Saturday, November 01, 2008

3 Year-Old Sarah Palin

For a brief respite from Politics, this video is about the cutest thing I have seen.


witchywoman said...

I can just not get enough of this little cutie-pie. What a doll! I am so glad they shared this with all of us!! We need it. The stuff from the left is oooh so strange nowadays.

Abel Johnson said...

Funny thing. When the trick or treaters came to our door, any that were dressed up like Sarah Palin we gave candies accompanied with eithic violation cards. It was a real hoot.

At the School Halloween Party we did the same. It was a real hit.

LewWaters said...

Poor attempt, abel, poor.

I'm sure you were just deluged with Sarah Palin trick or treaters, too.

What did you give all the little Obama's? Ear muffs?

witchywoman said...

For those that think indoctrination of youth is wrong I will use the fairness doctrine and show this is only for Halloween and to gather candy and have a little fun. I know I truly enjoyed all the costumes that came to our home.


All warm fuzzies now?

Abel Johnson said...

Really, there were more Sarah Palins at the DNC GOTV Halloween Party I attended. I counted 5. The gals dressed like Governor Palin were all Liberals.

There were only 2 kids that I saw dressed like Palin and 1 was a boy.

LewWaters said...

Actually, abel, much like my potential son-in-law, you missed where I said this was for a respite from politics.

Can you honestly say the three year old wasn't cute, regardless of your hate?