a she, but claims to be “legally” male by court decree. She underwent breast removal and took testosterone before becoming pregnant by artificial insemination, but retain all of her female reproductive organs, leading honest people to proclaim reports of a “pregnant man” a hoax.

That this became such a news worthy item is in itself a travesty. One does not become male by court decree alone. That is only a smokescreen for some unannounced agenda of Tracy’s. Females, heterosexual or lesbian, becoming pregnant is not an unusual occurrence. But, claiming to be male landed her on the Oprah Winfrey Show and brought International Headlines.

Had Tracy decided to become male and had all of her female reproductive organs removed and created an artificial male organ, perhaps she might be more accepted as a man, but she would not have been able to become pregnant or make such headlines.

On the Oprah Winfrey Show, she said, “I feel it’s not a male or female desire to have a child. It’s a human need. I’m a person and I have the right to have a biological child.”

Yes, Tracy, you do have a “right to have a biological child,” but to try to pass yourself off as a man is another matter. Legal decree does not change your DNA or Chromosomal make-up. Retaining female reproductive organs intact leaves one a female, even with breast removal.

To my skeptical mind, I see this move as using an innocent child to further break down barriers society erected long ago. Nature erected her own barriers and rules and all the legal decrees in the land won’t change that.

God created man, male and female, for a reason. No human being can counter that by trying to fool the public into believing you are a different gender than you are.

It is hoped this innocent baby girl will grow up surrounded by love and compassion and see the world through a normal persons eyes, not those of a Gay Activist who was willing to mutilate her body and create a false impression of a man becoming pregnant.

In March, Tracy/Thomas said of the pregnancy, “I will be my daughter’s father and Nancy will be her mother. We will be a family.”

No, Tracy, two Mom’s will raise your daughter. She will miss out on the male input necessary for balanced children in a loving two-parent home.

She is only fooling herself, evidenced by checking into the hospital under an assumed name.

So, I ask again, what is newsworthy about a woman, even though a lesbian, getting pregnant and giving birth?

How sick of our society that many actually go along with this charade of a “pregnant man.”

UPDATE: November 13, 2008: "He's" Pregnant Again, But It Is Still A Hoax


The Gentle Cricket said...

I'll point out that I have no desire to give birth, and I'm a man. I don't have anything (other than common sense) to back this up, but I imagine it would be difficult to find many men who have a real desire to give birth and be maternal.

Dave Q. said...

When this story came out, I just kept telling my friends, "You know what you call a pregnant man? AN UGLY WOMAN."

LewWaters said...

Dave, in the case of Tracy/Thomas, she was a very attractive young lady, even as a lesbian.

In her case, it would have to be a Mutilated woman.

By Tracy/Thomas claiming to be a man, when she clearly is not, she is actually slamming other lesbians who are comfortable being a lesbian and have little or no desire for men.

Yet, many lesbians take offense because we point out what a farce it is to label Tracy/Thomas a man.

Cricket, as a man I have no maternal instincts, although I do hold paternal instincts in raising both my daughters, their teens years as a single dad.

I wouldn't know what it is like to give birth or be pregnant, it is foreign to me as is the desire to become pregnant. The male brain just wasn't given that capacity.

Now, when they bring out a gay man, born male and gay, who is pregnant, maybe they can make some claims.

But, a court decree doesn't determine gender, it just fools those willing to be fooled.

Unknown said...

As a lesbian, with a partner who is a "stud" or "butch," I have to say that Thomas is mentally a man. I live, eat, breathe, care and ultimately love someone who is similar (but who has not had surgery). What you don't understand, and couldn't possibly hope to ever understand is the reason why they are that way. Not even I, who am so in love with a female, who most people mistake for a young man, fully understands.
Furthermore it is not your place, nor is it any one else’s place to assign such nasty labels and judgments upon such a caring person. Do you realize that Thomas became pregnant because his wife could not? How many men would carry the burden of pregnancy for their wife, if they could? What a special person it takes to give up their identity so that they can give their wife such a beautiful, special gift. I bet you didn't think about that, did you?
The only reason you think that Thomas is wrong is because Christian morals have been poured into our lives since long, long ago. If this "man" had not shaken social norms so abruptly and in such a repercussive manner, you wouldn't be so freaked out.
I would also like to point out how ridiculously ignorant your statement about needing a man in the home to form a "well balanced child." What a load of horse apples. Do you even know any lesbians? I can assure you that I have many male friends, a father, a brother, a grandfather and colleagues. Why would I need that influence in my home when it is so prevalent everywhere? I am not saying, by any means, that I intend to allow these people to raise my child, but I see no harm in them having their own positive influences on the kid. Not to mention, most lesbians have a plethora of "straight" friends with whom they are very close to and spend time with. There is no valid data stating that a child needs a male influence to become well rounded. Not to mention that the rate of happy, in love, dedicated "life partners" way out ratios the "straight" community.
I have done some research on this and in M/M and F/F relationships, 74% of one of the partners has a college degree. As opposed to M/F's 34%. Which means that should a "gay" couple choose to have a child, the chances are, the child will grow up educated. Which is sadly not so true of the “oops” babies we see so prevalently today.

