Friday, October 24, 2008

Let's Pretend To Shoot Sarah Palin Is "Art?"

After all the uproar and International Outrage expressed over a cardboard cut-out of Obamessiah hung from a tree by piano wire, identifying him as an "Act 6 reject," one is left wondering why even the Nationalist Media is ignoring an "Art Exhibit" in New York of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her youngest daughter killing a caribou. People may have their photo taken with the "art exhibit" holding a fake gun.

The artist admits many "pretend" to shoot Mrs. Palin and presumably, her 6 year-old daughter.

Unlike the incident at George Fox University, no one seems inclined to call in the Police, FBI and Secret Service for many desiring to "pretend" to shoot Mrs. Palin and her 6 year old daughter.

And it is said that the GOP is running a hate campaign?

UPDATE: This video is to be considered 'funny?'


Ms Calabaza said...

Liberals believe killing a caribou is a heinous crime. . . A baby? Not so much . . .

LewWaters said...

Unbelievable, isn't it?

Where does such hate come from?

Thatch said...
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