Monday, October 27, 2008

African Press International: Americans Should Prepare For Bloodshed

"It may sound as a dream. It may sound as fiction and it may sound as fantasy, but it is around the corner. Bloodshed can only be stopped by the Americans themselves by execising their voting right wisely. Personally, I do not have any agenda or intention to bring forth confusion only days to the election, but the truth must be told to the Americans and the world.

America, the only powerful nation in the world right now, will be brought to its knees between the 5th of November 2008 and January 20th 2009 if the American people do not vote wisely on the 4th of November.

Looking at what happened in Kenya during last year’s Presidential elections, one may understand why bloodshed is around every street corner and home in America. In Kenya last year, everybody sang the song of change and change was to be at whatever cost, people said."


"Therefore, blacks should not vote for Barack Hussein Obama just because he is a black man, and likewise, the white people should not vote for John McCain for the simple reason that he is a white man. Vote wisely and do not bring yourself into a situation of sorrow whereby you as a voter will regret to have been told but never listened.

Who knows, may be Obama will, if elected to become the first black man and the most powerful one on this planet, and of course if given a chance, guidance and the support that he will surely need to accomplish his mission, save America and the world from the problems that create unnecessary conflicts."

Full article at API

Veiled threats from Kenya?


Ms Calabaza said...


I am seeing things that I never would have thought would happen in our country. If Obama wins, we will be on the road to the Third World . . . We here, are armed and ready, just in case. Sad.

LewWaters said...

Like I have said many times, returning to the country after being overseas for 5 years, 1969 to 1974, I didn't recognize America and have been wondering since where did it go?

I'm stocking up on necessary items as well as putting together a good hiding place in case they succeed in banning them.