Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Congress Shall Make No Law, But The Democrat Party Will

The first words from the First Amendment to our Constitution are supposed to guarantee our right to free speech, free religion and redress for grievances. Most notable is that it guarantees a Free Press, unhindered by government interference or censorship.

In yet another stunning example of the Democrat Party’s move to total power and Socialism in America, an ABC reporter/photographer was arrested in Denver for photographing Democrat Senators and Big Money Donors, “FROM A PUBLIC SIDEWALK!!!

After initially refusing to state what charges Asa Eslocker was being arrested for, Denver Police later stated he was being charged with trespass, interference, and failure to follow a lawful order.

Since when is it a crime to take photos of public figures from a public venue?

Isn’t this what we heard from behind the Iron Curtain and in Fascist States before?

Haven’t Democrats been warning us this is what the Republicans do?

Yet, it was at the behest of Democrats that an ABC producer working in their News investigative unit digging into the Big Money flowing into the Democrats campaign this year that a free presses first amendment right was stifled.

This wasn’t President Bush, Dick Cheney or Don Rumsfeld using the Patriot Act the left is always warning us about, it was Democrats and their Corporate Big Money donors, from inside of the Brown Palace Hotel who don’t want the nation seeing just how deep into the pockets of corporate America the Democrats, supposedly the “party of working people” really are.

With all of the photographers traversing Denver seeking photos of any and everything, why was this one lone producer from ABC singled out for performing his job on a Public Sidewalk? Why do they not want the nation knowing just who is pitching in from over 140 Corporations who donated the bulk of the $50,000,000.00 raised to ‘ordain’ Barack Obama?

Could it be that he is the one exposing them for their hypocrisy?

And, why shouldn’t America know who is financing the lavish party going on behind the scene in Denver this week?

In 2004, it was Democrats who sought out donors to the Republicans, most notably donors to the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, a truly grassroots group of Highly Decorated Navy Veterans of the Viet Nam War, to protest and picket homes of donors, as well as demonize a truly grassroots effort that exposed the phoniness of their candidate that year.

In 2008, a front group tied to, a notorious left-winged group supporting the Socialist Democrats, Accountable America sent “warning letters” out to prospective Republican donors in an effort to stifle another party’s ability to raise needed funds for a presidential election.

And yet, Democrats hide who donates to them and throws lavish parties to draw even more cash from Corporate America, who they will tell you funds the Republican Party and gouges you for goods.

Democrats stand before the world and denigrate American Heroes, calling General David Petraeus “General Betray Us” and calling our Brave Troops “cold blooded killers.” They cry “free speech.”

Republicans who travel to Denver just to report their view of the Democrat Convention are called top-tier attack dogs by Socialist left media from overseas.

Yet, the stage where Obama will make his “acceptance speech from built to resemble a Greek Temple warrants little mention. Will an American Flag be hoisted?

A television ad showing the friendship and link between Obama and domestic terrorist from the radical 60’s Weather Underground has Senator Obama and the Democrat Party’s knickers all in a twist.

Instead of countering the ad, they have called upon the Justice Department to intervene and prevent stations from running the ad, indicating what will be in store for any opposing speech should Obama and the Democrats succeed in taking over America.

It’s time Americas woke up from their slumber while we still have some liberty left. It isn’t the Republicans or the Patriot Act dissolving our liberties, it is the Democrat Party installing Socialism into our society and telling you what a great thing it is.

It is they who continue taking more and more of your money to give away. It is they who defend criminals over victims. It is they who have decided when freedom matters and when journalists performing their duties as they are supposed to in a free society that has them arrested.

Wake up, America. Radical Jihadists aren’t the only danger America presently faces.


Denise-Mary said...

Thank you for this. I ceased being a Democrat on 5/5/08 when Donna Brazile "threw me under the bus" as an "older, white" voter who doesn't happen to make a lot of money. In the ensuing four months, I've done my best to convince other lifelong Dems that "this isn't the party we thought we knew," and to support McCain instead. Op-eds like yours provide well-reasoned ammo. Thanks again.

LewWaters said...

Thank you for the kin comment, denise-mary.

Like you, I too was a Democrat long ago. I come from a long line of Democrats, but the Southern Conservative variety.

The last Democrat I supported was Jimmy Carter, until his forst act in office, amnesty for Viet Nam Draft Dodgers.

The ensuing nightmare of Jimmy Carter convinced me to never support Democrats again.

My sisters remain Democrats in Florida, but I think they are waking up with the near messiah worship of Barack Obama and his lack of substance away from a teleprompter.

Looking at today's Democrat Party just shows me how right Joseph McCarthy was.