Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dino Rossi Subjected To Democrat Dirty Tricks

Obviously realizing there is better than even chance they will lose the governors race by a large enough margin even King County couldn’t find enough “lost & misplaced” ballots to steal another election, Democrat partisan lawyers have subjected Republican candidate, Dino Rossi to a trumped-up, politically timed legal accusation.

This maneuver is so egregious that even the normally left-winged Seattle Times ran an Editorial labeling it a farce!

Since Christine Gregoire managed to “discover” enough lost and misplaced ballots in the third recount to steal the 2004 governors election, she has broken nearly every campaign promise she made.

And now, eager to retain power, her minions have used the courts to not only make negative headlines in regards to Dino Rossi, but to deny him hours of valuable campaign time, which includes causing him to have to cancel an important appearance before the Seattle Rotary Club, where Gregoire had already made her appearance, unhindered.

Subjected to a four hour grilling that should have taken no more than a half-hour, the Democrat partisan lawyers actually called King County Superior Court Judge Paris Kallas requesting even more time to subject Dino to this ridiculous display of partisan dirty tricks.

Besides subjecting Dino to a total waste of his precious time this close to the election, the effort is to get his name connected to their lawsuit filed against the Building Industry Association of Washington, that suit itself also being little more than a political nuisance suit filed by two former state Supreme Court Justices, Robert Utter and Faith Ireland, both Gregoire supporters.

Liberal legal activist, Knoll Lowney who is representing the justices claims, “The magnitude of [the BIAW] apparent violations is unprecedented.” Lowney has previous history of filing politically motivated frivolous lawsuits against Republicans during campaigns.

One of Dino’s attorney’s, Mike Patterson rightfully said,

“This is totally politically motivated to make Dino Rossi unavailable for his campaign in a close election.”

Former Sen. Slade Gorton and former U.S. Attorney Mike McKay, both Republicans issued a statement saying,
“The Court's decision to require Dino Rossi to testify in a deposition less than one week before the election is outrageous. In any other case where, as here, a witness is not a party in the case, the court makes every effort to accommodate that witness' schedule. Not in this case, though, where a group of partisan lawyers asked a King County judge to take an emergency deposition of Mr. Rossi involving a case in which he is not even a party.

A judge should insure fairness for a candidate who is the victim of an obviously political lawsuit. Sadly, that is not the case here. Yesterday, a King County judge gave these political attorneys license to abuse the court system. Adding insult to injury, the judge stated that a deposition will allow Rossi to "confirm -- or dispel -- the allegations before the election." Any judge knows that a deposition taken by a hostile lawyer won't prove the truth of anything. We have never seen a judge issue an order for immediate depositions in any other case of this nature.

This isn't law – this is partisan politics and it stinks. Requiring Dino Rossi to leave the campaign trail and be subjected to a partisan deposition in the last week of the campaign is wrong. Governor Gregoire should call off this unfair attack against Dino Rossi.”

Eric Earling of SoundPolitics notes,
“Let's just not pretend, however, that this is anything other than using the judicial system for a partisan, political stunt.”

An email from the Rossi campaign this evening says,
“What took place today had nothing to do with our struggling economy, our high school dropout rate, or any of the issues this race should be about.” It continues, “Christine Gregoire and her backers are willing to do and say anything to keep the Governor’s office. Her campaign is abusing our justice system by using judicial theatrics and negative headlines to try and distract from our positive message.”

The dubious recounts of 2004 showed how eager Democrats are for grabbing power any way they can and holding on to it. Even the current Democrat messianic candidate for president has shown the willingness of Democrats at power grabbing, aided fully by an in the tank media.

The only way to stop these out of control Democrats in their ‘putsch’ towards Socialism is to take a stand and vote Republican. Even if a life-long Democrat, party leaders need to be shown we are fed up with such dirty tactics as they continually engage in.

Let’s get behind Dino Rossi and reelect him to the Governor’s Office by a large enough margin to avoid another shady recount. Throw these dirty tactic-using Democrats out on their ear.

Washington residents, we deserve better than we have been receiving from Democrats. It isn’t the old Democrat party of years ago but a caricature of the party that used to actually care about people over political power.

As the Seattle Times Editorial properly notes, Dino Rossi “would make a fine governor.”

Reelect Dino Rossi


SlantRight 2.0 said...

Being a person who grew up in Central Washington I found your post of interest.

I thought it was reprehensible how the election was stolen from Rossi in 2004.

Hopefully Washington State voters are savvy enough to see how the Democratic Party is corrupting the election process in 2008.

LewWaters said...

Thanks for your comment, theway. I too hope Washington voters see through the facade of the Democrats and stop these sleazy tactics by voting them out of office enmasse.

With the condition of our state, we cannot afford another 4 years of Christine Gregoire.

Rhubarb said...

Don’t chicken out on us Lew like Victoria Taft. As Republicans head for certain defeat, she shut down comments on her blog. Truman said if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen. Victoria has left the kitchen.

LewWaters said...

Not in your wettest dreams, rhubarb. I'm looking forward to you all weeping, whining, crying and gnashing your teeth Wednesday morning.

klatu said...

Rhubarb said... if you can’t take the heat then get out of the kitchen.

Jack said: Rhubarb its fun to kick Liberal ****** like yourself out of Hot Kitchens.

PS: Go Dino, you should have been Governor already no-thanks to ACORN

LewWaters said...

Jack, we will reelect Dino to the Governors office. Gregoire hasscrewed the state up too much.