Monday, October 27, 2008

Food Stamp Frenzy? The "Other" America?

A CBS report on hardships faced by citizens struggling to feed their families in an American community.

It may seem cold-hearted, but to me these people in the video are well dressed, one wearing an Armani top, adorned in nice jewelry and if you note at the end, loading their groceries in a very nice, and expensive, SUV.

I cannot fault people for wanting to look and dress nice, but what about priorities? Of course, the clothes could have always been purchased second hand or at a clearance and overstock store, costing much less. The SUV is a bit harder to understand for struggling people, though.

Still, none of this is a condemnation of these people shown. The salaries mentioned seem awfully low for their professions. They require commitment and education and surely deserve better salaries than mentioned. Since this was from a major metropolitan city in America, I have to wonder why the salaries of these people are so low.

Something just didn't add up for this report, until it dawned on me. This report is about Chicago, Illinois, home of Democrat presidential candidate and former State Senator for this city, Barack Obama.

Is this what he accomplished for the people he served before as a State Senator? Is this the result for the people he now serves as a U.S. Senator?

More importantly, is this how he intends to serve the American People as President?

CBS, unwittingly I'm sure, has shown us how Barack Obama has represented the people in his district containing Chicago.

Are we ready for him to turn all of America into a struggling community as this?

I'm not! I'm voting for McCain/Palin where a look back at the people they represent shows much prosperity and less struggling to get by.


Storm'n Norm'n said...

"I was poor when I voted for Obama and I'm still poor!" so sayeth the only honest person in South Chicago.

No body looked under nourished, especially that lady who doesn't eat!

LewWaters said...

LOL, Norm, you noticed that too?

Since Obamessaih desires to "spread the wealth around," is this the "real wealth" he will spread around? While he sits comfortable in his $1.6 Million mansion eating what he pleases?

Ms Calabaza said...

Obama and his cronies have turned parts of Chicago into a third world country. He's now trying to turn our country into one. If, he wins get ready for corruption galore!

Ms Calabaza said...

BTW Lew,

it's "arugula" ... he really likes arugula ... from Whole Foods.

Angie Lee said...

I'm not surprised by the low wages; I work the equivalent of 3 full-time jobs and don't clear $60,000 a year.

Have to wonder, how many of these people who have "benefited" under Obama in the past will REALLY pull the lever for him when they get to make their choices in private?

I've seen a growing number of blacks coming out against him, and that's REALLY interesting when considered in the light of so many voting for him JUST BECAUSE he's black...

And in the meantime, I continue to add stuff to my collection, so when the you-know-what hits the fan I can haul it out, point at it and say "You were WARNED." I know it's horrible, wanting the last laugh, but I know it's the only way we're going to get the change we REALLY need - someone like BO to screw it up so bad that America finally demands dismantling the system and restoring the ideals the Founding Fathers laid out. Now, it is a gross distortion of that dream.