Sunday, July 27, 2008

We Are A Nation Of Laws, Aren’t We?

As I often do on Saturdays, I was watching Fox News early as panelists were discussing Sanctuary Cities, those cities that pass ordinances forbidding their Police Forces to enforce federal immigration laws, thereby giving ILLEGAL immigrants a pass in the city.

As the discussion moved to ways to combat these cities that feel federal laws shouldn’t apply to their city, a proposal I have often thought of was made, cut off all federal funding to those cities.

Needless to say, the more liberal panelists disagreed with this approach as one made a statement I have often heard from liberals when discussing any method of combating those matters that harm our country, “we can’t do that. After all, we are a Nation of Laws!”

Unlike Chris Matthews, I did not feel a tingling up my leg, but even after hearing that comment so many times, it struck me, how are we a Nation of Laws when so often liberals encourage our laws to be ignored?

From Gun ownership to ILLEGAL immigration, to harboring AWOL and Deserting Military, Liberals seem to feel those laws either do not or should not apply.

Many west coast cities, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle and several others proclaim they are “sanctuary cities” for ILLEGAL immigrants, with Portland wanting to be declared a sanctuary for Military Deserters.

Are we really a Nation of Laws when many residing within our country in violation of our Immigration Laws openly and brazenly protest and march against our immigration laws, aided by liberal Democrats?

Constantly we are told that we must respect Court rulings handed down by liberal activist judges, yet do we not still hear complaints and grumbling about the Democrats being beat at their own game by the US Supreme Court in 2000 when they ruled that Florida Courts could not violate and change their own laws to benefit the recounts in favor of Democrat, Al Gore?

We are currently fighting a war on two fronts, Afghanistan and Iraq, combating terrorists that have been attacking us for thirty years and to prevent weapons and support from a now deceased rogue leader from possibly getting into the hands of the terrorists. Laws and legalities are satisfied through Congress and the United Nations in prosecuting those wars. Yet, we hear of calls for impeachment and suits filed in court to circumvent those laws and remove a president who is only desiring to protect us all.

Just a few years ago, we had a president who, in his youth, brazenly violated our draft law and who’s administration became embroiled in scandal after scandal. Yet today, he is held up as a heroic figure by the leftist liberal Democrats.

Returning to ILLEGAL immigration, San Francisco’s Sanctuary policy is coming under scrutiny due to murders by ILLEGAL immigrants there.

Since ignoring our laws is excused, it seems that even murders by ILLEGALS of American Citizens have drawn the attention of the Mexican government and the World Courts as they have attempted to intercede and demand Mexican ILLEGALS convicted of brutal rapes and murders within our borders not be executed, as would be Americans who have committed similar crimes.

But, we are a Nation of Laws, right? Or, is it we may have laws provided third world countries and the liberal leftist Democrats agree with them?

If we are truly a Nation of Laws, our Laws must be obeyed. We cannot be a Nation of Laws by picking and choosing laws to follow in the hopes of getting votes, as Democrats are doing.


Lonsdale said...

The current Justice Department? John Ashcroft? Alberto Gonzales? The rule of law indeed.

Lonsdale said...

I spoke too soon. The Justice Department is moving toward redemption:

U.S. officials say the Justice Department has indicted Alaska Senator Ted Stevens on charges related to a long-running investigation of business dealings in Alaska.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

LewWaters said...

Poor lonzie, how soon he forgets.

B.J. CLinton, William Jefferson, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, the NJ Democrat Senate Child Porn scandal currently under investigation, etc, etc, etc.

The major difference? We don't circle the wagons around crooks to protect them as do you liberal Democrats.

When I see the left purging their numbers from the scumbags raping the country, I'll give you some credit. As long as you excuse crime from liberals and make major news out of anything GOP related, you are just enablers.

klatu said...

The Swimmer Ted Kennedy or Treasonus Hanoi Jane Fonda been Convicted Yet!

Gary Fouse said...

Recently, I wrote on the murder of a father and his two sons in San Francisco (Tony, Matthew and Michael Bologna). The accused defendant is an illegal alien gang member named Edwin Ramos, a native of El Salvador and member of the notorious MS-13 gang. Ramos has two felony convictions on his record, but was never turned over to ICE.

Now comes this story out of San Francisco, which brazenly advertises itself as a sanctuary city. Introducing Marco Martinez, a 26-year-old illegal alien from El Salvador. This character has been arrested 5 times in the past year and a half by the San Francisco Police for selling crack cocaine to undercover cops.

On October 6, 2006, Martinez was busted for selling crack to an undercover cop at San Francisco's UN Plaza. He posted $35,000 bail and was released. ICE was never notified.

On October 16, 2006. Martinez was arrested again for selling crack to an undercover cop at Hyde and Golden Gate Avenue. Again, he posted $35,000 bail and was released. ICE was not notified.

On December 31, 2006, Martinez was arrested again at the corner of Hyde and Golden Gate for selling crack to an undercover cop. He again posted $35,000 bail and was released. ICE was not notified.

On April 19, 2007, Martinez was arrested for selling crack to an undercover cop at the same location, Hyde and Golden Gate Ave. He was also carrying a knife. Again, he posted bail and was released-and ICE was not notified.

Then, on July 1, 2007, Martinez pleaded guilty to the first three arrests as the 4th was dismissed. He was ordered to Drug Court, a rehab program.

Two weeks later, guess what happened? Yep, Martinez was arrested for the 5th time for selling crack to an undercover cop-this time at Hyde and Ellis, three blocks away from his usual haunt.

Finally, someone in San Francisco woke up. A judge ordered him to be held in jail. Finally, the police notified ICE and an immigration hold was placed on Martinez.

Only after 5 arrests for the same offense. Does this defy common sense or what?

Then there is this: Retired San Francisco Police Captain, Tim Hettrich, has charged that approximately 9 months ago, when he was heading the narcotics unit, he told Police Chief Heather Fong that he wanted to work with federal authorities in investigating the MS-13 gang. According to Hettrich, Fong told him, "You are not to work with those (federal) people".

(See San Francisco Chronicle blog SF Gate dated August 3, 2008.)

There are now reports that the US Attorney's Office in San Francisco is getting interested in this intolerable situation. One can only hope. It is increasingly obvious that the city is subverting federal law with its sanctuary policy. Something needs to be done before more innocent San Franciscans are slaughtered on the streets by illlegal alien gangbangers. Hauling a few city officials out of City Hall in handcuffs might be a good place to start.

gary fouse

LewWaters said...

Gary, just weeks ago, a member of my online Viet Nam Veterans group, comprised of the people that served in my unit, was out riding his new motorcycle in Georgia when he was hit by a drunk ILLEGAL immigrant in a borrowed car.

My buddy survived, but lost is left leg because of it.

Unknown said...