The main point of this response to your opinions is that before you throw rocks at someone for being different and shaking the social norms, look into your mirror and ask yourself "Am I brave enough to do half that of someone who lives life on the other side of normality?"

LewWaters said...

Janie, what you obviously miss, either out of ignorance or intentionally, is that Traci being a lesbian does not bother me at all. A lesbian getting pregnant, however she chooses, does not bother me at all. In fact, Traci would not even be news except for the claim of being a man.

You claim she is mentally a man. How can that be when she has absolutely no idea of what being a man or how we think and feel is? I can never relate to thinking or feeling like a woman, I wasn’t born that.

Traci claims to be trying to live a quiet peaceful life with her “wife,” yet she continues to come before the public and make this ridiculous claim.

Why? What possible reason could she actually have? If her pregnancy was out of love for her “wife,” why make it into such a public spectacle?

As far as do I know any lesbians, yes. My favorite cousin is such and it matters little to me. Recently, my wife’s bosses threw a going away party for one of the women at her work that included a male stripper. They are gay and so was the dancer. Funny thing, out of all the straight men in attendance, I was the only conservative leaning one there. I was also the only one who remained in the house during the dancer’s presence. The ‘super-libs’ all ran to the backyard, afraid of being in the presence of three gay men dancing. No, I did not dance, just enjoyed seeing the women who didn’t pick up on him being gay enjoying themselves, my wife included.

So, you have wasted your vitriol.

There are studies that show that children raised with two parents of the opposite sex fair better, but I believe you reject them. Your business.

The entire point here is still that Traci remains a woman, not a man. Hormone therapy and breast removal is not what it takes to be a man, no more than my implanting feathers on me would make me a pigeon.

Like I said, you cannot adjudicate biology.

As for any personal bravery, there are some things you just will never know. But, Traci isn’t half as brave as you think by this. Making a public spectacle of yourself isn’t bravery.

A women getting pregnant and having a baby isn’t unusual, either.

Schule said...

Janie, you are absolutely right. It's funny because obviously Lew does think this is very newsworthy, as he has put time and energy into publicizing the story and his views on it. Thomas absolutely is biologically a woman, but inside, he is a man. Lew, just because you personally don't know what it's like to be a man in a woman's body, and just because I don't either, doesn't mean it doesn't exist. It obviously DOES exist, has been proven to exist, and won't disappear just because you don't like it. If this couple is like any other gay couple, that baby has a better chance than any child of a straight couple. Statistics have proven that. And having a lesbian friend or two doesn't mean you're not a bigot. You don't get a gold medal for not walking out when you see gay strippers.

Tracy did not make this pregnancy a public spectacle; you and people like you did. You made her famous.

I am a semester away from receiving my bachelors in psychology, with a focus on child development, and a minor in criminal justice. I can tell you with absolute confidence that it has been shown over and over and over that children raised by gay couples have a MUCH lower chance of being abused than children raised by both straight parents. The idea that a child needs a mom and a dad is a myth. It can be your personal belief, and that's fine, but history and statistics have shown otherwise. You can't ignore facts to make the world fit your beliefs.

One more thing. You were seriously tricked into thinking this was a biological male who was pregnant? Seriously?

LewWaters said...

"I am a semester away from receiving my bachelors in psychology"Another young brain full of mush and convinced by indoctrination that wrong is right and black is white. That explains more than you will ever know.

"You were seriously tricked into thinking this was a biological male who was pregnant?"

Absolutely not, that is why this was written because apparently, many of the rest of you do.

I won't engage you in any debate about gays because I have no personal problem with gays being gay, their choice (yes, it is a choice. If not, they would have uncontrollable urges that could pose a danger to themselves)

But, don't be so confident about the world that you have read in books. You might be surrised just how wrong you have been taught.

As far as I think it being so newsworthy, need I remind you had Tracy not made a public spectacle of herself by proclaiming to be a "Pregnant Man," I'd have not even known about it.

In closing Michelle, study your books, but open your eyes to the reality of the world too. You'd be surprised what you haven't seen or been taught in those institutions of higher indoctrination.

LewWaters said...

"I can tell you with absolute confidence that it has been shown over and over and over that children raised by gay couples have a MUCH lower chance of being abused than children raised by both straight parents."Michelle, this is a pretty hollow claim without any documentation to back it up. I could also categorically state non-existant studies and twisted statistics too, but I try to deal more in facts than hyperbole.

"The idea that a child needs a mom and a dad is a myth."One thing certain, Michelle, without the input of male to female, humans cannot procreate.

You claimed that some things have been "proven," yet you supplied nothing.

That makes your claim very suspect.

Nowhere in my post did I speak against gays having children. Yes, I question Tracey's motive for making such a public spectacle of herself, but you will not find where I said she is unfit.

For someone bragging about being a semester away from a bachelors in psychology, you seem lacking in your comprehension skills and your ability at tolerating opposing views.

I certianly hope you chose a different text book.

One final point, hon, I'm not the one who went on the Oprah Winfrey show, Tracey did. I'm not the one who continues to ressurrect a nearly year old post, you and your cronies do.