Thursday, September 04, 2008

Real Change We Can Finally Believe In

Month after month, we have been treated to ads, broadcasts and reports from the national lamestream media of Junior Senator Barack Hussein Obama being an agent for much needed change. Just what that change is he proposes is never quite explained, but American’s have been being brainwashed for 19 months now that Obama is “Change We Can Believe In.”

Promises of a ‘New Day’ for America fell flat on its face, though, when B HO chose his Vice Presidential nominee and announced a long time Washington insider, fellow Senator and former presidential candidate, Joe Biden, without even giving fellow Senator and rival, Hillary Clinton, any consideration at all.

Many America’s who supported Senator Clinton felt betrayed, rightfully so. To them, promises of ‘change’ gave way to ‘business as usual’ from politicians whose relentless pie in the sky promises never quite materialize.

Fear not America, real change is here. A real agent for change has arrived on the scene in time to energize not only the faltering Republican conservative base, but has shown America than a veritable unknown can still climb to the top and deliver. Small town America once again sends the nation the real hope we can believe in.

We don’t get many chances to see American greatness in our leaders. When we do, rest assured other politicians vying for political gain attempt to destroy those who stand up for America and desire to protect her.

The Politics of Personal Destruction that has become so prevalent today has prevented many a good person from seeking public office, even though sorely needed. Many don’t want their families subjected to the sleaze that has become normal campaign techniques today. Those strong enough and brave enough are not only a special breed, they are few and far between.

America saw such a strong, small town American hopeful this past Friday morning as, on the morning after the Democrats Convention ended and all eyes were focused on B HO, Republican Candidate, Senator John McCain shocked the world as he brought out his long awaited Vice President candidate and instead of the expected Washington man, we were treated to the governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, a down to earth mother of 5.

Much has been said about her effort at a Beauty Pageant during her college years, but it didn’t take long for America to see this beauty was much more than only skin deep.

Blind sided by the announcement, diverting the spot light away from the Democrats expected bump in polls, within hours of the announcement the usual Democrat smear merchants began their attacks. All weekend long charge after charge was leveled against Mrs. Palin, a married woman with a family of 5, including a 5-month-old son born with Downs Syndrome, She remained silent as merciless attacks on her and her families characters continued. Nothing was too sleazy to spew out at her.

Charges of the baby wasn’t hers began at DailyKOS, a notorious left-winged smear merchant. Others followed as dirt of any kind was dug up on this lady and thrown out over the three-day weekend.

Her husband once had a DUI. He once ran a stoplight and was cited for it. Her teenage daughter partied and drank. Mrs. Palin once smoked marijuana, even though it was legal at the time.

We heard she would end Roe vs. Wade and force and end to slaughtering unborn children. Worst of all was when the 5-month-old son was said to be the 17 year-old daughters baby, not Mrs. Palins.

When it was revealed that the 17 year old was actually 5 months pregnant now, the cry changed to Mrs. Palin wasn’t a good mother keeping control over her children. We were told she has too much to do at home caring for a Downs Syndrome child and the rest of her family. This and more by none other than the “tolerant left” and many alleged women’s advocacy groups.

Denying that she represented what the feminist movement claims to stand for, an independent woman who can work, care for her family and apparently, build a loving marriage to her husband to share care of the family, women’s groups cried foul that she was chosen over yet another Washington insider male.

Gloria Steinem, considered an icon of feminism by many, penned an attack op-ed for the LA Times claiming, “American women… finally have support on a national stage from male leaders who know that women can't be equal outside the home until men are equal in it. Barack Obama and Joe Biden are campaigning on their belief that men should be, can be and want to be at home for their children.”

The 40 million viewers who tuned in to watch Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech Wednesday evening saw just that as it was Mrs. Palin’s husband, Todd, sitting with the very well behaved children, caring for them and for their infant son.

As the governor of Alaska, Mrs. Palin has had to delegate much of the family home responsibilities to her husband, who appears to have freely embraced them, not holding his wife back.

Yet we are told by the feminist movement that it is the Washington Insiders, the two men whose hands look as if they have rarely if ever washed a dish or changed a diaper, that believe men should share the burden with their wife? Todd and Sarah Palin don’t just believe it they practice it!

News of her inspiring speech being a ‘home-run’ brought fresh attacks as B HO began whining about being picked on. Yet, from across the Atlantic, our friends watched in awe seeing a younger Margaret Thatcher take the stage and deliver the speech that woke America up and showed America and the world just who really cares to elevate women and minorities and who seeks only political gain and will step all over women and minorities to gain it.

We are told that compared to B HO, Mrs. Palin has no experience, in spite of her 6 years as Mayor of the small town she grew up in and 2 years as Governor of Alaska, compared to B HO’s sitting through Senate sessions and his work as a community activist, whatever that is. If Sarah Palin is not qualified to be Vice President based upon her experience, how can B HO qualify to be President with so much less?

We are told that she should stay home and care for her family, while no one mentions B HO and his wife not staying home to care for their 2 small daughters.

Once again, we are shown that Liberal males ascending to power are much more important that any accomplishments of women, if they happen to be conservative.

Much of America has seen small town America in Sarah Palin and Senator McCain’s faltering campaign has received a shot in the arm as conservatives, like yours truly, had vowed he would only receive my vote reluctantly and without conviction.

With her record of reform, the true ‘change’ America needs, Sarah Palin has shown she has the strength, as she shot back at the Obama supporters who thought trashing the 17 year-old daughter would divide Republicans. They failed, American conservatives and honest hearted Democrats don’t like seeing children trashed and have begun to get behind the McCain/Palin ticket.

America, we have our strong leader in this ticket and quite possibly, the first woman president of the United States of America. We have the real agent of change who will copy her efforts in Alaska at purging politics of the corrupt and ineffective numbers in the parties.

We have asked for a strong figure we could believe in who will get the job done and she has been delivered.

America, allow me to introduce you to “the Barracuda.”


Maggie Thornton said...


American Feminists truly are Feminazis. It is disgraceful how their only ambition is for Liberal women. It is discrimination at it's most hateful.

Good post, Lew.


LewWaters said...

Maggie, they seem equally as determined to advance Liberal Men first. I thought the idea was to give women a chance to be whatever they desired to be.

It appears the real goal is to only advance liberalism and slaughter unborn babies.

redhawk said...

A Classy all Amrican Lady.. Something that the Pink and Hillary set of Harpies would never be able to Fathom in a trillion years of trying!!