Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Obama Vindicated On Prayer Note? Questions Left Unanswered.

After the Israeli paper Ma’ariv came under fire for their release and publication of B HO’s “personal and private” prayer note left at the Western Wall during his rock tour visit last week, threats of a criminal probe and boycott of the paper apparently have spurred Ma’ariv to issue a recantation of their claim that Obama’s campaign pre-approved publication of the note.

According to the New Republic’s Zvika Krieger, a Ma’ariv spokesman now says the accusation of the Obama camp approving publication of the note is “completely false.”

Today’s Ma’ariv spokesman says,

No official spokesman for Ma’ariv told this to any of the papers. The Obama campaign did not give us a copy of the letter or approve it for printing.”

A spokesman for one of the other Israeli papers quoting Ma’ariv stated the possibility that
Ma’ariv [may be] trying to deflect criticisms of it by releasing these spurious rumors about the Obama campaign, but upon realizing that they’ll have to back up those accusations, is now disavowing them.”

While this should settle the matter and clear the messiah in waiting, unfortunately it raises questions not addressed by the press or the Obama camp.

As mentioned and shown in my previous post on this matter, “Obama’s Western Wall Note Just A Campaign Stunt?” the Western Wall was festooned with Obama campaign posters upon his pre-dawn 5 A.M. arrival for this “personal and private” moment of placing the note in the wall.

Not only were the campaign posters prevalent, the media and photographers were available to witness, photograph and report on this pre-dawn “personal and private” moment.

It leaves me wondering if B HO had been denied placing his campaign posters prominently shown and photographers present to photograph this "personal and private" moment, would he have canceled his "personal and private" moment with God, as he did visiting the wounded Troops in Landstuhl, Germany?

If that isn’t fishy enough, just how did other media outlets in Israel, the ones who declined to publish the “personal and private” note, obtain their copies of the note?

We are told a yeshiva student identified only as Aleph took the note from the wall “as sort of a prank.” It has been claimed he gave it to Ma’ariv, but no mention of how other Israeli media obtained copies as well.

In apologizing on TV, Aleph said, “I hope he wasn’t hurt. We all believe he will take the presidency.” Is it just possible that Aleph is an Obama supporter as well?

Another unanswered question is just how did the “personal and private” moment end up on a You Tube video, complete with an invitation to “visit the official campaign site” with the notation, “Paid For By Obama For America?”

Had this happened with President Bush or other prominent Republicans, I can all but guarantee the National Media and blowhards like Bill O’Reilly would be in their usual lynch mob mode crying foul and demanding investigations into improper campaigning.

As it is, the leftist inspired media will just drop it and circle the wagons around the messiah in waiting …… and America continues the slide towards Socialism.


CKAinRedStateUSA said...

This this has become such a mess, who knows what the truth is?

For sure, Obama's privacy should not have been invaded.

One thing seems to be more obvious, though: Wherever Obama goes, whatever he says, confusion's created, translation's needed and people are injured in some fashion.

LewWaters said...

If Obama truly wanted to do somethng like this in private, he would have.

Just like many other politicians, though, nothing is sacred when there is an opportunity to score points with voters.