Sunday, July 13, 2008

Westboro Scumbags to Picket Tony Snow's Funeral

If ever there were a lower group of asshats on earth, they went unheard of compared to these cretins calling themselves a "church." They are not!

Fred Phelps, self proclaimed leader of this band of homophobic, hateful cretins ha seen fit to spew his filth and twisting of the Holy Scriptures on You Tube, I will not give that piece of slime air time on my blog.

When these inbred pigs meet their maker, they are in for a big surprise as they soon discover who their worship really went to. It isn't God Almighty, rest assured.

Don't fall for their clever use of scripture trying to justify their hate of America or even homosexuals. Judgement is left to God, not misfits from Kansas.

I honestly can't think of a lower group of riffraff alive today.

That they protest the funerals of our fallen Heroes, bringing distress to the families and now, a good and decent man like Tony Snow, angers me so much I am almost left without adequate words.

I only pray that God Almighty smite them where they stand and send them to the eternal lake of fire, where they belong. Old fashioned tar and feathers would be too good for these cretins.


Michael Andersen said...

"I will not give that piece of slime air time on my blog."

Um, dude, didn't you just...?

LewWaters said...

Uh, Dude, "air time" would mean I embedded the You Tube video he made.

Storm'n Norm'n said...

I'm not the kind of guy who would threaten anyone but I believe it would be an honor to be picked as a member of the firing squad that places a well aimed high caliber, whatever they're called, between the eyes of Fred Phelps.

LewWaters said...

I agree, Norm. If they were to ever have to face a firing squad, the line of volunteers would undoubtedly be miles long.

Gary Fouse said...

If these scumbags ever showed up at a funeral I was attending, I would wind up in jail, if you get my drift.

gary fouse