Sunday, October 26, 2008

Obama Rehashing Same Old Democrat Empty Promises

With such short time left until our Presidential election and polls showing Obama ahead in early voting, I wonder how many have taken the time to actually check out Senator Obama’s promises? I imagine very few.

With promises of tax cuts for the middle class and statements of how bad Republicans have done people, it dawned on me that I have heard it all before. Ever since I have been aware of Political ads on television, I have been hearing the same old tired promises that never materialize.

The below videos will show what I mean. The wording may change slightly, but each is making the same exact claim and promising the same. History shows too that they did not materialize over all, except for one.

Adlai Stevenson, 1956

John F. Kennedy, 1960

To his credit, Kennedy did come through with a genuine tax cut for all, much like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush did.

Jimmy Carter, 1976

Joe Biden, 1988

Bill Clinton, 1992

As we know, Clinton treated us to NAFTA and two of the largest tax increases in history.

Bill Clinton, 1996

I suppose Monica Lewisnky could tell us all about “the real work.”

And so it goes on. Every 4 years Democrats come out and tell us how bad everything is and how only they can “solve it.” They make promises of “tax cuts to the middle class” and “make the wealthy pay their share,” when the top wage earners are already paying more than 50% of the taxes.

Al Gore told us how “every thing that should be up is down and everything that should be down is up” in 1992 as Clinton’s VP nominee.

John Kerry said many of the same things in 2004, as well as “botching” a joke or two along the way and later on.

And now, we have Obama repeating the same tired lines that have fooled voters in the past. He promises “tax cuts for 95% of Americans,” when only about 70% even pay taxes. He promises the wealthy will receive huge tax increases as he promises trillions of dollars in new spending programs.

In 1992, Bill Clinton used the same playbook and once in office, raised our taxes twice across the board in some of the largest tax increases in our history.

Obama says he wants to “spread around the wealth” which only creates “trickle up poverty.” Low wage earners do not create jobs, the wealthy do. Government does not create jobs; they only create welfare programs that we must pay for with our taxes, instead of using our money as we see fit.

That isn’t freedom or liberty. That is just increasing welfare and giving away our hard earned dollars.

Voters tend to forget previous administrations and too often vote these “wealth spreaders” back into office, only to vote them out a few years later, after they have damaged our economy and world standing.

Don’t be fooled into thinking the Obama/Biden team consider themselves answerable to the people. Their treatment of WFTV out of Orlando, Florida recently over some true journalistic questions to Biden shows they feel they are above having to answer to us.

They are not to be subjected to hard questions, like Senator McCain and Governor Palin are. They have not had their backgrounds meticulously picked apart and accusations of every impropriety imaginable made against them.

No one asks them to explain their faulty math or balance their statements. They just accept the empty promises that are made every 4 years without reporting how they rarely materialize.

Don’t continue to fall for this. Look back at the same promises and claims made year after year and look at your selves.

Above all, look at how our economy has tanked since Democrats took total control of both the House and Senate.

Do we really want them having Carte Blanche over the entire government?

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Answering us is "above their paygrade".

Very good post. Excellent clips.