Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Is McCain In The Tank For Obama Too?

Watching the second debate this evening, I have to admit that Senator McCain came across as a rank amateur. It is one of the poorest performances I can recall seeing.

I thought the Town Hall format was to be McCain’s strong suit, but tonight, he did not rise to the occasion.

Where did this notion of the Treasury buying up bad home mortgages and renegotiating the loans at today’s lowered values come from? While it may sound great, banks and mortgage companies are bailed out and we, the taxpayers, lose that decreased value and are left holding the bag.

It took Sarah Palin to solidify the conservative base behind McCain and now, what does McCain do but alienate them? Sarah mopped the floor with Joe Biden in the VP Debate. McCain wimped out.

Where were the links to William Ayers? Where were the links to Jeremiah Wright? Franklin Raines? Where were those, Senator? Sarah Palin mentions them to voters to loud applause. You seem to ignore them.

We all know you have a long record, Senator and that Obama has none he is willing to reveal. What was the need to remind us a dozen times? Where was the call for Obama to open his records from Chicago? Wouldn’t that have impacted voters more than reminding us a dozen times that you have a record?

Why wasn’t Obama hammered on his refusal to forgo the first debate to work on the economic crisis? Why was Democrats allowed to get away with painting McCain erratic for doing for the good of the country over making a television appearance?

Why isn’t Obama hammered on his connections to ACORN and his work as a trainer for them activist group and their part in the current housing mess?

Why do Republicans, including McCain, sit back and allow President Bush to shoulder all the blame when the truth us Democrats bear a lot in current crises? While it may fashionable to dump on Bush, he is the one who finally stood up to Terrorists and took the fight back to him.

When Obama cries about loosing focus and abandoning Afghanistan for Iraq, why isn’t he hammered on his lack of tactical expertise? Simply saying he was wrong on the Surge and still won’t admit it doesn’t go far enough. Who mentions the hostile terrain in Afghanistan that will end up costing even more American Military lives?

Who mentions Afghanistan turned sour after the bulk of the effort there was turned over to NATO, who haphazardly contributed to the fight and now would prefer to just walk away?

Who mentions that Democrats and Obama have opposed Pakistan’s Musharraf as he allied with us in fighting the Taliban and seeking bin Laden, but was undermined by the anti-war left and especially by Obama’s call to attack Pakistan should he deem they aren’t doing enough? Why alienate an ally when need them the most?

Why do Republicans just sit back as Democrats continue the lie of tax cuts to the wealthy when all Americans received that tax cut and tax receipts increased to historic levels? Yes, Republicans led the way this time spending like drunken sailors, but Democrats went along with it and the GOP paid for it in 2006. And now, increased spending is what is called for as candidates claim they will cut spending?

We are in the midst of an energy crisis as well and instead of making bold moves to increase our supply of domestic energy, we worry about Global Warming, when the earth’s temperature hasn’t increased in a decade and we have record colds now. Where was the call for that, Senator McCain?

We need alternative fuels, but we need energy in the mean time as well, wherever it is located. Simply saying we can do it, as in the example of the moon shots in the 1960’s, doesn’t dispel concerns of decreasing energy supplies.

Brokaw said the Commander in Afghanistan says we cannot win there and no one challenged that statement. What General McKiernan actually called for was a “sustained commitment,” noting that the Surge strategy, as used in Iraq, would not work in Afghanistan currently as the situation is, “a far more complex environment than I ever found in Iraq.” That includes the hostile terrain mentioned above.

No one mentions that drawing Al Qaeda into Iraq as we deposed Saddam and gave the Iraqi’s a decent chance at governing themselves resulting in Al Qaeda’s numbers being decimated until they gave up and went back to Afghanistan, where they have regrouped as NATO performs poorly.

Which candidate is demanding NATO fully commit to fighting Terrorists in Afghanistan?

Senator McCain, your VP pick, Sarah Palin sounds like she wants to win this election. Many conservatives who weren’t supporting Senator McCain came on board seeing her energize the campaign. We want to win this election too and keep Obama’s Marxist ideals and cronies from power. But, we cannot do it alone. We cannot carry your water as you wimp out and allow Obama’s glib words to make him appear ready to lead and you too old.

You need to do your part, Senator McCain. Being “nice” isn’t going to win this election, not as the Democrat party is aiming for your jugular and you just turn the other cheek.

On the campaign trail you mention many of these points, but in the debate, where are they?

We want to win this election. It would be great if Senator McCain did too.

UPDATE 1: Andy McCarthy and Michelle Malkin see the fallacy of the McCain planned bailout of those who over bought homes as well.

