Thursday, August 28, 2008

Al Gore: Still Sore

Al Gore Jr., former vice president under B.J. Clinton and failed candidate for the presidency in 2000 is apparently still sore that he couldn’t steal the election from George W. Bush in 2000.

Speaking at the Democrats coronation of the messiah, Barrack Hussein Obama, Mr. Gore cried that his loss to Bush in 2000 is the reason Obama should be elected to the presidency this year.

Uh, Al, what about experience and qualifications? Do they not matter? Or, is your only interest childish get-backs?

Gore added that had he won the election in 2000, the United States would have captured Usama bin Laden instead of going to Iraq, would have maintained a strong economy, upheld the integrity of the U.S. Constitution and be on the road to solving the challenges of global warming.

As Rosie O’Donnell has famously said, D-E-L-U-S-I-O-N-A-L!!!!!!!

How many times did the Clinton administration, of which Gore was part of, have the opportunity to get Bin Laden and either failed or turned it down? Just how does Gore propose, “He would have got Bin Laden?” He fails to say.

Maybe he would rely on his 5 months service in Viet Nam as a photographer to guide him?

How are we to believe we wouldn’t have gone into Iraq when it became official policy of the U.S. during the Clinton administration, of which he was part of, to depose Saddam Hussein? Was that just empty rhetoric?

Apparently Mr. Gore has a short memory. It was in February 2002, not far from the ruins of the destroyed World Trade Center in New York, that Gore gave a speech praising president Bush for his reaction to the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. In that speech, Gore claimed that the time had come for a “final reckoning” with Iraq, calling Iraq a “virulent threat in a class by itself.”

He further stated, regarding leaving Saddam Hussein in power over Iraq at the end of the 1991 Gulf War, “Mr. Hussein was allowed to survive his defeat as the result of a calculation we all had reason to deeply regret for the ensuing decade -- and still do.”

And on August 28, 2008, he claims he would not have gone into Iraq had he been president? Was he just spewing rhetoric in 2002? Or, is he just spewing rhetoric today?

He further says, “We would have maintained a strong economy.” Has he missed, while globe trotting and emitting much carbon into the atmosphere, that the economy was producing record returns? That tax receipts were at an all time high? That is, until shortly after the Democrat party regained control of both the House and Senate.

For the final year of the Clinton administration, which he was part of, warnings of a pending economic recession were broadcast and ignored by the administration. President Bush inherited a recession and, just in case Gore forgot also, the worst terrorist attack in history early in his administration. Still, the economy faired well under Bush until Democrats seized control.

Does Gore not realize the integrity of our Constitution is just as solid today as it has ever been? Well, except for where Democrats use it to undermine the president and our Troops. I guess we should consider too how our liberties are slowly eroding under “we know better than you” legislation designed to “improve” the country, regardless of cost.

Is it not Democrats who have cried for investigation after investigation and impeach during the last 7 years? Is it not Democrats who tried unsuccessfully to taint Bush at every turn and opposed every move he makes in the War on Terror, after approving it in the House and Senate?

And finally, Global Warming? Gore’s personal cry for years has been to fearmonger the public into buying into the farce of man-made Global Warming, while he enjoys his SUV’s, Global jet setting and owning one of the most polluting homes ever built.

Doesn’t it strike you that we must give up in order the “save the planet,” but Gore and other elitist Democrats who join in his cry, do not? Maybe Gore needs to listen to more scientist instead of spreading fear and worry about a doomsday ahead if we don’t give up our few luxuries.

Obviously, as indicated by Gore’s speech tonight, he still hasn’t accepted the truth that he lost the 2000 election by a very narrow margin in Florida and all the measures he made to steal it were rebuked by the United States Supreme Court.

Hidden and not spoken of were Independent recounts that agree, Bush legally and legitimately won the Florida election in 2000.

Mr. Gore, it is long past time for you to grow up and stop whining like a little titty baby. You lost, get over it. Causing further divisions in the country isn’t beneficial to anyone, except maybe the Socialist Democrat Party trying to reinstate the failed Soviet Union in America.

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