Saturday, September 20, 2008

Poll Reveals Democrats as Racists

Perhaps either unwittingly, or another effort at guilt tripping Democrats into supporting Barack Obama for President, an AP-Yahoo News Poll is labeling Democrats as the real racists in America.

An article, Lingering racism may hurt Obama, begins with the statement, “ One-third of polled white Democrats harbor negative views toward blacks.

How can this be? I thought it was the Republicans all along who are racist.

The article mentions that one way they arrived at this staggering conclusion was that this one-third responded positively to at least one negative word aimed towards Blacks. A full list of these words is not made available to us, but to hype the poll, we are supplied a couple, “lazy,” and “violent.”

Undoubtedly, others are much softer, but we are not entitled to know what they are, the main goal apparently to goad people into supporting Obama, whether they feel he has the proper qualifications or not.

The article does make sure to tell us that “lots of Republicans harbor prejudices too,” without any statistical data to reinforce the claim, just that we won’t vote for any Democrat, regardless of race.


Does it escape Stanford researchers that people who join a political party are more likely to vote within their party? Is that so unusual?

Deep within the article we read that Race isn’t even the “biggest factor” and that many Democrats either feel the Illinois Senator will not bring about promised changes or his competency to be President is mentioned.

But wait, isn’t the article titled ‘Lingering racism may hurt Obama?’

We are told it isn’t the biggest factor after all and that this alleged racism amongst White Democrats “could” reach as high as 6%. May, mind you.

From what I surmise, the leftist elites considered this election in the bag. A young charismatic partially Black candidate described by his vice-presidential choice as “ articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.” He was supposed to be a shoe-in. America was supposed to fall over herself for Obama and not even consider any other candidate, not even former darling of the left, Hillary Clinton.

But, it didn’t happen that way. America hasn’t embraced their chosen one as they expected. Many, regardless of political party, see right through a junior Senator who once elected, almost immediately began campaigning for the Presidency. Americans are not always as easily fooled as leftist think we are.

Add to this the addition of Sarah Palin to an poor GOP nomination of John McCain, who had difficulty garnering conservative support as well as many ardent Hillary Clinton supporters who watched as the Democrat party threw her aside for a junior Senator and one can easily see the reason for so little actual support for Obama isn’t racism, it is Americans don’t like being played for fools.

Early on Senator Obama began injecting the race card into his campaign and it continues. This poll is nothing more than another attempt to shame Americans, primarily White Democrats, into supporting and voting for a candidate they feel isn’t qualified, or face being labeled racist.

Sorry lefties. While prejudice and bigotry hasn’t been fully extinguished, probably never will be, the majority of White America looks beyond skin and looks deeper. Democrat, Republican, most no longer care about skin, we care about qualifications, experience, competency, ability and yes, even character.

Mostly, though, we realize that the Presidency of the United States of America is not an Affirmative Action job.


Susan Duclos said...

I wrote about this as well. Amazing huh?

LewWaters said...

I find it ironic that they label themselves as the racists after so many years of calling us the racists.

I feel it is just another guilt trip laid off on Democrats to coerce them into supporting a deeply flawed candidate.

Scarier still is who is the master pulling this puppets strings?