Friday, October 31, 2008

Who Does She Think Will Pay?

An Obama fan, clearly mesmerized and ecstatic at being in front of 'The One," reveals her thoughts.

"I won't have to worry about putting gas in my car? I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage?"

Where do Obama fans get the idea they will no longer have to pay for what the rest of us do?

Have we gotten to the point that the followers of Obamessiah actually think all their gas and mortgage payments will be paid by others?

The video asks, “Is this socialism or the dumbing down of America?” Is there really a difference? Wouldn’t accepting Socialism equate dumbing down?

Socialism has not worked anywhere its been tried. Former Socialist countries are moving away from Socialism while others have collapsed from within.

Early settlers to America, The Pilgrims, tried Socialism in the 1600’s. It was abandoned when during the “Starving Time,” nearly half of them died.

Ms. Joseph would do well to remember, if she no longer worries about making mortgage payments and putting gas in her car, neither are a lot of others and in the end, they all have nothing.

Whether Obama is deluding people into this train of thought or people are hearing what they wish to hear, when we end up depending on others to pay our way, we only receive what they allow us to receive, which is all too often, little or nothing!


Kirk T. said...

So you cowards turned off comments over at Victoria HQ? What a bunch of wimps.

LewWaters said...

Me, I have no admin privileges on Victoria's. I can only post. However, she told me she had enabled comment moderation due to your comments specifically.

I contacted her to let her know that I couldn't see any way to comment at all and am waiting to see what happens.

As for cowardice, need I remind you who posts openly under their real names and who hides behind a made up name?

Lastly, I suggest you read the notice about commenting here. Your vile shit won't last here, sonny.

Disagree all you want, but mind your manners.

klatu said...

Hey Me: Whats the matter Communists like yourself don't have any place to post? The Liberal Oregonian, The Communist New York Times, Blue Oregon. I feel your PAINNNNNN Me.
You can argue here at Lew's or at mine. But me be warned (I erase Posts) unlike Victoria, poof gone.

PS: Me, since you obviously agree with the Socialist womam in this post, why do you feel "THINK" YOUR INTITLED to half of my income???

Abel Johnson said...

Looks like you don't have any place to post either, Jack.

I came here because Lew is the only one of your kind that seems to believe in free speech and a diversity of opinion.

Good for Lew!

LewWaters said...

abel, perhaps you should read my comment policy above.

If you are worried about free speech, perhaps you can convince DailyKOS and DemocraticUnderground to allow dissenting comemnts.

They do at FreeRepublic.

Abel Johnson said...

I actually don't frequent Demo Under G or Kos. Both are actually just echo chambers, much like the Freeper Zone. But really, there are many on both sides that block comments from opposition. Take Blue Oregon, they do just like NW Republican. In fact Ted Picolo is more extreme than Kari Chisholm and Chisholm is pretty extreme.

LewWaters said...

You must get around more than I do, abel, but I do check into DU and KOS occassionally. I often get good material to write about from them and their lunacy.

As a freeper myself, I can say it takes quite a bit to be blocked or deleted from there, acknowledged by several DU'ers who have stopped in to actually discuss things.