Thursday, September 18, 2008

Campaign Ads, Chicago Street Thug Style

Fresh off of distancing himself yet again from someone close to him, the candidate for change and civility in political campaigns has released two new advertisements targeting his opponent, John McCain.

The first is in Spanish and directed at Hispanic voters, linking Senator McCain to radio host Rush Limbaugh and labeling him anti-immigrant.

One small problem, as revealed by ABC, this ad is “errĂ³neo” (erroneous to those of you from Rio Linda)

Anybody who has ever listened to Rush’s program would know that Rush Limbaugh does not support John McCain and would be considered more of a nemesis, not a friend.

Reading the ABC piece above, we see that “errĂ³neo” is actually being kind to our principled Chicago Street Thug. It was John McCain who was trying to press through legislation with his Senatorial buddy, Ted Kennedy, who was trying to fast track illegal immigrants to citizenship last year.

Hardly what one would expect from someone who is supposed to be “anti-immigrant.”

Ad number one, just another “mentira

Next, the Obama Chicago cartel released an ad saying,

Corning shuts down its plant in Pennsylvania, hundreds lose their jobs, then the workers are rehired to disassemble the plant and ship the equipment to China. Washington sold them out with the help of people like John McCain.”

Quite a damaging claim given our current economic crisis. Unfortunately for the syndicate of Obama, it too isn’t true.

Corning released a statement saying,
those jobs were never sent to China. [T]he plant closed because it made cathode ray tubes, and since the company no longer makes CRTs, those jobs were not needed elsewhere.”

Corning spokeswoman Kelli Hopp-Michlosky went on to say,
We have been in touch with the Obama campaign on this expressing our displeasure and presenting all the facts so they see how misleading the ad appears. We will continue to speak with them on this.”

Ad number two, just a “prevarication.”

Don’t expect the Obama cartel to withdraw or correct these lies, that isn’t the way of the left. Exaggerating, lying, is just another tool at attaining power for the left. The ends justify the means. To a Marxist, nothing is sacred but the cause.

No doubt Obamiacs welcome such distortion, seeing a rapid move to negativism as a good move to counter opposition. Truth be damned, just win!

Is this the change, the bringing Americans together, the civility and respect he promises to bring to Washington?

It sounds like more of the same old mudslinging, nonsensical, rhetoric we have seen for a long time now, although I’m sure the street thugs from the South Side of Chicago see it as everyday business.

Wake up, America. Barack Obama is not about change, only grabbing power at any cost. He is but a puppet, a front man for some unseen Marxist group or person.

It’s up to you, America. Do we continue down the road toward Marxism?

Or, do we begin taking our freedoms and liberties back?

UPDATE: In yet another advertisement, Team Obama has been caught with their proverbial pants down, as well as accusing the wrong person of making the ad.


Roger W. Gardner said...

Wow. Terrific powerful piece Lew. Your anger shine through like a bright fire. As well it should!
Good work, my friend.

LewWaters said...

Thanks, Roger.

I am amazed still at how complacent Americans are. Utterly amazing.