Thursday, October 09, 2008

In Their Own Words, "Bank Affirmative Action"

Andrew Coumo, member of Clinton's Cabinet, explains how Banks and Mortgage companies were strong armed into giving bad loans to low income families in NINJA loans, No Income, No Job, No Asssts."

Following is a young Civil Rights Attorney boasting of his involvement in forcing these loans to be made and the theory that spreading them out through Fannie Mae would "reduce risk" of so many defaults.

Also ignoring the ability to repay the loans, the number one thing looked for in making loans.

From looking around today, it would appear this great Socialist Experiment failed miserably and who pays for it? The Middle Class, again, thanks to Democrats and several Republicans who can only blame Bush.


Angie Lee said...

Wonder who the ASL interpreter is signing for???? It's obviously not for the news broadcast, since she's not visible throughout and closed captioning would be used anyhow. Interesting.

Ms Calabaza said...

didn't Jim Cramer once call Cuomo a communist?

Anyway, if we get Obama it will be all about "income redistribution". God Help Us.

I sometimes thank God my parents aren't around to see this. They both lost everything to Fidel Castro in the revolution. I never thought we Americans would fall for this.

LewWaters said...

Allee, best i can tell, the signer is pretty much a PC thing, just in case. Even if not needed, to some it looks good to have one there.

Ms. Calabazza, since I am originally from South Florida, Broward County to be exact, I recall as the Cuban peoples fled Cuba after Castro seized power from Batista. Many gave up everything or left it behind to seek freedom in America.

I too never thought I would see Americans fall into this sort of trap, but they are, more and more every day. Of course, decades of dumbing down in schools and indoctrination from left leaning teachers help bring it about.

Sometimes, people must lose what they hold dearest to appreciate it, if they regain it.

In this case, many of us are committed to fighting to prevent the fall of America to communism with our last breath, if need be.

Ms Calabaza said...

I love this country and this is breaking my heart. I have seen the dumbing down and PC speech police for a while and I hold the media very responsible for what is happening. Ironically, they (media) would be the first to find out they have a new Master. God help us if Obama wins and we have the triad of Obama/Pelosi/Reid. Rumors are John Kerry made a deal with The One and he will be Secretary of State. By the way, did you know John Kerry was in Vietnam?

LewWaters said...

LOL, Ms. Calabaza, I've heard that rumor that Kerry was there too ;-)

Truth be known, I have twice the time, boots on the ground, in Viet Nam that both Kerry and Gore combined.

It's really sad to see what is happening right in front of our noses and people just won't wake up.

The worst part is that if the Dems get the chance to "make nice" with the radical Jihadists, they will be the first beheaded.

Ms Calabaza said...

don't tempt me to say this ... OK, I will: That would not be a bad thing, hmmm Kerry, Pelosi, Rangel, Maxine Waters (any relation to you btw? LOL) ... I don't know, it would be good "reality TV"...

Just kidding folks!

PS ~ I just read the paragraph about opposing views welcome. Do you mind if I pilfer it to use on my site? It's exactly what I've been wanting to say. I won't copy it verbatim.?

LewWaters said...

You are welcome to use it, verbatim or otherwise.

Angie Lee said...

That would be a typical libtard thing then, wasting a resource like a $60+/hour interpreter just for "looks." Not to mention depriving someone who needs it - it irritates me to no end that we have to wait weeks for appointments everyone else would get sooner, just because we have to wait for the next opening in the interpreting service's schedule. And forget about one for emergencies. Nothing would surprise me anymore, though.

And I agree with that, that sometimes people have to lose what they have and don't appreciate until it's gone. That's the problem: The American Revolution was fought so long ago, or came here after the fact, there's no personal connection or insight into the depth of what has been sacrificed and what is being risked. I have an ugly feeling deep in my gut about what's going to happen here, and I can't shake it. I just have a feeling we need to be prepared to hunker down and dig in heels. When the crap hits the proverbial fan, it's going to be bad, with great loss of human lives - AMERICAN LIVES.

LewWaters said...

As much as I hate to admit it, Allee, I share your gut feeling.

God help us all.

Ms Calabaza said...

unfortunately, I agree with both of you. There are two Americas and I don't think my America is going to sit idly and let Pelosi/Reid/Obama turn this into a tyranny. My husband is a gun collector and proud member of the NRA and he's always said that the fact that Americans will never give up our guns is why that will not happen in this country. I don't know, I'm not that optimistic. As I blog-jump around right and left-wing blogs I have come upon the theory that the Dear Leader may not make it past his first term. There's a theory out there that he would be assassinated. If that were to happen, I see a civil war coming. What is it the chinese say? May you live in uninteresting times ...? Do you think Mac still has a chance if he does well tonight?

Angie Lee said...

I am concerned about his reference to our "clinging to guns and religion." With that statement, I felt a kind of primordial horror, and I think those are two issues he intends to expediently "take care of" upon his coronation. Reading between the lines, I was also mortified at his telling people to "get in their faces and argue," with a feeling that "democracy" and our "republic" will become but figments of our imagination.

Ms Calabaza said...


you are correct to be concerned. We will hold on to our religion and guns.

Everyone is welcome to my site for a postmortem of the debate tonight. Unless, you are planning one also. If so, I'll swing by later also...

Ms Calabaza said...

Hey Lew,

hope you're having a relaxing weekend. I would love to know your take on Powell's endorsement ... we want another post! We want another post! LOL

What do ya think? Is is over?

Methinks sadly it is ... almost.

LewWaters said...

Other than working yesterday nad gathering signatures for a Washington State petition to stop giving drivers licenses to Illegals, my weekend has been good.

For Powell to endorse Obama doesn't surprise me a bit. I never took him for much of a conservative and laugh today at how the left, who not too long ago was railing against him and denigrating him in ever yway imagineable, now see him as "redeemed."

Powell shows his shallowness by then bashing Sarah Palin as not ready to be president hen she is running for Vice President and Obama, who has no experience, he considers ready.

He can say it is not about race all he wants, it is completely obvious that race is the dominant factor.

A bit off subject, but I made the local newspaper today, along with some other bloggers. Blogging Clark County: Cyber voices are helping shape local political debate

I just stopped on the way home and got a copy of the paper and was amazed to see it beginning on the front page!