UPDATE 2: Callers to the Rush Limbaugh Program tell us, McCain Won't Fight, So We Have to Drag Him Over the Finish Line


Unknown said...

My Friend,

I am sorry I grew up in the age of Reagan, because I saw America at height of greatness. Now I will have to live through the years where, besides the Civil War, I will see her at her lowest. That is truly heart breaking.

I think on election day John McCain will probably cast a vote for Obama also. Because you are right, with that performance in the debate he has pretty much done it already.

Keep up the great work and keep on fighting the good fight.


"Hunting Happily!"

LewWaters said...

CT, I grew up and came of age during the time of Kennedy/Johnson. I've watched many debates and supported candidates I didn't care much for, McCain included.

Obama scares the hell out of me in what he plans for the country. Scariest is who is he a front for?

We need to win this one, not for McCain, but to stop the spread of Marxism in America.

The main thing we need is McCain to share our desire to win and stop the takeover.

Tonights performance remnded me of that of Bob Dole in 1996. A good man, but a terrible candidate.

Faultline USA said...

I completely agree with your assessment Lew and I'm glad you had the courage to post it!

LewWaters said...

Barb, I wanted Duncan Hunter, but others didn't want to back him because others wouldn't back him.

McCain was chosen for us by the left during open primaries, why Rush began Operation Chaos.

McCain lost in 2000, not because Bush played dirty, but because he is a pitiful candidate. Adding Sarah Palin to the ticket brought many on board, me included.

But, she cannot do it alone or continue to carry his water. If he won't do his part, it is all lost.

Obama has one of the sleaziest pasts in a candidate I've ever seen and no one, other than Sarah, seems willing to mention it.

Playing Mr. Nice Guy won't win elections.

CKAinRedStateUSA said...

For reasons none of us seem to be able to perceive, John McCain simply does not seem to have what it takes to call a spade a spade--and that is not a racist statement.

Where's the fire in his belly?

Is he so afraid of losing that he's afraid to campaign and win?

BTW: For someone to compare him to Bob Dole now very much seem appropriate.

Angie Lee said...

He doesn't really want it. Look at his eyes, and you'll see it. And honestly, do we really need another Taft sitting in the White House right now?

Our choices are far too limited, and none of the candidates since I began voting (this will be my 5th Presidential election) have had what it takes to be "great." NONE. And now our choices are Neo-Hitler, Neo-Taft, and 3 people who don't stand a chance in the Electoral College?

What's wrong with this picture?

Unknown said...

bwahahaaha..McCain supporters take heart..check out
this hilarious comedy vidoe i found the other day about why obama would be the most unconvincing aferican
american president ever...funniest stuff ive seen in weeks
gotta check it out

Rhubarb said...

Too many words to acknowledge McCain is losing.

LewWaters said...

No rhubbie, America is losing.

Kiss your liberties good bye once Obama finds a way to light off his own Reichstag.

Rhubarb said...

The fear and loathing schtik does not seem to be working this time.

LewWaters said...

rhubbie, you won't know what you did until one day you wake up and realize you no longer have your liberties.

You fool, we are fighting for your liberty to continue to be the asshat you are.

Ask some Russians in the area what life under the Soviets was like. That's what you are electing and McCain seems to be helping.

Rhubarb said...

I see you have been reading the polls too.

LewWaters said...

rhubbie, it ain't over til it's over. You just keep on trusting thse polls and remember "Dewey Defeats Truman."

McCain may be a wuss, but the rest of us aren't.

You just keep on following those polls.

Angie Lee said...

Dewey defeats Truman. LOL Awesome, Lew! Or try this one on for size: Gore defeats Bush.... well... until the Electoral College decides.


I've known it was there, but the impact of it never really hit me until recently: This is EXACTLY why the Founding Fathers set up the system they did.

LewWaters said...

Allee, my problems were with the step-brats grandfather, Dad, aunts, uncles, schools and the kids themselves, not to mention the ex-wife being a Jehovah's Witness and catching it from them too.

Her family didn't like that I am a Viet Nam Vet since the granddad is an old Draft Dodger and the JW's didn't like that I think for myself.

Oh well, no one but myself to blame. I chose to get involved with a much younger woman after my own daughters were grown.

Now, my oldest has two sons and my wife's oldest daughter has two sons, so we get to be grandparents and love it.

Best part of life.

Angie Lee said...

Ahhh. Well, in any case, still nice to meet you! :)

(I can relate about that JW thing: I've got an uncle who's "one of those")

LewWaters said...

Allee, ya'll just hang in there, you'll make it.