Saturday, August 09, 2008

Jim Jacks Says, "I Don't Know How To Solve It."

The video is edited to remove the ramblings between the question and last portion of the answer. Clark County, do we need a Representative that provides no ideas on our tax system and just claims, "I don't know how to solve it?"

Jim Jacks Full reply. Note that he never actually answers whether or not he supports a change in our tax system, i.e. a State Income Tax.

Full post on this debate can be seen HERE

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streetsweeper said...

Hey ya, Lew! Sounds like the same ol same to me. A WA state income tax scheme was presented in the past & if I recall it got knocked down by the people.

LewWaters said...

Its been defeated by voters every time it has come up. However, Democrats are beginning to think thatsince more Californians have moved up here, they will be more receptive to having more of their paycheck stolen and given to the state.

If they get the chance, they will shove that down our throats as well, really needed or not.