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Was It “A Very Good Week For America?”

Representative Henry Waxman (D. Ca), power crazed Chairman of the powerful House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, in rebutting President Bush’s weekly radio address to the nation, made the statement, “it was a very good week for the American public.”

Was it really a good week for us? Representative Waxman thinks so as he boasted of

giving the next administration the tools it will need to start putting public health, and especially the health of our children, first.”

Waxman makes this boastful claim due to the Democrat Party majority Congress passing stricter safety laws for toys, banning lead paint (which I thought was banned long ago) and tightening restrictions on the tobacco industry, still a legal product, last I heard, if you can find a place that allows you to use it in the nation.

What Waxman failed to mention in his rebuttal address is that citizens with small children better hope their kids don’t come down very sick any time soon as they may not be able to afford the gas to drive their child to the doctor, since the Democrat Party went out of their way to block even a discussion, much less the up or down vote to reverse the congressional ban on drilling off of our shores or within the country to obtain our own oil, instead of continuing to import more than 60% from the Middle East.

In between worship sessions for B HO and calls for impeaching everyone in the Republican party, from President Bush down to your local Dog Catcher, the Democrat Party actually found time to pass two little bills, while ignoring completely the public outcry to allow drilling our own oil to increase supply.

Instead, the Democrat Party majority in Congress blocked any discussion on an Energy Plan and voted to go off on a 5-week vacation, leaving Republicans not only dumfounded, but angry enough that they staged a protest on the floor, raising quite a ruckus.

In May 2007, it was many from the Democrat Party complaining that the newly seated and formed Iraqi Parliament announced plans for a vacation, leaving essential legislation undone. Of course, our own Congress took a month long vacation at the same time as the Iraqis did, also leaving legislation undone, enjoying their time off while our Brave Troops fought in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Representative Adam Putnam, (R Fl) said,
It’s time Democrats put their boarding passes back in their pockets and get to work by voting on the American Energy Act.”

My own congressman, Brian Baird (D Wa) replied,
get real.”

Baird, as do other Democrats, seems to feel gutting our Strategic Oil Reserve of some 70 million barrels or so would do more to bring down prices and supply our energy needs that drilling billions of barrels from known oil resources offshore and in ANWR.

Instead of drilling and refining our own resources, Baird says,
People are hurting, there’s no question in my mind. I fully understand it.” He also said he prefers to meet with “people in need, trying to come up with real solutions.”

Does he mean like B HO’s recent admonition to the public of,
Make sure your tires are properly inflated. We could save all the oil that they’re talking about getting off drilling if everybody was just inflating their tires. And getting regular tune-ups. You’d actually save just as much!”

Is that one of those “real solutions” Baird speaks of? At a time we are importing not only some 60% of our crude oil, but gasoline already refined must be imported as well and the great plan is “keep your tires inflated?”

Alternative energy sources are an excellent idea. But guess what? They require just as much, if not more, time to perfect and manufacture than does drilling and refining our own resources while the Alternative sources are being worked on.

What do the Democrats propose we do in the meantime while energy prices soar? Inflate our tires! Then, they jump on atmosphere polluting jets and boogie out of town, leaving the American public crying for relief.

Is this the “New Direction” you signed on for, America? Higher fuel prices, higher unemployment, plummeting stock market, home values declining and consumer confidence nearing all time lows, since they gained control in 2006. Is this the “New Direction” Democrats promised you when they took back control of the Congress by storm in 2006?

Perhaps Corporations should be slammed with a windfall profits tax again, costing even more jobs?

Take from the rich, give to the poor? Government will take care of everything? Where have we all heard that myth before?

Our borders are wide open with millions ILLEGALs freely walking into the country, some taking low paying jobs that our own unskilled workers or High School kids could do. Others end up on Public Assistance, taxpayers paying for people who reside in the country in violation of standing law.

We have Troops in the field, fighting and dying to keep terrorists at bay, praying to see loved ones again, hoping the country doesn’t turn on them as it did those of us who served in Viet Nam.

We have people losing their homes, their jobs, their retirement funds as 401K’s diminish and the stock market declines and all Democrats can muster is to go off for 5 weeks and have their fun?

Representative Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) said of the House Leadership during the protest,
This is the people’s House. This is not Pelosi’s politburo.”

America, you have a chance to show these arrogant elitist Socialist Democrats that it is indeed “our House” this November by supporting and electing conservative candidates for the House. Take back the House for America, not for the Democrats or RINO’s whose only interest is themselves.

Was it “A Very Good Week For America?” Not as long as we are paying for party elites to enjoy 5-weeks off at our expense, while we suffer!

Give them the answer this November.

UPDATE 1: House Democrats have no intention of passing any energy solutions, opting to stall until after the November elections, when it is their belief that "Democrats will own Washington D.C." Says one top House Democrat leadership aid, “There is no crisis on our side of the aisle. We have a plan, and we will stick to it.”

You suffer while they enjoy a 5 week vacation and strategize taking your money. Time to oust these Socialists, isn't it?

UPDATE 2: Rasmussen is reporting that 81% Say Finding New Energy Sources is Urgent National Need, while Democrat Party leaders enjoy their time off and Nancy Pelosi trumpets a failing book.

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