Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Obama Labels Border Patrol and Immigration Officials as Terrorists

Speaks for itself.

Other Democrats have accused I.C.E. of "Gestapo Tactics" in enforcing our laws.

Just last week, Democrat Rep. Gutierrez Called ICE Agents “Gestapo”.

Yet, many of these same Democrats don't see terrorism as asignificant threat, in spite of 30 years of attacks against American Interests.

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Storm'n Norm'n said...

So it's five years minimum for Obama...in the jailhouse!

U.S. Code : Title 8 : Section 1325
...It is also a felony to encourage or induce an alien to come to or reside in the U.S. knowing or recklessly disregarding the fact that the alien’s entry or residence is in violation of the law.20 This crime applies to any person, rather than just employers of illegal aliens. Courts have ruled that “encouraging” includes counseling illegal aliens to continue working in the U.S. or assisting them to complete applications with false statements or obvious “errors”.21 The fact that the alien is a refugee fleeing persecution is not a defense to this felony, since U.S. law and the UN Protocol on Refugees both require that a refugee must report to immigration authorities “without delay” upon entry to the U.S.

The penalty for felony harboring is a fine and imprisonment for up to five years.
...Designated INS officers and employees, and all other officers whose duty it is to enforce criminal laws, may make an arrest for violation of smuggling or harboring illegal aliens.27