Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Your Chance To Let The Government know Your Thoughts on Energy Independence

The Minerals Management Service, the federal agency responsible for administering the offshore oil and natural gas program, is seeking your comments about expanding offshore oil and gas development for the years 2010-2015. Comments are due no later than September 15, 2008 so there’s a limited window of opportunity to have your thoughts put before decision makers.

OCS 5-Year Program Action Center

Now is our chance, as private citizens, to let our thoughts on energy independence be known. Click the link above and either submit an email or print out a letter to be mailed.

As we all know, energy independence must include using our domestic resources while we perfect alternative fuel sources. We cannot continue to rely on hostile foreign sources any longer. Not only do they lessen our National Security, they drain our economy of much needed capital that would be better spent in our country.

Don't miss out on your chance to let the government know your thoughts as a Private Citizen in support of drilling and using our own energy resources.

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